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  1. Well, sorry for the inconvenience, I have just retried and now it works ! :/ I had deactivated on the same day, refreshment was active on one of them and not the other ? Maybe... Sorry if it's only that (even if log out/in is a strange solution ) and thanks all for the help! Edit : At a high level of zoom, the icon was a grey star before refresh for sure... I may not have noticed it wasn't the case once I had selected the cache.
  2. Hi worrelsquirrel! Well I also tried on several caches and I saw the option to activate is available on GC3K8XM for example. Is it due to special chars in french in the title? "È é ê à" ?
  3. Yes it doesn't work either. If developers could have a look at the available options when this case occurs, I think it's not very hard/long to correct
  4. Hi! The problem is not when the geocache has been reactivated and I would see it disabled on the app. The problem is I can't reactivate my own geocache from the app when it is deactivated. I have to do it via the website...
  5. Hi! I play with the Android app and I had deactivated one of my caches after several DNFs. Then I went to have a look at the cache, maintained it, I could log the owner maintenance log via the app, but it's not possible to reactivate via the app. I could only deactivate it whereas it was already at the disabled status. Thanks in advance to check this, it could gain time for cache owners to be able to do everything as soon as possible and at the same time. Cheers, fab_seeker
  6. Bonjour camini, le format de la newsletter hebdomadaire a changé au début de l'année. Désormais pour avoir accès aux informations que vous citez il faut aller en bas du mail et cliquer sur le cadre correspondant : Le premier cadre permet de visualiser les Mega-Events à venir Le second les events proches de chez vous Le troisième les caches publiées récemment Le quatrième d'atteindre la boutique Geocaching Le dernier d'afficher les GéoTours En espérant que cela réponde à votre question. Bon géocaching ! fab_seeker
  7. Bonjour Sandra, j'étais en Touraine il y a deux ans, j'ai posé quelques caches du côté de Saint-Avertin, je connais ITAMAE. Que souhaitez-vous utiliser ? Si ce sont des commentaires laissés par des trouveurs, il faut demander à chacun de ces auteurs si vous pouvez les insérer sur votre site par exemple. Pour les photos également. De quoi s'agit-il lorsque vous parlez de "publications" ? Sur un réseau social, un dépliant touristique ? Voici ce qui a été fait à Cholet, les photos sont celles de l'office de tourisme : http://www.ot-cholet.fr/grand-public/decouvrir-et-visiter/balade-randonnee-geocaching-a-cholet-cholet.html Les caches présentées sont celles qu'ils ont eux-mêmes mis en place et dont ils font la maintenance. N'hésitez pas à demander de l'aide localement, en contactant les géocacheurs qui ont placé des caches à Montlouis par exemple.
  8. Bonjour, tu peux suivre ce tuto en vidéo : Bon géocaching !
  9. Hi! I attended the UK Mega Event 2016 in Llangollen (Wales), but could not buy the geocoin for this event because they were sold out months before :/ So if someone sells/exchanges one in red, black or golden version, I would be interested! Thanks all for reading, happy geocaching! fab_seeker
  10. Are you referring to the free app? This is the link for the free app: 1.2. What Geocaches Can I Find on the Geocaching® app? The link you included is for the paid app. Hello! Yes, too many apps' at the moment , my mistake. And for the arrow on the map, I see it when I zoom, around the circle indicating my position .
  11. Hi all! I have some first remarks after a quick use of the new app: - Why do I see the trackables of my collection when I look at my inventory (I also see the ones in my inventory of course)? (Is it to add the possibility to transit them?) - It's good to have a much bigger area of geocaches displayed! - I see the last pocket query I had downloaded among the available lists! - The linear compass is fun, but I prefer the arrow of my GPS device on the map to know where I am looking at ... maybe it won't be a problem in some days. - I think it will help beginners to have information in the Help menu. Thanks for the new app! Edit : Help seems to have to be modified about the available caches for basic members, it does not correspond to this : http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=442
  12. FRANÇAIS/FRENCH Je pratique le Géocaching Le Géocaching est un jeu mondial de chasse aux trésors basé sur la technologie GPS et pour toute la famille. Il y a plus de 7,5 millions de joueurs cherchant plus de 2,5 millions de caches dans plus de 170 pays. Je suis en train de chercher une cache dissimulée à proximité. Merci de regarder mon appareil GPS si vous voulez plus de détails. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Une cache peut être aussi petite qu'une gomme sur un crayon à papier ou bien aussi grande qu'un tonneau, mais elle doit toujours contenir un papier afin que les joueurs puissent prouver leur découverte. Une cache est souvent camouflée pour qu'il y ait un challenge à relever lors des recherches. On peut parfois trouver de petits gadgets à échanger à l'intérieur, mais il est interdit d'y placer des objets dangereux, de la nourriture ou tout objet qui ne conviendrait pas à toute la famille. Rendez-vous sur www.geocaching.com pour plus d'informations.
