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  1. I placed an order for a couple Geocaching Containers YESTERDAY....I was in TOTAL SHOCK when they arrived today....YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME....AND the shipping was FREE!! THANK YOU...I LOVE SHOPPING @ geocaching.com A Faithful Geocacher, bearsandme
  2. To put the bear in the description do I put the URL or try to put in the captured image from the phone? thanks for your help, bearsandme
  3. I needed some flyers to pass out to local Merchants that were donating gifts for my geo-event...When I printed them out, the cute little bear I added to the cache page didn't print with it...Does anyone know how to get the picture to show up on the printed flyer also? Thanks, bearsandme
  4. So SAD others have to ruin the FUN. :( I'm so sorry about your coin..I'm new to geo caching and enjoy the fun of finding the cache with family.
  5. Hello...I am pretty new at geo cache hunting and have been using my iphone to find the cache..I was told by some seasoned geo cachers that both the garmins I mentioned in the subject are good ones. Is there any advantage to purchasing the Garmin 62 over the Garmin 60 cxs? Thank You for any help you can give me on this subject.
  6. WooHoo~Can't wait to get our coins~~~
  7. I'm fairly new, but that's one lesson I'm learning the hard way Even had my bag of goodies with me yesterday (knowing I had a pen in there the day before) Get to the cache, go to retrieve my pen and YEP I had taken it out of my goodie bag and left it in the car..It was a beautiful sunny day (haven't had to many of them yet) so I walked back to the car, got the pen and went back and signed the log..
  8. I'm pretty new, but I enjoy the experience of finding the cache container,logging my name and looking inside..I always have my eyes open now when I go into a store hoping to see something cool a child (or Adult) might like finding...It's FUN to give to other cachers. I'm glad my daughter got me hooked FINALLY
  9. I'm new~I'm still waiting for my first.
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