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  1. Bic lighters? I dont think so, i wouldnt leave one in a cache simple because thats so cheap. I can buy one of those from the gas station for 49 cents. But a really cool zippo i can see. Ive been tempted recently to leave my rather rare zippo in a cache (it doesnt even have fluid you nitpickers) but i cant bring myself to get rid of it. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  2. Someone sure had some energy. You know how armored those things are? And all for at most $40... [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  3. Research? Whats that? I barely ever remember to bring printouts with me. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  4. Ive seen the note saying "not found" on one of my caches, and i was baffled. I mean, why do that? I have no shame in logging DNF's, i think i have more then anyone else in Fort Wayne due to my scatterbrained caching approach. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  5. Well living in the same city with Fuzzy, what he says applies. People here are posting real caches, i recently posted what i believe is the first virtual in Fort Wayne, due to absolute lack of container space at such a cool location. It wasnt until after i posted it, then i got bored and scanned the forum and ran into all this admin bashing. probly due to my quick skim, i was afraid my virt might not get approved, but it was. No problems at all. Its all hype, and i dont see where this admin bashing is being motivated from. It seems to me, general common sense, or at least thinking over an idea for a cache will dispel any doubts or worries. As far as im concerned, if its good it will make the cut. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  6. This sounds like the needles in the halloween candy. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  7. quote:Originally posted by geo-Packrat:They haven't hit our area yet....but those New DOritos' COntainers look like they would make a good Micro cache. Has anyone seen them? are they Plastic? and would they make a good mini? There is nothing like a Packrat who is a geocacher. Well, those doritos containera make fantastic paintball ammo tubes (what i use em for) but for caches? I dunno, they dont seal very well at all. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [http://enos.deviantart.com]
  8. The only time ive run into another cacher on a hunt i was glad i did, since the cache was a micro altoid tin in a 30 foot high slope of rocks. It took us 45 minutes to find it even with 3 people [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  9. quote:Originally posted by Darkmoon: quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:Before you go night caching, read this log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cachelog_details.asp?ID=178098&L=1033235 and its companion: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cachelog_details.asp?ID=178121&L=1033462 _"An appeaser is one who keeps feeding a crocodile-hoping it will eat him last" -Winston Churchill_ Only in Oklahoma here....hehe, nobody wants to go with me tonight to this cache...of course, I don't want to do it by myself either! Darkmoon All you have to do to fly is throw yourself at the ground and miss! id go with you but i live in indiana. Those pics ROCK! [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  10. The only cache ive kept watching past finding it, is Warm Fuzzie's perfectly perplexing puzzles Mainly because its been great fun watching the notes come in saying how hard the puzzles are, and seeing people make their way through it. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  11. oh lord, and thats invented so you dont have to do the math? Id hate to see a method thats intended for math... [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  12. Im an absolutely UNorganized cacher, i usually forget the printout, forget trade items, well you get the picture. But going to far? Is that even possible???? [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  13. quote:Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy: quote:Originally posted by tatoeba:Are you preparing a new one? and how much work to create Perfectly Perplexing Puzzles? she gave the really hard one to a bunch of middle-school students to see how bad it really was. A handful of them solved it in a day's time, so we decided the difficulty level was just about perfect. Hahaha...And i spent 2 weeks on stage 2. Boy dont i feel smart now. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  14. I was playing around with some speech recognition trying to open my bookmarks, when this popped up http://www.geocaching.com/bait.asp bot food? If so its the strangest bot food ive ever seen. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  15. Im selling my Garmin Emap, it includes the unit, pc link cable, 2 8mb memory cards, and a copy of Garmin's Matroguide software for uploading street-level maps and points of interest. Im pricing this at $120, buyer pays shipping and handling (which should be around $5-$15 depending on buyers location) The unit has been much used (and loved) but is not damaged in any way besides my name engraved on the inside of the battery cover, and a gouge on the right side of the casing. The gouge doesnt affect the performance at all. Anyone interested in this should email me at eshenk@death-star.com Offers will be considered in the order they are recieved, in other words, first come, first serve. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  16. Good lord Markwell, you just made my list of caches i never ever under any circumstances want to attempt. I had to close my browser before my brain could melt from math-stupidity. I know my limits... [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  17. Not sure but heres some info on detailed communication standards and power http://www.nomad.ee/micros/etrex.shtml [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  18. quote:Originally + The fireworks are on the 21st, and if we decide on the 21st we'll try to find a location for the picnic from which we can also watch the fireworks without being caught in traffic. good luck on that count. headwaters would be jammed, maybe somewhere downtown, but thats not the best location for a picnic. freihman maybe? [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  19. quote:Originally posted by unclerojelio: So when are our benchmark find counts going to be viewable from our profile page? exactly what i was wondering. Im very interested in this because after you find most of the chaches in your area, whats left to do? This amazes me, i searched and boom, theres a hundred of these things just within a 10 mile radius of my house. In fact there was one about 100 feet from my house! another question though, when i checked this out first, i was confused by the reports and such, ive figured it out now, but before i figured out what a recovery log was, i went out and wondered where the one right near my house had gone to. Im assuming a "find" is finding the actual marker itself? Because the post that the marker sat on is still there. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  20. Why only mondays? heh im there right now. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  21. theres a geocaching chat? [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  22. ...so really what i think everyones saying is either theres no other goth cachers, or they dont post here. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  23. ...so really what i think everyones saying is either theres no other goth cachers, or they dont post here. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  24. your making my brain bleed fuzzman. i sketched your puzzle, printed it, and ive been messing with it since i left the location. i even sent the sketched picture to about 5 idiot savant friends, no luck. anyway, as for the location, i need to trust my instincts more then my sometimes horrendously inaccurate GPS reciever. as i walked over there, i said "thats where i would hide it" but didnt check because i was being told "80 feet that way" finally after plodding through the brush, i decided to trust myself, and found it right where i would have put it myself. i hope nobody else gets lead into the brush, i think i got a touch of poison ivy from that one. now if i could just figure out this puzzle... [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
  25. well, you suceeded in making me feel like an idiot. i sat at your first location for over an hour trying to figure that out. very easy indeed? hmmm im glad i sketched it, ill probably figure it out before christmas with luck. [Episkipos Enos Shenk, KSC] [403forbidden.urbanexploration.org]
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