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  1. I am definitely interested, especially if it was able to communicate via USB with my Garmin eTex Vista C. VPC does not recognize the Vista C so I have to use a real PC to use MapSource or GSAK. There is some GPS software for the Mac but it doesn't communicate with USB units like the Vista C. I'd be in hog's heaven if I could manage my waypoints with my Mac. I'd also suggest interfacing with Google Maps. It would be most cool to be able to see your waypoints in a Google map. I can get there by entering the coordinates by hand, but that is a real hassle. Being able to get there with a click would be very nice.
  2. I finally figured my way out of this mess. The installer would not recognize Disk 1 if it was in my CD/DVD drive. I had to run the installer (setup) and swap it with Disk 1 from my plain CD drive. Don't ask me why it doesn't like the CD/DVD drive. I have been using this PC for over two years and the CD/DVD drive is the one I always use.
  3. No, I am using a Dell running Windows XP SP2. I didn't even try VPC. No point in doing so as VPC cannot see the eTrex Vista C.
  4. The Setup CD is in a separate cardboard envelope, however it is not very helpful. When I run it it eventually asks for City Select Disk 1. No matter what I do, it never recognizes Disk 1. It doesn't matter if I put it in my second drive or if I swap disks in one drive. I even copied my setup disk to my hard drive. Nothing works. This has been one of the most frustrating installations in my life. Am I missing something or are my disks damaged?
  5. I just purchased a Garmin eTrex Vista C. I can see already that I want detailed maps. The map that is preloaded lacks detail and seems inaccurate. I was looking that the Gravin Maps and I see that I can get the Sity Select or the City Navigator (North America V6). What is the difference between these maps? Which one should I get, select or navigator? Are there other maps available for the eTrex Vista? I am planning trips to Key West, Cozumel (Mexico) and Arizona (Sedona, Grand Canyon) this year. I don't do a lot of off road driving or hiking so I don't think I need Topo maps. I am mostly interested in geocaching and geotagging of my photos.
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