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  1. Have you tried Ernies? That looks like one of his icons from his micro geocoins. Just google *Ernies Geocoins*
  2. I would like to have one!!! elisa of georeynozos
  3. I am interested in a coin!! They are beautiful!!
  4. I think I need to make one thing clear before people assume too much. Paula and I have no relationship. That being said. A heartfelt apology would do much. At this point I would have to think long and hard about continuing such a relationship. As I stated in my post you quoted, "I would have been happy if she told me after the fact if she told we that she broke it as was sorry she was not up front about this fact in the begining." Apologies, as long as they are Heartfelt, can go a long way. It would still help, even this late in the game. That is what people really want; as well as their money or product. I truely believe that she is in the wrong and needs to fess-up to what happened. Much of the tention would dissipate with an apology. These are just my thoughts about the matter. I have found that it works when I need to apologize for something. maldar Joranda, As one who was affected by this transaction, yes an apology would be nice. Would I do business with her again? NO! Why? because she has had bad transactions with so many people, at the moment it would be hard to do business with her again, but ya know, an apology is a first step. What happened to good manners? They are almost non-existent nowadays! Maldar is right, apologies help, even late in the game, not tooting your own horn and acting like the large amount of bad transaction never occurred.
  5. Well you are one of the lucky ones who did not get entangled in shady dealings with the team. You are correct, there are two sides to the story, but again, it is my side and Paula's and dozens of other peoples side and Paula's. I promise you, this was my last option. My very last option to bring this to the boards. I sent her letters, requests, offered for her to give up the job, just refund me part of the money. I did not want to burden her with my job if she was unable to complete it. SHE insisted on continuing the work for me. SHE INSISTED that she could do the job. This was a month ago. I gave her the option to opt out, she did not. She told me a month ago that she would have my work to me within a week. I waited, checked my spam, checked over my email in detail and I did not receive nothing. MY VERY LAST OPTION was the boards. You are very lucky and congrats to you. I am sure after this occurred, you wil receive the benefits of the results of the thread. It is nice to know you will wait a year, however long it takes her, to get the best. Because she will make you wait a year to get your final artwork, that is because she is the best and has raised the bar above all others in your opinion! I am sure if she was working for a popular ad or design agency, they would sit back a year and wait for the best!
  6. While I was going through this problem with Paula, I did contact another designer and asked him if he could work on the design for me. He was upfront with me and told me straight out, I have a very busy personal life at the moment, so I can not take any designs, but if you can not work things out with Paula, I will be more than happy to recommend another designer. Now that was honesty. It is not hard to do, it is not hard to say, it is being real.
  7. Congratulations . . . I think. My question is highly personal, and if you don't answer it here, I understand. My question is . . . Do you still feel the same joy for this project as you had when you started? I'll give you public kudos for starting this, because I do not have that kind of chutzpah, also preferring to eschew negativity. After all, who wants to bring this kind of seemingly dirty laundry out in public, epecially when it concerns somebody whose designs are as well thought of as Paula's. You, georeynozos, are an asset to the community. And of course, thanks, for opening the door for the rest of us. What I feel good about is the people who have written me and told me I will help get the project off the ground. These are people that I have purchased coins and have had very positive transactions with me. I will assure you, I have spent quite a bit on coins, not only for my own "sig item" but from others as well. The coin conception have evolved from depression to delight, knowing that a wrong was righted. And if you ask me if I am happy, yes I am, I had a community of people, maybe not all, but quite a few who stood with me and righted a wrong. So this coin will be a reminder that we are a community, trying to help eachother, even when things go wrong.
  8. This seems like a contradiction to me. Absolutely not... I simply work on different coins in tandem. Im usually working on multiple designs at once. I don't and don't know anyone else who does art who sits and works on one thing until completion. I bounce back and forth on my current projects - working on the one that I have gotten the 'idea' or inspiration on. If I sit and look at it, and don't know quite what to do with it, I put it away, and work on a different one. No deliberate "This can wait" its simply, "I KNOW what to do with THIS one" as compared to, "I need to rethink my approach on this design". I keep working and reworking until they are complete, and until I absolutely love them all. You have no shame, I am not beleiving you!!