  13. Hi all! Here is my collection: http://chercheetcache.e-monsite.com/blog/collection-tbs-gcs/ None of those items are for trade (nor sale) except the Maintain/Repair/Replace/Restock coin, because I have several of them, and only one is activated. I like antique copper and antique gold geocoins. My researches are : - a tree of life in antique copper. - a Dawning Hope - Sea of Nectar geocoin in antique copper. - a Suncatcher Sailboat - Gold Thanks for reading and happy geocaching!
  14. Hi ! It's confirmed on the blog : http://www.geocaching.com/blog/2015/02/happy-pi-day-earn-two-souvenirs/
  15. Thanks for the image directly in the thread ! The extract of the PInterest account : Geocaching Seattle, WA www.geocaching.com The official Pinterest board of Geocaching HQ. Find us at Geocaching.com or one of our Geocaching Apps for your phone. It can be found here for those who have a PInterest account : https://fr.pinterest.com/gogeocaching/
  16. I subscribed for one year and received the two last issues (5 and 6 of 2014)! Happy to read a magazine on geocaching and people sharing their experiences!
  17. More than 1 year after the last post, I am happy to see such a "newbie tip" from Geocaching HQ on PInterest ! : http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f8/61/f4/f861f477cf275c646e2cb68c69cc4c90.jpg I am helping tourist offices here in France to develop geocaching, and they will give, with a roadbook, an explanation manual and little items for children (for exchange), small kits of logbooks + ziplock to people who wish to discover the region by geocaching !
  18. Hi ! Yes I also like forums because information is easily accessible, which is not the same on social networks (it disappears quickly and research is harder). Bye, Fab_seeker
  19. I posted this to be able to set more creative geocaches (on my 78 active geocaches, I used 45 different camouflages), and to create a teamplay spirit between geocachers. I don't think it's what I suggest that would increase the number of power trails: it's statistics goals that encourage this type of circuit. Each one has to accept the different ways to play, and chose the one he prefers. If yours is to find creative geocaches, for sure you'll have less offers from cachers, because of the time it takes, and the money it requires too.
  20. The fact is that I live in two different regions, placed caches in these two regions, and I may not come back before 3-4 weeks in the other sometimes. Finders are not always ready to wait "so" much for a maintenance. But I know many finders are ready to help me, because they found my caches and encourage me with enthousiasm! I have some >70% (even some 100%) favorite caches. Should I stop placing after 75 active caches? Or can I place till 150 with their help? Enabling them to play and have fun another time? Or should I build my ideas of original caches and give them to other cachers to place them and own them (that may be what I'll do soon)? My longest circuit is 20 caches on a 10km loop at the moment, and it's not a power trail.
  21. That's why I don't like statistics... if it creates jealousy, it's not a good thing. I geocache to have fun, walking, hiding, discovering, not to get badges. If it's a reason to prevent teamplay, I'll soon hate statistics! Plus: This idea is not for all the kinds of maintenance, only for logbook reasons. I place many kinds of camouflages/ sizes of boxes on my circuits. I think it's funnier for children, and geocachers in general.
  22. Isn't it what is written in many power trails circuits, that the finders should bring with them some logbooks and boxes? (mine would not be power trails)
  23. Hello! I am preparing new circuits for this summer, and I will set, at the beginning of each circuit, a regular box in which geocachers will find swags as usual, but also some "emergency maintenance kits", so that they can themselves maintain the "full logbooks" and "wet logbooks" problems if it is needed on the other caches of the circuit. Those small kits are small plastic bags with logbooks, which could be set in any micro cache (so also bigger ones). I will also add some pens. And I was thinking about proposing this kind of caches as a new type of caches, so that they could easily be spotted on the map if a finder needs a logbook in a cache and has the time to maintain it himself. I think it could be helpful for everybody. Less gasoline would be spent, less time wasted too, for simple problems. I see it as a kind of "teamplay" between geocachers, I know some of us already do so, but it would encourage and facilitate others to do so.
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