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  1. Magellan Explorist 500 The unit is in good condition but has a few geocaching scratches and the rubber on the toggle button is worn off but this GPSr has found over 1500 geocaches and has many more in it. It has a color screen and has had a screen protector from day 1. Included are: Original box and papers and software disc, 3 data cords that look a little worn but work (1 has upgraded back screw), 2 batteries 1 OEM, and 1 generic, a cigarette lighter adapter for auto use, a wall charger, and a Gilsson neoprene carrying case with carabiner. Price is $120.00 plus shipping and insurance. I was accidentally surfing a web site looking at a new GPSr and accidentally clicked add to cart, and accidentally hit checkout, and accidentally typed my credit card number. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LINK
  2. We just took the 450 out on it's first caching trip and love it. Can an Oregon owner tell me how to delete the found file, both for internal memory and Micro SD card. Thanks, Alan D_A_C
  3. We jumped off the Magellan ship and are totally Garmin users now. We would like to know What size mini sd card are the 450 users using? Cigarette lighter adapter, yes or No ? What type of Rechargeable batteries? What other assessories? Maps? US and Canada? Any info appreciated! THANKS IN ADVANCE
  4. I was at REI in Nashville last week looking at GPSr and an associate said to hold off and come back for the big New Year's Day sale. Got up early and drove about an hour and a half from home coords, what a waste of time. I expected as I was told a lot of scratch and dent and returns items. No GPSr at all, and many trays and boxes of JUNK. Let me say there were some good deals and markdowns but many thing were literally broken, damaged, and things I would throw out before even putting in a garage sell. Needless to say they tarnished their image with me. The 2 units I looked at last week were higher this morning than they were last week. We did grab a few caches nearby and had a good time, so all was not lost.
  5. I greatly appreciate all the responses and advice on this GPS unit. REI here I come. I'll post my decision. I will probably be starting a new thread on how to do......what software.......what the heck do I do now? MOD- Please close this thread.
  6. Hurry, please tell me why not to buy this unit. I have been a Magellan owner for 6 years, but the current product line doesn't interest me. I'm close to buying the 400t I found at an unbelievably good price, $350.00, new not refurbed.
  7. I thought this was the GPS AND TECHNOLOGY FORUM
  8. SOLD, Moderator please close thread. What is the Cachmate? I have a Palm TX but haven't been able to figure out how to use it for geocaching. rickmccusker@sbcglobal.net
  9. Palm TX in excellent condition. Original box and software and all cords. This PDA has bluetooth and wi-fi. It comes with a brushed aluminum case. It loaded with Cachmate and works flawlessly with GSAK. Thanks for looking. $125.00 Craiglist Palm TX Specs
  11. We are upgrading our Geocaching hardware and are selling a Palm TX in excellant condition. This unit comes with original box, ac power cord, as well as data cord. All the original software disks included. It also is loaded with Cachemate and works flawlessly with GSAK. An aluminum hard case and 2 stylus are included. $200.00 dollars plus actual insurance and shipping cost. Please feel free to check our profile or email us for more info including pics.
  12. I would say it depends on the group. If you search as a group, you can all claim FTF honors. I remember a certain cache.......grrrrrr, coughcoughdamnshelterscoughcough, 40 or so people looking at once but I don't remember 4dam offering me a logbook to sign. We always try to put some small prize for the FTF'er and then there is of course:
  13. Congrats Rocky on your milestone and especially for letting Jaypit tag along. Cache On Buddy
  14. Please let me start by saying I am in no way connected to Geocaching.com, other than being a premium member and avid geocacher. The tools and features themselves, make becoming a premium member worth it. Everyone loves free, but this site offers tools for our hobby not found anywhere else. Here in Indiana we have had a problem with theft and vandalism of caches along with caches being muggled. Many members now make the caches premium members only in an attempt to curtail some of this. In the November 2007 issue of Wired Magazine on page 48, I read the following about Global Positioning and GPS recievers and ways to be a prankster: GEOCACHES LOOK UP THE LOCATION OF GEOCACHES--PACKAGES STASHED FOR GEOCACHE HUNTS--AND MOVE THEM. STAKE OUT THE OLD SPOT AND WATCH PLAYERS GO MAD WITH FRUSTRATION. Waymarking PLACE BOGUS INFO AND Waymarking.COM, NOTE A BOOKSHOP AS OUT OF BUSINESS OR ADD A NONEXISTENT CAFE. SURF THAT LINE BETWEEN KEEPING PEOPLE AWAY FROM YOUR FAVORITE ESTABLISHMENT AND CAUSING IT TO SHUTDOWN. All of my hides are premium members only, they weren't always, but after several ammo cans went missing and articles like this that encourage vandalism and theft, they are now. I promote this site for our hobby and premium membership for its tools and features, one of which makes premium member only caches unavailable to the curious would be prankster. Needless to say Wired has lost a reader and subscriber. D_Able_Cachers
  15. Hello, Thank you for writing us. At this time, we are requesting that feedback at the result of issues established after the recent site-wide update be posted to our Web Site forum. Please review the existing threads and if no one has addressed your concerns yet, please feel free to post. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=8 Eric Groundspeak, Inc. Ticket Details =================== Ticket ID: AMW-809845 Department: Geocaching Priority: Low Status: Closed SO MUCH FOR SUPPORT
  16. I think we just found a use for the recently found FTF prize "a black nano". So I guess it can be a 5 difficulty if it's a 1 terrain? A fella that would climb a tree for a cache would love looking for a nano on.......say a black fence? Alan D_A_C
  17. No, not at all. I own an Explorist 500 and 600 and have owned the 100 and 200 and the Merigold. It isn't unusual at all for 2 units, even identical ones to vary slightly in readings. In optimal conditions I have checked my GPSr against fellow geocachers and have often found slight variances in accuracy. I hope this helps.
  20. You can buy this tray from Magellan's website as a package and I've also seen them for sale on Ebay. I have one I haven't tried yet, but have read 3 AAA's in the tray are only good for only 3-4 hours at bright screen.
  21. My best friend bought this thinking he would geocache with it. He used it a couple of times, and just didn't get into caching, and it just sat in a drawer. I bought it simply because he wanted the money for Christmas. It is in new condition with the original box, CD, and manual. It also has a soft case with a belt clip. I used it to cache this past weekend to make sure it was in good order. Big beautiful screen with a screen protector. I changed the original batteries and still had about 80% after 5 hours use. I will answer questions by pm or email only I'm not looking to start a string of......well you can get it here for xxx dollars. First $260.00 get it, plus shipping and insurance(actual cost).
  22. WTG DOOB.......CACHE ON BRO!!!!!! D_A_C
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