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  1. Shouldn't count. I had a simple lpc the other day that I logged as a DNF due to nearby muggleage.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see why it is difficult to log your finds well in the field. Mind you, I have not found an overwhelming number of caches, but after I find one I always log it. After I put the cache back, I've always taken the 2 minutes (yes that's all it takes) to post a quality log for the CO. Out of respect to the CO, even for the much maligned LPCs, that's what we should do. I feel it is our responsibility. Maybe I feel this way because I don't feel this is a number game, rather a challenge game to find each cache. Every log I've done is on the android app. Once I find a lot more caches, I plan on hiding some. And if I take the effort to hide one. I expect the effort to write a better log than ":"
  3. Great cache! Still haven't found any camo caches yet...maybe they're done too well!
  4. I have only used the official app and I likewise have an incredible. Sometimes a but slow but I have no complaints thus far. Save perhaps the lack of haptic feedback when posting logs. Edited for silly auto correct on my Incredible
  5. In the midst of a New England winter (when I started) this was mainly what I had. Now with the thaw I'll love to explore others. I feel that they have their place though-my six year old, whenever we enter a parking lot, now asks me, "Is there a cache in that lightpost daddy?"
  6. My first was a simple LPC but it was exhilarating. Mind you I've only find 6 more since then with most of them continuing to be LPCs. I can't wait for the thaw to be over so I can explore the trails and trade some swag
  7. I'm thinking that the more quality logs submitted, the more the COs would want to hide better caches. Maybe I'm wrong but I'll gladly test my theory. Even just left a verse on a DNF.
  8. What I meant were the acronyms in general And to put more effort in them.
  9. Because of this post I've started adding little two line poems. I've only found a few but as time goes on I plan on making more elaborate verses. I feel I owe it to the cache hider. But initially I thought that TFTC was acceptable.
  10. Wow, those caches at crazycaches are truly evil
  11. The annoying hint cache looks awesome. Too bad I'm 700 miles away
  12. I hope so, but i don't know either being new. I just wanted to say that's a keen idea.
  13. It would be great I'd it could be layered on google maps directly. Like a custom layer always active.
  14. Yes. That one. I thought perhaps only I could see it since I wrote it, but knowing you can helps a lot thanks!
  15. I logged only my first cache last week, and I just noticed an email that was in my spam filter. It stated the the cache owner had deleted my log I went to email the owner but when I checked my log still showed as active in my profile and on the cache's log page. Could the cache owner just have reinstated it?
  16. When you bring up nearby caches you do have the option under the menu key to view on map. This is one the page which lists all the caches. Is this what you mean?
  17. I'm new, so some plastic toys for swag, a journal, some pens, and my phone. Apparently I need to add more.
  18. Thanks for all the advice. And to the earlier poster, I'm in wmass myself.
  19. Slightly on topic...worth getting handheld GPS if you have this app?
  20. I bought a "toob" of small plastic animals, one with a walrus of course. I've only found one so far that was big enough to leave anything and that one got a beluga whale. So I have about a dozen tiny plastic animals that I plan on using.
  21. So I am a newcomer to geocaching and I have a question. I live in Massachusetts and we are still very snow covered, especially trails, parks, and such. Even parking lots with all the snowbanks make light posts somewhat inaccessible at times. Any advice on caches to look for with feet of snow on the ground? And also if you can't even get near GZ due to the snow would it be considered a DNF? Thanks
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