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  1. I'm not going to name names, but I'm pretty confident I know who the offenders are. I had one submission declined in the Police Memorials category because the officer-in-too-many-categories just looked at it, assumed it was a grave, and didn't read the narrative, where I clearly explained that the officer in question was buried some miles away, here's a link. His "Grave?" vote took others down the rabbit hole, so I clarified it further, resubmitted it, and the category leader (who's tough but he's always been fair with me) cleared it without comment. The other was recently in Citizen Memorials, where an obelisk memorial for a pioneer stands in a historic cemetery. Well, you know, every obelisk in a cemetery must be a grave marker, so once again, "Grave?", despite my mentioning three times in the narrative -- including an underlined "This is not a grave" -- that the subject is buried miles away. It did pass, but once again, down the rabbit hole. Today, I can but scratch my head as to how someone can look at something and decide that it isn't what it is, even when the submitter explains it so clearly that the next step would be getting Barney to sing it to the reviewer. So, what to do when "officers" don't look at their submissions, let alone read their own guidelines? To me, crying "Groundspeak, Groundspeak!" is like we did in the first grade when we called "Teacher! Teacher!" and I think they have better things to do. However, if someone was to say to some of these people, "Look, if you're not going to read my submissions, tell me clearly why I should bother with yours", that's when the cries of "Foul!" and accusations of vindictiveness would show up. If it's game playing on the part of the reviewer, tell me why I have to play their games.
  2. I have a few waymarks that have been pending for a couple of weeks. As I looked at their respective category leadership today, I noticed that BruceS's last login was "9/2/2020", and I know that cannot be. So....?
  3. I was wondering if Ariberna was referring to pre-Roman culture, which, in his/her case, would at least cover our old friends, the Visigoths.
  4. Can't argue with that at all, that's reasonable, but Tom's talking about someone who wants to talk to the manager because he's got to provide two photos.
  5. Not to be Negative Nelly, just facing up to reality...I know that work on the Private Message field most likely won't happen, but if someone gets under the hood, I've observed another annoyance over time: Submit a Waymark with a private message. While the Waymark write-up should speak for itself, there are times when you may have to explain your thinking to the reviewer, and that may not be appropriate for the Waymark text. OK, the reviewer takes a look and says "I'd like the rest of the group to give me some input here." When they call a vote, the other reviewers cannot see the private message, or at least, the last I knew. I've had a few votes over time where it would have helped the reviewers if they had know my point of view when I hit Submit (and I have one pending right now where I won't be offended if it doesn't pass, but it's annoying to know that the other reviewers can't see what I said). Special thanks goes to a couple of great category officers who sent me private messages, we went back and forth, and even with a decline or a pass-by-the-skin-of-its-teeth vote, we were able to hammer something out that wouldn't be a problem down the road. Of course, this all fails when you submit a waymark with a private message and the reviewer simply doesn't read it, glances at a few photos and doesn't read your narrative, draws their own conclusion, calls a vote, and leads the other reviewers down the rabbit hole. If they could see that private message, that could be beneficial, I think.
  6. Funniest thing I've read all day, Tom...as someone who was active on the BBS circuit years ago and who had his share of "I know your boss and I'm going to get you in trouble even though I really don't and I really can't", I feel your ... laughter. You can't even get away from the whole "Karen" and "I want to speak to your manager" thing even out here in cyberspace!
  7. I thought Wedding Chapels might be a fit, but that's a no-go. I've got a couple of these of my own, including one at a college campus, and have wondered the same thing.
  8. Ever have your nice walk totally deflated? I'd read about her disappearance and discovery so many years later, but this memorial at the University of Texas really drove it home. Doesn't look like it's a go for Citizen Memorials or any of the sculpture categories, so if there's interest somewhere, holler. I won't say "enjoy," but rather, "appreciate."
  9. Well, today I need it to work. I'm aware that the mail system has had its share of problems in the past, so... ScroogieII, if you're lurking, I've sent a note in your direction. Please let me know if you don't see it.
  10. They don't want it. "It's not an object, it's an arch."
  11. Anybody more savvy than I am about sculpture? Freestanding Arches and Citizen Memorials accepted this bronze arch made up of stacked books. Anywhere else this could go?
  12. I have one, maybe two examples for this category whenever you're ready.
  13. I once treated the future Mrs. QDV to one of the best burgers you can get in Ontario at the Superburger in Primrose, and of course, there was poutine to be had for the fries, er, "chips." A few years earlier, I saw a poor McDonalds worker flustered in Wyandotte, MI, by someone from just across the border who was asking for vinegar for their chips. Best of luck finding packets of vinegar at McDonalds in suburban Detroit, but at least I was able to say, "Excuse me, I speak Canadian....she means 'fries' when she says 'chips.'"
  14. I had no problem staying away from other vehicles, but then again, this was Bromide. https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm12E4Q_Painted_Turtle_Crossing_Bromide_OK
  15. I didn't issue an invite, but I clicked on the tab in a group where I'm an officer, and things behaved as one would expect.
  16. Photos are making it through on this side, despite the error. PS from a former teacher: "An error occured" should be "An error occurred".
  17. Seeing this on my laptop with Chrome, Vivaldi, and Edge. Over on the Android phone, the photos come through just fine with Bromite and Chrome, but not Vivaldi.
  18. Just like the answer to "How many people are buried in Forestvale Cemetery?" ALL OF THEM!
  19. You missed the Starbucks in Montana, for starters, and it was a lot of fun seeing Myrna Loy (QDV Senior's favorite actress) where you guys had been at Forestvale Cemetery in Helena, MT. ?
  20. The gentleman who has worked with me on my three has been nothing but fair, reasonable, and polite, and he was gracious about one that he declined on me recently where the responsibility fell on my shoulders, not from any kind of whim or subjective evaluation that is the norm for so many Officers-At-Large. Given your attention to waymarks and your thoroughness, I don't expect any problems. Hell, I have another one I need to finish. I expect that the copy-paste-submit-go crowd would just go for it, but I'm a little particular and want to get that building at an angle as close as I can to the original photo.
  21. I expect they had a very slow news day. Try this one: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm122EZ_In_the_Sands_of_Somervell_Don_Hills_Store_Glen_Rose_TX There's an opportunity for a "Photo Goal:" Show yourself being booked into the Glen Rose lockup because you grabbed someone's kid off the street so they could be tempted by toys and candy. [whistling "In the Hall of the Mountain King"]
  22. Given that I'm the Detroit native and you're referencing hockey, you understand that we have a different kind of hat trick, though, which might be relevant: It's a goal, an assist, and a carcass from the opposing team hung across the boards. Now, in the spirit of the conversation, I offer something similar, at the final resting places of cattle legend, Charles Goodnight, and his wife, Mary Ann.
  23. Are these from trespassers, following something I see on occasion here in Texas, the carcass of a coyote slung across the fence?
  24. I am reminded that I have photos of a "biker church" that I spotted some years ago. Non-denominational, it didn't fit into a category until the multifarious one came around. "Voici" an example of something that might be that ol' local neighborhood church, but it already fits into an existing category.
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