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  1. So that's the order of events? 1. Product released to consumers, 2. Write and test firmware? I'm in the software development business, and I guess we've been doing it backward. Well, you could always try Magellan who (with their Triton series) have actually released the product with buttons that do nothing when pressed. After checking their website I found a statement that some features of the Tritons will be activated at a later date. - And right back to the retailer it went.
  2. I returned my Triton 2000 for the Colorado 400t, and I'm very pleased I did. The Triton was a nice unit, but Magellan still has so many bugs to resolve before the unit is ready for market. I can confirm that REI has pulled them completely citing a recall direct from Magellan. The NG Topo capability is great in theory, but in reality the screen was difficult to read and blurry at anything outside of the 300' perspective. The Onix 400 from Bushnell allows downloads of topographic and sat/aerial shots directly from their site, but they are seriously lacking in the support department. The only plus for that unit right now is the XM weather and radio service....and yes, the weather service does work despite what many forums have stated. I have heard great things about the Delorme, but the screen size was a little disappointing to me. I am very pleased with the Colorado 400t which comes preloaded with Topo 2008, but that might not have the detail you're seeking.
  3. I might agree in part with your statement had you referred to the Triton series. I returned my Triton 2000 yesterday for the Colorado 400t, and the difference is night and day. This is the best GPS receiver I've ever owned, and I've had the 60cs, the 305 Forerunner, Bushnell's Onix 400 and that Triton 2000.
  4. I have the 400. The weather service is pretty cool, and I like XM radio. Bushnell has a long way to go in making their software worth a flip, but they have recently updated the maps available for purchase.
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