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  1. Greasemonkey deactivated? Scripting activated (NoScript)? Adblockers deactivated? That would be the first things I would check.
  2. Thank you. That is exactly what I want (and what I thought I asked for).
  3. No, it wouldn't, since the request is for an option to choose for each log if it should be shared or not just as to avoid your scenario. Sharing all logs on Facebook/Twitter is possible right now, even with the API.
  4. When posting a log using the website, you can choose whether you want to share this log on Twitter and/or Facebook. If you use a 3rd party application (like GSAK) for logging your caches, you currently have no chance to do any selective sharing of your logs. You can only globally activate or deactivate sharing on Twitter/Facebook in your profile. Please think about enhancing the API so that you can set a flag for each sent log indicating if it should be shared on Twitter and/or Facebook or not! Thanks in advance! Carsten
  5. You know what happened to a German webpage offering POIs for download? Have a look here (just need to read the first post) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=227905
  6. Sorry, but I won't believe it until one of the lackeys confirms it.
  7. I can only agree with most of you: I like the functionality, but not the facebook integration. The way it is now, it is just useless.
  8. That's actually not true. I was just translating the mentioned login page, not literally but trying to give back the content.
  9. The first part says, you have to login to verify, that you are a premium member. All cache data in the database is property of Groundspeak and may not be published according to their TOU. The last sentence is interesting: "I have permission from Groundspeak to make the cache data available to premium members only using the member check above.". An official statement of a Groundspeak lackey would be nice. Edit: Just looked up the username: He isn't premium member himself but states to have permission to publish cache data to premium members? Where does he get the cache data from? Really strange.
  10. Just have a look here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=235312&hl=
  11. If you call a database with countless unmaintained cache listings success then yes, Opencaching is successful.
  12. Sorry for quoting you a second time, but since there was already another answer I don't want to edit my original posting You won't need a GPX file attached to every notification going out. As suggested before, it could be an option to toggle and furthermore it is not necessary for every logtype. But it would be great to have it sent with at least publish, archive and update coordinates notifications (and perhaps enable/disable listing).
  13. Yes, where is the problem? We are no longer living in a low bandwidth world (the majority of users surely has a broadband connection). What would the alternative look like? Accessing the website to download the same GPX and generate about 400 to 500kB traffic for loading the average cache listing page.
  14. The author of the script wrote in a German forum, that it was the ability to create GPX-files even for basic members.
  15. Having all image links (not only the ones used in the listing) in the gpx file would be great. So I hope this is a feature Groundspeak puts on their todo-list.
  16. Carsten

    PQ basket

    You can do this, but it's still more than one click. At least 3 clicks: Open the new tab, click submit, close the tab. With a little help of AJAX this could be easily done with one click.
  17. Carsten

    PQ basket

    I agree, no need to reinvent. But the process of bookmarking could sometimes be easier if it would require just one click to bookmark a cache. It would be great, to have something like a quick bookmark function: Additional one click bookmark ability from listing and map view that adds the cache instantly to a predefined (default) bookmark list without the step of specifying the target bookmark list and then navigating back through the browser history.
  18. Sandy, just to get this clear: Is it allowed to give out GC codes *and* the corresponding coordinates or is it just allowed to give the GC code without coordinates?
  19. Where is the problem? Not every single equipment item needs its own attribute. Just write it clearly in the cache description. No need to drop the idea.
  20. Was auch sehr sinnvoll ist, weil es ohne Outdooranteil kein Geocaching mehr wäre.
  21. No, same thing here again. Seems like the fix Raine applied on July 6th got lost with the last update.
  22. That's a task you can easily complete using Geocaching.com-GoogleMaps. No need to install and use an external application for this.
  23. A big fat NO from me. Hiding logs is definitely no solution. And even if you think, a cache isn't worth a log: Tell the owner *in* the log. Otherwise he'll never know, what's wrong with his cache.
  24. Second thought leads you to the truth.
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