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  1. I could be something amiss with the cache description (too long, invalid, characters etc) or a dodgy GPX file.
  2. Ok, it seems that although there is a scam like this he wasn't caught by it. He contacted the seller who finally replied and told him he had two phones, after he sold the first one the second got stolen...but he reported the wrong phone!! My mate is a happy bunny again....
  3. It can!! Even my old Colorado 300 could view pictures
  4. I would think it will be a bit marginal, best to contact the reviewer. My definition of a physical stage would be anything which you have placed to help you find the cache.
  5. Not sure if there is anyway you can
  6. haha I'm the same! Actually Mrs eusty came back from shopping the other day with a 'little present' for me, when I looked in the bag it was a couple of containers from Morrisons
  7. mmm...I'm not sure. There is a macro in GSAK to do this, but not sure if you can without it.
  8. There are lots of free maps for the Garmin, where are you from? GSAK is a fantastic program, but if you are just using routes and tracks then Basecamp
  9. Just thought I'd let you know about an ebay scam, one which a friend at work got caught with, it's not really geocaching related........unless you need a phone with GPS! It only works if you want to buy a phone. (Not something I'd do from ebay!) You win the auction and get the phone, it arrives and works so you are happy and leave positive feedback. Everything is fine for just over a month and then the phone can't get a network. My friend went into the network shop (Orange in his case) and they couldn't sort it out until they phoned their HQ, the phone had been marked as stolen and blocked. They explained what people do, they sell a phone on ebay, they then get insurance on the phone and report it as stolen to claim the insurance. By waiting 45 days before doing this you can't open a resolution case with ebay. They end up with a new phone and the money they sold the old one for...you end up with a blocked phone
  10. When I started caching in the dark I didn't have a decent torch, so I decided to get one.....which has led to a addiction! These are what I have so far with the lumen's they give out in bold. Thrunite Ti (80) Nitecore SENS CR (190) Led Lenser P3 (15) x2 Led Lenser P7 (220) Xtar TZ20 (820) x2 Fenix TK35 (820) Thrunite TN30 (2800) So what has geocaching done for you?
  11. Remember you can use have these display on a cache page, see here
  12. It's not the snow which is the problem but the temperature...Mrs eusty doesn't like the cold!!
  13. I would feel proud of myself not silly...give yourself a pat on the back
  14. eusty

    GPSMAP 62 or 62s?

    It's a no-brainer in my book
  15. Sounds like a dodgy GPX file, maybe worth re-downloading it.
  16. Except the OP has an Edge not an Oregon Suspect it works the same though. Ah ha!! I found the info on a site about the Edge 800,just happens to be the same
  17. Just whack your card in the Oregon, go to the configuration menu, then System -> Map -> Map Information to select the map.
  18. Also it's a good idea to put NIGHT CACHE in the title, as it's easier to notice than relying on attributes alone http://coord.info/GC3DB6E http://coord.info/GC40VB8
  19. https://play.google.com/apps You will need to login, but you will see any app you have installed (even if you have removed it) on your phone from the play store.
  20. eusty

    NFC tags, anyone?

    Yup I have a few here, I can't lock them with my (Android) phone
  21. Seeing it went wrong at low speed, I guess it has Garmin sticky compass issues
  22. A small tweak with the macro can solve this issue
  23. Couldn't find that mentioned anywhere? Is it the fact the screen is multi-touch? Hope it is a capacitive as you can get resistive multi-touch
  24. Looked on the UK Garmin site, but it doesn't give anywhere you can buy it or price Checked the US site and it gives the price as $400 but also states Maybe they have been a bit hasty putting it on the website?
  25. The only thing which stands out for me is GLONASS, and LED backlight (less worries about battery life). Landscape view looks handy too. All depends on price........
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