  9. As of 7:48 CST I have received my final art work. As Jim Collins told me in his personal note, "the job is considered done." I think it is the utmost importance to start two topics to be pinned. First Topic: Buyers, steps on designing a coin, selecting a designer, ranges of costs etc. Second: Designers: Expectations from buyers, what is your turnaround time. Give references. Can I go to another website and ask a minter if you are highly recommended. I know the different minting services have their definition of steps, but can a general guideline be set up to help newbie buyers of coins and minting services. It is a must, especially in today's market. I would love for Groundspeak to host the pinned topics. It is really a guide for people to use, not to hold them liable but suggestions to go though the baby steps of minting a coin and selecting a designer. Paula, I do not even know what to say. I see your posts and never see any responsibility taken, just dance around the topic, I am a great designer, my minting services are great etc., I can not take peoples designs, I need to use my own. Where is -- I am sorry! I should not have dragged a couple of dozen people on a leash and used them to create something that I was never gonna give them back. Keep giving me your business, I will not dupe you! If you would have told me a year ago, what you are telling the geocaching community now, I would have never hired you. Paula thanked people who supported her, I as well want to thank people who wrote me and told me the were proud of me. They were in the same boat as me, out of money because of her etc. I too have heard from alot of people and I too want to thank them for their blessings. At first I thought I was alone and I thought Groundspeak was going to allow this designer to hide behind rules, but this matter has been solved, and thanks to Groundspeak for allowing this to be brought to the forefront.
  10. Regarding Suncatcher or not suncatcher -- YOU told me that IT COULD NOT BE DONE! I wanted a Suncatcher you said no and it was never brought up again, so that is a blatant lie! We only spoke of it once and that was to agree that you would not do a suncatcher of my idea! I know there are two sides to every story. How about "her" side and the side of the other customers who have had fradulant dealings with her. As of 4:57, I have received a partial refund of $50.00, - 1.75 paypal fee, but no finalized artwork. Just send me what you have Paula so I can get assistance from another artist who is not in constant turmoil with the muse!
  11. First I want to thank Groundspeak for unlocking this thread. You are doing a service to the community by allowing a wrong to be righted. Secondly, please read between the lines of the above note. If you read the above you will see that that kind of wording was sent to me many times to "calm" my questioning regarding the finishing of the final product. The written words above prove why it took me a year to bring this to the forums. Pretty talk went a long way with me and I whole heartedly embraced it thinking I would never, ever be taken advantaged of by anyone in the geocaching community. I did not want to dare speak up because I assumed this person was a highly respected member of the geocaching group, so I did not want to bring this up, but since I have brought this to the boards, I found out many people are in my shoes with the same person. All I can say is Buyer Beware. As of 2:12 CST, I was told I would get a partial refund and my work in progress rough draft. I have not received it yet, but will alert the community when the transaction is completed.
  12. I do not beleive that collectors will hold Groundspeak liable or responsible for the actions of a fraudulant seller. But just as you have closed down my thread, which was a responsible action in your mind, you should be alerted that there is fraud and close down the communications of the fraudulant seller. If it is not your responsibility to shut down a fraudulant sellers thread, then it is not your responsibilty to shut down my thread because obviously, Groundspeak is not liable. It is unfortunate the the messenger was killed in the delivering of the previous message, while the seller of said fradulant services is free to continue fradulant schemes on Groundspeak. You held up your end as far as the buyer was concerned and closed down the thread, stayed true to Groundspeak rules, but what will happen when the seller comes out with "another great coin, err sheme). Will this person be free to promote another scheme while the previous thread works its way out of sight of unsuspecting buyers. This forum is based on sharing information. Just as Groundspeak is not liable for deals between coin buyers, minters or designers, they are also not liable for free flowing thought and should not make themselves executioner because the previous email just so happened to fit into the mold of said guidline.
  13. I agree that there needs to be a rating system in place. As with many other things, certain people find their way into a community to take advantage of the community. Why are we too timid to protect ourselves? Why does the designer have more value when the customer is spending the most to get their final coin to production? It is unfortunate that there are unscurpulous designers who hide behind the Geocaching curtain, only to obtain monetary gratification -- all in the name of Geocaching. These people need to be weeded out! I ask the geocaching community to please consider a rating system. I promoted one designer whole heartedly at GW6 because he is reliable and well work on the design till it is completed. I told over 100 people about this person and if 10 people wrote him to do a design, then I am happy, he well deserves the business. If I love a designer, or a coin maker, which there are a few, I will whole heartedly promote them and their coins because they so deserve the business. I will purchase every coin they make and promote them among my fellow collectors. I think a rating system is important and shoudl be wholeheartedly considered.
