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  1. The coins are being minted!!!!! For those of you that have made arrangements with me to get a coin, I still have your information. I just wanted to give you the official countdown. I have the samples and the coins are totally awesome. Prepare for a great coin to be distrubted. I think the coin will be ready for release in early January, 2007. Thanks to all who have been keeping in touch with me regarding my coin.
  2. I am also getting a patch tag done. If anyone is interested they can preview my coin at the Patch Tag website. I am getting those tags this week. Elisa
  3. I hear ya Don Duck! The coins will be coming soon!
  4. Hey, I love homemade picante sauce. Especially when it is mixed with Avacado and their is a large bag of Corn Chips on the side!! Please keep your eyes on this website for more information. Time is getting closer. I am so excited!! arrribbbaaaa! Elisa
  5. Please, please keep your eye on this discussion page. I have just received word that I am getting samples in by next week. I will know more about metals, colors, etc next week. I will post to this board the information as I am getting it so everyone can be ready for the trades or purchases. I think this coin will be ready by December or very early January. Thanks to all who have written me, I appreciate the interest. All who are interested will either have a chance to purchase or trade a coin. Thank you! Elisa
  6. I nominate Geek-Qualizer. (GQ) I have met him a couple of times and he is always "hands on" when it comes to events, caches in general and general knowledge of the Houston Area and the caches that are placed here. I really enjoy the website he has put togethor for our area. It is a great way for cachers to keep in constant contact through the forum, even though we may not see eachother for months because of events, we get togethor through the forum and discuss the latest and greatest practically every day! A group of Northwest Cachers did the "infamous" 4-Cache Loop in Huntsville. He had done it many times himself but was willing to meet us at the park and do the cache with us. This cache is a 10 mile hike! I was really appreciative of his offer because he had already done it so many times, but we opt to do it on our own and we made it. I will tell you there were a couple of times I though "Should have met GQ here, but not because of coords problems, I needed help going through the ravines and someone had to heave me up the cliff! I think he deserves this because of his commitment not only to Geocaching but to us, the HGCS family. Elisa of Georeynozos
  7. Thank you for all the positive and constructive comments. I will sell some coins to any interested cachers. When I officially get the coin in hand, I will post to the board and alert everyone of the coins being in my possession. Again, I am interested in trades, so if you have a personal coin (metal only), trackable or non-trackable, I will trade. I will sell, keeping price low $8.50 to$9.00. Please keep an eye on this forum for future posts from me. Thank you!!
  8. Just wanted to share with my fellow coin collectors that I am coming out with a new coin. Jaime from Mad Hatters Neverland did my artwork and Steve from Hogwildstuff is doing the minting and finalizing the look. I have been pleased with both and feel their work is outstanding! Let me know what yall think. The coin will be: 1.5 inch longest The coin will be: 3mm It will be trackable with an Icon. At the moment, I am not sure if I will sell, I am more interested in trading, but if I do sell, I will sell for around $8.50 - $9.00 I am going to make 250 for now. We are working with different colors and looks so I can not give you a break down of how many reds, greens etc... will be made. I am hoping the coin will be available by the end of December, early January. Please let me know if you are interested in a trade or possible purchase. And let me know what you think. Thanks! Elisa of Georeynozos
  9. I placed a travel bug in an event cache, an unfortunately I am not going to the event and would like to retreive the tb back. How do I do this. I have been over and over the tb page trying to pick it up again and I can not locate anything. Anyone ever have this problem and if so, do you know how I can fix it?
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