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  1. The picture in the paper showed two ladies with IPones hiding an ammo box in some monkey grass in the middle of a median. They may be newer to caching than me! I don't know if I can help but maybe I can see if they would like help from an experienced cacher from my area.
  2. Is it o.k. to return to a cache you have already found to "grab" a TB? I pretty sure that "drops" are o.k.
  3. In short, this could be an opportunity not a distressing situation. I agree. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime to add your real-life Geocaching experience to your county's effort. Don't just sit on the sidelines and cry about it, get in there and help them! You guys are right. I'll call tomorrow to offer help. I hope that they would see clashing with the caching community as a bad thing and that they are joining that community not running it.
  4. I was wondering how you could use it in a cache that would make the cache more fun to find. The packaging says that it can give messages and is useful in multis. Maybe it would be a good part of a night cache? Use the trail markers put to chirp range and then the hunter must go by the chirp?
  5. The tourism department of the county I live in has gotten into the caching game. They are starting to put out caches and promoting caching as an activity to do in the county. Sounds good right? Well, there is a local cache that is really popular and has been there for years but the County placed a cache less than the required 10th of a mile to it which has not been published yet. Cachers have started posting about this mysterious un-published cache that they are finding as they hunt for the long time cache. Will both caches be allowed? Will the County win and the original cache have to be pulled? We are waiting and watching. The county cache is just a .50 cal ammo box with a GC sticker on the outside and it is placed right inside the gate of a cemetry with no effort to conceal it at all, sloppy from start to finish. Just walk in the gate and look down. The original cache is at the back of the property cammoed and is easy to miss if you're not careful and is really popular. What is going to happen? There are a lot of caches out there on public property that one day may be covented by local governments and whom do you think will win? Get ready, I don't see GC.com saying no to local governments wanting to join in even if the small frys get pushed out of the way. I feel like an indian in an old western lamenting over the coming of the white man........
  6. I have a Garmin Chirp but what do I do with it? My GPSr isn't "chirp compatable" so what to do with it? Please don't say throw it away or send it to you!
  7. [] I have a cache named Happy Halloween/Happy Birthday to ME, as my birthday is just after Halloween. I placed it on the site of the former Amurol candy factory. You can find out more by checking out the cache page. To me, location is one of the most important things in placing a cache. I like the places to be unusual, pretty, and/or have a story behind them. [] Can you post the cache ID please?
  8. After really enjoying the CCC thread I am really interested in creating a cache that is Halloween themed.I'd like to start planning now for October. Does anyone have or know of Halloween themed caches they can post pics and details of? I'm trying to get some ideas.
  9. I've been thinking about putting out a LARGE ammo can and attaching it to a dog cork screw stake thingie with metal cable. I would of course cut the handle off of the stake. But as I cache more I'm beginning to think that the lok-n-lok caches are the way to go. They are cheap and if one gets ripped off just throw another one out. Here is a cache that has an interesting story going on. Because of the location and it getting ripped off multiple times makes me think it's cachers doing it.My link
  10. Tennessee-is there a ban on new caches in parks? State or city parks? Is there a data base with laws and regulations on locations?
  11. I really enjoy this new sport of mine and I want to do caches that are more than a PNG or just an ammo can in a patch of woods without anything else drawing you there but there really isn't anything that grabs you close to me so I'm thinking about a night cache. Does anyone have suggestions for me? If you have done a night cache in the past that you enjoyed what made it really fun?
  12. <snicker> OK, let's hear it from you overly sensitive types!! </snicker> There are plenty out there, I'm sure they will. P.S. and yes, it was worded that way to be a little bit of a goad. One thing the forum regulars have never been accused of is being overly-sensitive. Thick-skinned is more like it. Just don't mention firearms!
  13. Many of the ammo can caches that I have found in one resort area have chains and locks. Just don't drop a trackable in one that is in a high muggle area. There have been two cache around here stolen that may have been by cachers because of the remote locations.
  14. Is it ok to secure a cache to some stationary object with a cable to try and prevent it from being stolen?
  15. What?? You don't miss those forum discussions?? The "It is an important statue - they denied it!! - I've been wronged" threads?? Guys, I'm new to all of this but I could see where people would mad.
  16. Yeah, I noticed on one site that several caches where not found in YEARS.
  17. Why are virtuals hard on reviewers and waymarks are not? Is it the distance thing from traditional cache? Reviewers are not involved with the publication of waymarks. They were involved with the publication of virtuals and for many years there was something called "the wow factor". The location had 1. Make you saw wow! when you saw it and 2. there had to be no way to hide a physical cache there. Reviewers caught a lot of grief when they declined caches for not living up to the wow factor or didn't believe that there was no way to hide a physical cache. Of course every person who submitted a virtual thought it deserved to be published. I see your point "In the eye of the beholder...". I could see a lot of people getting mad because of a reviewer not thinking their "virtual" wasn't "special" enough. It just seems that if Waymarks are so easy for everyone why not just roll all the waymarks over to the cache "system" and let er rip? I virtual sounds like a waymark to me that is just censored more.
  18. I have always suspected that this is the only important difference to most cachers. Why not just give a smiley for Waymarks like virtuals?
  19. Why are virtuals hard on reviewers and waymarks are not? Is it the distance thing from traditional cache?
  20. I read here the other day that Virtual caches are coming back in May(?) and I was already checking out the Waymark section here and I started wondering whats the difference? The Virtual doesn't get you a pic where the Waymark does but both are just going to the posted coords and looking at something right? No searching for a cache but experiencing a place. Help me out here guys why have both?
  21. I'm new to caching and I have checked out other cache websites and to me GC.com is the best site out there. I have found myself wondering about using other sites also and was wondering if this is frowned on or is this something that others do here?
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