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  1. I know this is a very old thread, but just in case someone like me just stumbles on this thread, I first want to thank the person who gave directions for setting the Garmin Spanner setting. I just changed my Montana 650t to the Garmin Spanner setting, that I've had since the Montana 650t came out. Now when I plug in my Montana 650t to either my laptop, using a non-Garmin USB cable, or a non-Garmin USB cable connected to a non-Garmin power supply, I am prompted "USB Cable Detected, Would you like to go to Mass Storage". When I select "No", my Montana turns on like normal, and the battery icon has a flashing lighting bolt in it, and if I power it off, my Montana, with the non-Garmin USB cable still plugged in, goes to the normal Garmin screen with the battery charge indicator under it, showing the percentage of charge. just like it used to do when I plugged in the Garmin power supply to my Montana. I have confirmed that the method does charge when my unit is turned on, and when it is turned off, as the battery percentage continues to increase until it reaches 100%. I have also confirmed that when I am prompted "USB Cable Detected, Would you like to go to Mass Storage", and I select "Yes", I can access both the internal memory, and my flash card, and Garmin Express and Garmin BaseCamp both have access to my Montana. I haven't carried my Garmin OEM power supply around in my geocaching bag since I bought my Montana, because I'd much rather have a USB power supply that allows me to charge many different USB devices that I carry around with me, that use different USB cables than my Montana uses. I hope this post helps someone. Best Regards, Robert Trustworthy Sterling Heights, Michigan
  2. Okay I understand that all team members here can’t get what I am calling notifications or the weekly emails sent from this web site. What I did was to create a new email account on Gmail, and I set that email account as the primary and only email address for this web site. I then did some research on how to have Gmail automatically forward all incoming emails to this new email account to my wife’s and my email addresses. I found that this is not done in the forwarding section of Gmail, because using forwarding in that section can only forward email to one email address, so I had to create two new filters, that would forward all incoming emails to both my wife’s and my email addresses. I will wait and see how this works, before I say that this is working well. The only thing I don't like about this solution is that from time to time I will have to logon to this new email account and clean out the inbox, so that it doesn't get filled up. Thanks for everyone’s help with this issue. Best Regards, Robert & Gloria
  3. I do not think that I understand your question. The notifications that I want my wife to also receive, as a team member, are the same notifications that I receive, such as caches or events that I am watching, and any friend requests, and such, and also so that she receives the weekly newsletter. It sounds like this is not possible with this web site, and I ask once again what is the purpose of having the ability to add multiple email accounts to my account? It seems senseless, and it reminds me of the lyrics for Hotel California; you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!
  4. I could do the forwarding directly in a web based email account, like Gmail for example, but then I would have to create a new third email account for our geocaching account, and then have any emails that get delivered to that new email account forwarded to both of our personal email accounts. I take it that geocaching.com can’t forward notifications to both of our email accounts that are shown in our geocaching account, right? If that is the case, then why can you add multiple email accounts? This just doesn’t make sense to me.
