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  1. Can't understand why things always have to "upgrade"? I have 3 Garmin etrex LEGEND HCx handhelds. Also purchased a new etrex 30x, but don't like it at all. Keep in mind, I'm old, slow, and dumb, but would like to be able to download single hides to the GPSr. We do try to accept some change, and much of the new stuff is OK, we have an iPad, reader, iPhone7(hers, mine is a fliptop), and a couple of laptops. Mine(Mr,) was Windows7, and I liked that, BUT, now they are both Windows10, and I can still download from internet explorer, but have been using Google Chrome, because some of the older programs don't work on W-10, more change!!! We don't go for numbers, and if folks want to, that's great for them, but many times one search will take us most of a day. Sorry, long story. Anyway, is there some way to use the "old" downloader on Chrome?? Thanks, Dick T BTW, would anyone be interested in a never used (kinda'), Garmin etrex 30x?
  2. We have downloaded the app on our iPhone6, but not sure how to pickup the list from our laptop to the phone for offline use. How do we do that, and what is a LOC? We are old, and not too bright. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the replies! My wife is so pickie(sp) she really works on a picture before she saves it to her folders. After reading these comments, she has uploaded some before she works on them, and that has sure helped, because it had been taking up to an hour per pic. She is not satisfied with the quality of the pics before she enhances them, but I can't tell much difference. Mostly we just post some "close to GZ, flowers, and contents, no spoilers". Anyway, I've been telling her for some time,"who cares". I guess that shows who is the "Top Dog" in this outfit. Thanks again folks.
  4. We have only been caching for about 2 years, and love it. It seems while hiking, golfing, jeeping, caching, etc. my wife spends more time taking pictures than anything else. She downloads them on her PC, improves them, and while uploading them from PC to log, it takes a long time. I mean a LONG time, and only one at a time. On others sites (facebook, yahoo, MSN, etc.) they upload much faster, and easier, and 3-4 at a time. What are we doing wrong? Thanks
  5. Why is it that one person, usually the superintendent(Wyatt Earp) can decide what is best for everyone. We have seen this for years. They close down parks or areas because of "whatever". Now in many Federal parks you can't even have "Virtuals"! Whats the deal here, are we going to wear out the view? We can have "Earthcaches", but I don't want to go back to school! We are new to geocaching, but not to hiking. About 4-5 years ago while hiking in ABDSP we stumbled onto a cache on a ridge below Fonts Point. I thought we were the 1st person to ever come to this spot. Started caching about a year ago,(have now done so in several states and countries) and have been amazed at the sites and history we would not have experienced if not for caching. Started coming here in 2000 for 1-3 weeks a year, now will find it hard to return. I guess thats what they want.
  6. No, I'm not talking about the coin found in "Crucero Camp", I think we have done that right as we logged it as a find. I will place it later. As this was my first post on this forum I was not sure how much info I should include. This TB was found by us 3-28-2011 in "Holey Wildflower Walk"(GCMBHD) and as I returned to our find I see it was never posted as a drop by kid_lefty on 4-2-2005. It is though a (TB#******) not tracking #. When I enter that TB# I get a tracking # of TB*****. That is not this TB. Ours was found in Cal. Also we show a picture of it in the found cache in "Holey Widflower Walk". Thanks again for the advise and hope to get more. Maybe I should just drop it some where, but I'm afraid it will record in the other tracking number. Dick & Susan T. kansashicks
  7. This is the first TB we have found so I'm sure I must be doing something wrong. We put the number on the tag in the system and logged it as a find. We were the first one to find this cache in about a year so we thought it needed to move along. Now we find it was never at this cache at all, and yesterday some one found it 800 miles north even though we still have it. We did go in and delete our find, but what to do now?? The number one the tag does not match the tracking number. Going through the cache log the last TB was left in 2004, and no logged pickups until us. Could this be the TB left in 2004, and could there be another TB with the same tag number. The member that left it in 2004 is not the same one as the current owner. Any thoughts??? Thanks, Dick T
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