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  1. I used to use a bluetooth GPS when using my Galaxy S as I found it much better than the inbuilt one. It only cost about £15 and another benefit is that the battery lasted longer on the phone.


    But after buying a 'proper' GPS I only ever use a phone (now an S3) if I don't have the GPS with me.





  2. Opera 12.x was the last version of Opera to use their own HTML engine. There was no Opera v13 nor v14.


    Instead there was v15 and now v16. All future versions of Opera browser will use the same HTML engine as Google Chrome.


    But stick to 12!! While changing the rendering engine is one thing......they decided to remove all the customisation, and really screw up the handing of bookmarks.


    How to ruin a great browser (oh and they did the same with the mobile version).




  3. If all you're looking to solve is the overlapping circles, there's a method already (date placed ranges). No overlap.

    Which is OK, but only to a point.


    Although I don't live in an area like Chicago there is still the same issue. Generating PQ's by date is fine for older caches, but as you get nearer to the current date the number of caches seems to rise at an exponential rate.


    I can't remember exactly but I think I was working on a 50 mile radius, but it was getting that I was making a PQ for placed caches with a timespan of about every 4 months to get below 1000...resulting in lots of PQ's!!


    The way around this is to reduce the radius...but then you come back to the problem of overlapping if you want to cache more than 10 miles away or so?


    If I lived in a cache dense area it would be even harder.

  4. As you are not a PM my guess is that you loaded them with the 'Send To' button on the site? If you connect a PC to the etrex and navigate to \Garmin\GPX and you will see all the files for each cache in there.


    Transferring a load of caches is so much easier if you are a PM....


  5. I had this happen a couple of times to me and also been the one arriving to look when someone has the cache.


    All of the times I've given the cache to the one looking, and also been given the cache from the person who found it....why make life hard? ;)


  6. I don't remember seeing a Reset....


    ....but when I went to the site again it looked different and couldn't see my intercache. Looks like I made it on the old site, which is the first Google hit on the search 'intercache'.

    Maybe worth just putting a redirect to the new site?

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