  5. Hello, My wife and I would both like to receive notifications from our account. Our account is a premium membership account. My email account is currently primary for our account. I added her email account, and she validated it, but she never got any of the notifications that I have been receiving. I read something on this forum that suggested having all the geocaching emails forwarded to the second email account using your email program, so I am currently doing that in Outlook, with a rule that I added. The problem with this is that my Outlook has to be on, in order for my wife to get the same notifications that I am receiving. We both use smartphones and we both have the geocaching app installed on our smartphones. I searched the forum for “email” and “notification” and I haven’t found anything showing how to get notifications sent to multiple email addresses. Can my wife and I both receive notifications somehow? If not, what is the purpose of having the ability to add extra email accounts to our account? Best Regards, Robert & Gloria
  6. Hello, First of all, let me state that I am very new to geocaching, so if I am asking an ignorant question, or one that has been asked and answered here before, I apologize in advance. I joined here back in 2005, but I didn’t start geocaching until this summer, while I was at a family reunion in South Carolina. I have recently upgraded to premium membership, after I attended a local geocaching event. I purchased and installed the geocaching application on my Android Samsung Galaxy SII. I own a Garmin GPSmap 76CS, a Garmin GPSmap 76CSx, and I recently purchased a Garmin Montana 650t. The reason I have two GPSmap’s is that I misplaced (I thought it was stolen from truck) my GPSmap 76CS, and I replaced it with a GPSmap 76CSx. I used to be a ground team leader in the Civil Air Patrol for six years, and we did search and rescue for the Air Force (and sometimes the Coast Guard, when they needed assistance finding a boat, that was usually on land, or sometimes still docked in the water. Performing search and rescue is why I purchased my first GPSmap 76CS, because that GPS is waterproof, and it floats, so that if I ever got caught in a terrible rainstorm, while out in the field, or if I ever fell into the water, while in the field, I wouldn’t ruin my GPS. After my GPSmap 76CX went missing, I replaced it with the GPSmap 76CSx, which at the time was the next model up. Now I own a Montana 650t, and it has a built-in camera, just like my smartphone does. I also kayak and bike with my Garmin’s. My new Montana 650t doesn’t float, but it is waterproof, and I bought a GizzMoVest heavy duty case for my Montana 650t that I hear is supposed to make the Montana 650t float, which I hope to never test. When I was at our family reunion this summer in South Carolina, I made it a point to get started in geocaching. The first day we went out, my wife and I, a nephew, and two nieces’ found 7 out of 7 caches that we were searching for. That first day I had a chance to walk in my first bamboo patch that I have ever been in, and I found it was very cool. We took photos of all of us in the bamboo patch, and we also took photos of all of us, after we found each of the other caches. I didn’t have my Montana 650t during geocaching this summer, so I took the photos from my smartphone. Even though that my Montana 650t has a built-in camera, I’m thinking that it might be better to continue to take photos from my smartphone, because it would be easy to upload these photos from my smartphone to geocaching.com, using the Android geocaching.com application that I have installed. I am just unsure where the appropriate place would be to upload photos of a found cache, because I would not want to give away the location, or ruin anyone else’s searching. I searched this “How Do I…?” forum, for this topic, and the only thing that I found was a topic called “[bUG] Adding photos when posting logs”, and there were recent posts as of yesterday, that stated people were having problems uploading photos from their smartphones (similar to my smartphone) using the geocaching.com application. So my question is, is there a place that it would be appropriate to upload photos of found caches, where it wouldn’t ruin someone else’s searching? If so, where should these photos be uploaded to, and how exactly would I do that? If the geocaching.com application is having a problem doing this, which doesn’t appear to being addressed by the programmers, then how are people successfully uploading their photos? I have been trying to do my logging, while I am out in the field, because that way I don’t have to keep track of what caches that I found, or what caches that I haven’t found, and record any notes that might go along with those finds, or did not finds, and if there is an appropriate place to upload the photos of my finds, it would be handy to be able to do that while I am still out in the field, and that would eliminate one more thing from my “to do” list when I return from geocaching. Best Regards, Robert
  7. I just ordered a new Montana 650t from amazon for $579.90, which is a heck of a lot less than ordering it from Garmin for $699.99. I also ordered a screen protector, a GizzMoVest protective case (which not only protects the 650t from falls, but it is also supposed to make it float), a handlebar mount for my bike, a dash mount for my car (so hopefully I will only need one GPS in my car, after I purchase the City Navigator North America NT maps), a Chirp Geocaching Wireless Beacon (to play with), and the correct Garmin carry case to store it in, when I'm not using it. I even bought the wireless temperature sensor, just so that I have all the bells and whistles with it. I am upgrading from one Garmin GPSMAP 76CS and one Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx, and I'm looking forward to the bigger screen (as my eyes are getting weaker as I get older), and the built-in camera to take geo-tagged pictures of my finds, and I’ve been told the compass is much better than the compasses on my GPSMAPs, so the accuracy should be better. I spoke with Garmin and they told me that the accuracy for the 650t is going to be much better than with my GPSMAPs, so hopefully that is going to be true. Even with all the accessories that I bought with my 650t, this still ended up being less than just buying a 650t directly from Garmin. I didn’t know that the 100k maps were worse than the 24k maps, as Garmin didn’t mention that when I spoke with them, they just told me that it came with the 100k maps. I guess I will have to add the 24k topo maps to my list of things to purchase, after I receive my 650t next week.
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