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  1. Heh... being somewhat of a noob, I placed a cache and rated it 1 star. NYADMIN explained that it had to be wheelchair accessible (and since I'd placed it out of reach at the location (easy to see and get, but unreachable for anyone in a wheelchair) so up to 1 1/2 it went. I was also given a link to the explanation of the rating system. Now I'm good to go. Here's one I found for you out on the Island. Pepperberry Micro... and it IS a micro. Bring your glasses.
  2. Thank you. I'd like that link if you've got it. I've checked this site, and there's nothing here for it. Another resource or two would be great.
  3. I'm sorry I bothered reading this thread. I enjoy this as a hobby and fun. You guys should spend a week with my mother. She'd teach ya a thing or two about "if ya haven't got something nice to say about somebody...". Contribute on the side of the positive boys. I'm just learning about benchmarking, and now it seems, bench marking (which would have been fine in a topic of it's own, methinks). I know of a square stone "mark" (what kind it is, I have no clue now, thankyouverymuch) that is a white stone square with just an "x" carved in the top of it. I don't know what it is (I wasn't sure if it might be a property marker) and I'm certainly afraid to ask and post pictures of it, if you kids are going to hi-jack the thread and turn it into a debate over terminology and spelling errors. I like what you guys usually have to say (both of you), but going back and forth like this in someone else's thread? Come on. Thank you for the original posting, though.
  4. Talk them into going into Central Park. Explaining why should be easy enough.
  5. and from the business aspect... if it promotes tourism, more electricity gets used. Tourism brings people into an area. Most likely, though is that the company promotes an image and feeling of sharing interests with it's community.
  6. Bear costume. It works wonders, but can sometimes be a bit itchy. Be weary during hunting season.
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