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  1. Unfortunately due to an accident we were unable to get here and ended up stopping at services, not a very nice place for a picnic. Still, the park did look nice so it's gone onto my list of uk places to visit!
  2. We were all going for the answers beginning with B - Basketball, Boxing, Bullriding, Baseball. Lol, mine was a random guess as I'm sure Cuba often do well in Boxing in the Olympics.
  3. Have been to 'Upton Park' on several occasions but I never knew that. This thread is very enlightening.
  4. Thanks for the help, just gotta hope the weather and traffic are kind!
  5. Wow, people on here are brutal. *Mrs H quietly retreats back to friendlier forums* Sorry Coldgears, you're on your own! PS. Mushtang, if you're going to do something like that you should at least make sure you spell it right.
  6. When the finds have a red line through them it usually means that the cache has been archived. If you click on the cache you should still be able to see the listing and if you scroll through the logs then you should still see your log. However, I am still fairly new myself and I don't actually know what it would look like if your find had been deleted so it may be that I'm wrong. You are down as having 5 finds so is that right or have you found and logged 6 caches? If it is the Torwood Broch cache then your find is still there. Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick!
  7. Some people have a pretty selfish attitude towards this. I'm not suggesting the CO change their page, but it wouldn't hurt in this situation to just let people know straight away what to expect. It really bugged me when someone told me the ending to Sixth Sense before I'd seen it. People should have the choice to avoid it if they wish. The final HP movie has only just come out so it's not a few months and not everyone likes reading.
  8. This isn't something I've come across before and I doubt there are any rules regarding it. If it were me I would probably send the CO a very nice friendly email explaining my concerns. You can explain your position - that you haven't seen all the films and that this has been a spoiler for you - and then kindly ask if they could put at the top of their description that it contains a spoiler for the film. I wouldn't ask them to change it, but just to make sure that people know what they're going to get before they read on. That way if people haven't seen all the films but want to in the future, they can leave the caches for after they've seen the films.
  9. Lol, I can sympathise with you but not having children I haven't had to go through trying to help someone else to revise and understand another language! Something for me to (hopefully) look forward to in the future! Mind you, I am a primary school teacher and they're trying to tell us that we should be teaching French. I think that me trying to teach French is worse than not learning it at all, the secondary schools would have to 'unteach' all the french I'd taught and then reteach it properly! Anyway, I digress... Time for a new question perhaps?
  10. I don't think the names need to be changed. Many caches have names which I don't understand the COs reason for choosing. If you explain on the cache page that they were placed for Halloween then that will make sense of the names. I also agree that it is 4 traditional caches and that you don't want to make the final part an actual cache that is published if it is going to be on your doorstep! Just make that part clear on the cache pages and in the caches themselves - then you can remove that part after the event!
  11. Ok, thanks. Probably should've said that I'm looking at second hand ones, not new. I guess the seller of the Oregon is asking too much for it. Am glad I asked!
  12. I can empathise with her. I wasn't too bad with most school subjects* but I just couldn't get to grips with learning a new language. I was useless and it's so hard to get enthused to revise for something that you just can't grasp. *With an also notable exception of PE but I didn't have to revise for that, I just went out and tried to have fun with it despite being useless!
  13. I have been looking into buying a better GPS (using an E-trex H at the moment.) I have read up on it and decided that I like the Garmin devices with touch screen. My question is about the differences between the Dakota 20 and Oregon 200 models. The Dakota is a little below my budget while the Oregon is a little over my budget. Having compared the specifications side by side, I'm struggling to see the difference between the two units. While this would point towards getting the Dakota, I'm sure I must be missing something. Can anyone tell me what makes the Oregon that little bit more expensive and whether it is worth the extra cost. Thanks EDIT: I can see that the Oregon has a slightly bigger screen and better resolution but I can't see this making much of a difference to my geocaching!
  14. I've actually changed my opinion a little on this since reading this thread. Originally I was of the opinion that you have to sign the log to get a find. I'm relatively new and do not own a cache myself yet but I now think that as long as you can prove you had the cache in your hands, then that must be a find and I think people who delete such a find would be a little mean. A photo could prove the cache was in your hands therefore you did find it, which is the point of the 'game'. There's no doubt in it. A description provided to the cache owner could also be proof that you found it. In actual fact, a photo may even offer greater proof that you were at the cache site. If I have a photo of me at the site, cache and logbook in hand, I don't see how that could not be a find. I could send a friend geocaching and get them to write my name in the logbook then claim it as a find. Just my opinion though, I still prescribe to the 'cache and let cache' attitude on the whole.
  15. I'm not saying an iTouch is a good idea for caching, but I dropped mine off the balcony/viewpoint thing while I was using it while leaning on the railing and the screen was a little cracked, but it worked just fine. Fortunately no one noticed my little scurry down the stairs to check the damage. It looked like this A little cracked?
  16. How do people do these so quickly? Have you seen something like this before or did you just figure out what you had to do? There's hardly anything on this page to go on so I know it should be easy. Grrr. This is the one aspect of geocaching that gets me irritated. I don't like getting help from others, I want to be able to do it myself!! Mind you, from looking around the forums I guess it's good that this is the only thing that winds me up, some people get worked up over lots more than just puzzle caches! EDIT: Sorry, gone Off Topic
  17. Oh no, not another cache to add to my list of "Puzzles that I have no clue how to start but they drive me insane thinking about them anyway!"
  18. Lol, yes, avoided the Spanish Steps one too although we walked right past it. I just didn't have the courage for the actual search and retrieval!
  19. Wow, I'm glad to know I'm not a real geocacher. Well I often start off carrying a pen and/or pencil but end up losing it on the way! Sometimes I find it later in the deep dark corners of my bag and other times it's gone for good. Does that mean I start my trips as a real geocacher but lose this status along with my pen/pencil?
  20. I agree with the OP that it should state on the cache page that it is in school grounds and that it should be sought out of school hours. That means it is then down to the individual whether or not they are comfortable with this type of hide. Perhaps a message to the CO just to let them know that some people may not like to get there and then find the cache is on school grounds and maybe s/he could mention it on their page? Or a message to the reviewer if the CO won't respond? I take your later point that it could lead to more bad press for geocaching. However, if people are informed that they should search out of school hours and choose to ignore the warning then that is down to the foolishness of individuals, which could happen at any cache.
  21. Lol, I avoided this one and many others in Rome because they have hundreds of people including police around everywhere and I don't like feeling conspicuous by looking for caches in highly populated places. Looks like this probably wouldn't have been too bad to find though.
  22. Thanks to both of you - that all looks really helpful. I'll take some time to look through it all properly but I think it will definitely help with a couple I've been looking at. For some I still need to work out which part of the page is the actual puzzle though!
  23. The Friday is our training day, kids start on the Monday so not so odd for them.
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