  14. I hate to bring this to the boards but I feel that this is the only way I am going to get my design completed and sent to me. I arranged for Paula Collins of CinemaBoxxers to design a coin for me a year ago and have yet to receive a final design. Has anyone encountered this problem as well? I am in awe of Paula's work and that is why I selected her to do my geocoin design but I have yet to get the final design in hand. Is anyone else having the same problem or am I the only one? I have written to her, and she has yet to finalize a design for me. I have received "rough drafts" of what I requested, but nothing final. I made payment via paypal June 7th, 07 and have nothing in return. I know that the boards are no place to resolve conflict but with many email attempts and false promises and money spent, I feel that this is the place of last resort. How long should I wait for a design. I know Paula is in high demand because I see her art work all over the place and it is beautiful, but I have paid for services which have not been completed.
  15. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Keewee for the wonderful, wonderful package he sent me. I have been to New Zealand and it was refreshing to receive a package from New Zealand. The package stirred up alot of fond memories of the place. Thank you for taking me back down memory lane Keewee. Received key chains, two keewee toys and 3 coins. All great coins I do not have yet. Thank you, Thank you!!! Blessings.
  16. I do not think virtuals are allowed anymore but maybe a micro would be nice. I am with the majority and do like cemetary caches. I am very respectful of the cemetaries when I enter them, read a few headstones, read the historical marker and really learn alot about my community. I have learned more about the area I live in through cemetary caches and how it began than anything else. I am from Houston and because of cemetary caches, I have found myself picking up books on the pioneers of our area and different battles which took place etc. I take my kids to cemetary caches and teach them to be respectful while they are in the cemetary, and they are. They have learned to respect our ancestors from the past. I want feedback, but please no attacks. I have two POW coins and would like to set up a small cache in our Veterans Cemetary. The coins are very special to the owners and they would like for the coins to travel around areas where the military is observed. Does anyone know if it is ok to set up a cache in a military cemetary? Please, no attacks, just a yes or no. I am approaching my plant as being very respectful and in no way disrespecting our military. I am very proud of them so proud, I would like to set up a special cache where people can go and see how many people gave up their lives for us.
  17. I have received a GSA coin. The GSA paid a visit and left the coin as a treasure. Thank you!!
  18. I have been having a great response. If you are still interested in my coin, please email directly to me. No need to post on the forum. I do check the forum but if you want to get first dibs, it is important that you email me directly. Elisa
  19. One more thing. Hogwildstuff sold a certain amount of my coins but I still have my original order, which is 250, so the coins are not sold out, they are only sold out on Hogwildstuff site. Thanks!!
  20. I am ready to sell a few of my coins. I will consider trades as well but please contact me so I can check which coins I have. I am selling the following $8.50 per coin I have: 25 Red Chile Pepper coins, Red Pepper, gold lining. 25 Red Chile Pepper coins, with silver lining. 25 Green Pepper coins, with silver lining $9.00 per coin 25 Cooper coins with green tip I am limiting my coins to one of each per sale. I would like everyone to have a chance to buy a coin. I have more coins to offer once the above are gone. I will again post what I have or go down the list and continue to distribute them. Please notify me if you are intested in a trade. I will check my collection and consider your offer. I do have an icon on this coin but I am still awaiting Groundspeak to post the Icon. Trackable!! Please contact me with your order. I will contact you back that I have accepted your offer and I will invoice or trade. I still have some people who have contacted me and I have placed on a list. Please re-contact me, and as of today, I will take care of your order. Those who have send coins ahead of time, l am sending your coins in exchange for the coins you have sent me. Please have patience with me, I am very new to this. Thank you. I take paypal if you are interested in a sale only. Thank you, Elisa
  21. Have hotels been arranged yet. I already got one but if I can find a cheaper rate, that would be great. Did yall make any deals with Comfort Inn in Temecula? We are excited, I think I am more than the rest. We are only going for 4 days because of school etc. Look forward to both events!! Elisa of georeynozos.
  22. THE COINS ARE READY!! I DO NOT HAVE MY COINS YET, BUT HOGWILDE HAS SOME FOR SALE. I WILL HAVE THEM BY WED OR THURSDAY. IF YOU ARE READY FOR THEM NOW. GO TO: This is the Red on Silver Link Chile Coin http://www.hogwildstuff.org/index.php?act=...p;productId=143 This is the Green on Gold Link: Chile Coin http://www.hogwildstuff.org/index.php?act=...p;productId=144 This is the Red on Gold Link Chile coin http://www.hogwildstuff.org/index.php?act=...p;productId=142 I hope yall like it!!
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