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  1. You can make your own bookmark list pretty easily as well. From the search page, click on filters. In the "geocache name contains" put in keywords "utah geotour". Click on the select all box. Then you can add them to an existing list or make a new one. After you make your list be sure to go to list management and deselect notifications for the list or your email will be bombarded with all the finds that are logged!! Another option is to use the new free geocaching app on your smartphone. The Utah GeoTour code is GT54.
  2. I'll see to it that the bookmark list is up to date today. That's your best work around in my opinion.
  3. We have gone to great length to obtain all the proper permissions for everyone of our geocache placements. Unfortunately we have run into a few situations where either the person who gave permission did not actually have the authority to do so, or the person who gave the permission did not inform others working or otherwise involved in the location of the geocache placement. We will immediately check up on that Geocache and all of our others in Grand County just to make sure that everything is copacetic. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your time spent caching in Utah. Hopefully you can continue and earn some patches and the geocoin too!
  4. The easiest way to have a cache inside a building is to make it a letterbox hybrid. More than simply adding a stamp to the cache box, letterboxes are location based hunts that start with a location (i.e. the posted coordinates) and then use more traditional scavenger hunt type clues to find the box. They can include offsets, multis and field puzzles. If you make the posted coordinates and starting location to be the entrance to the building for example, then have the rest of the instructions on the cache page the reviewer will generally allow you to have the cache be inside where gps is not usable. Check out my recently placed cache as an example. http://coord.info/GC63R5H Of course, you will need to work with your reviewer to ensure you are complying with the non-commercial clauses. It should not be too much trouble to find a cool rubber stamp and include it in the cache. If you can, tie the stamp to the cache box with a string so that it does not get mistaken for swag, and put in a larger logbook for the letterboxers to use their stamps to sign in. Good luck!
  5. Please bring back the Blue Face DNF Icon
  6. fyi its bad form to ask for help on a puzzle here on the forums. Try emailing the cache owner for a hint.
  7. I need a way to filter out the historically significant caches from the other caches out there. An attribute would be ideal.
  8. Im excited to come up! I have worked the Evanston local there before but have never been to the Roundhouse or museum. Im posting a link to this thread on the UTAG facebook page. Maybe a few others will join me or buy coins to support your restoration efforts.
  9. ISAG!!!! I think that we should tally and keep track of our dnfs as well as our finds. Its just as fun for many of us to log a dnf as a find. Id really like to see them up in that little box on the right.
  10. This is the best place for reviews of gpsrs: You can compare Garmins side by side and all the other brands have great review there also. http://gpstracklog.com/compare/garmin-handheld-gps-comparison-chart
  11. UTAG' s new website is up and running! Check it out at www.utahcacher.com
  12. Geocaching challenges is having issues. The thumbnails pictures do not match the actual loaded pictures. very strange and please address this. thanks.
  13. http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/151679644894240?ap=1
  14. Just saw c:geo was ending. It was the best one out there.
  15. I KNOW, huh? So hilarious. Got to get all dem JEEEEEEKS! The fact that some hate it makes it even more funny.
  16. Apparently in Southern Utah geocaches are now called "Jeeks". Has anyone else adopted this name is there a pet name for geocaches in your area?
  17. Personally i have no problem with commercialization of geocaching. look how well other location based games are doing like foursquare and gowalla. If I found a cool cache and there was a buy one get one free coupon it for something that i might buy what is wrong with that? And movie themed caches with their own icon are cool by me!! Bring it on.
  18. Be grateful that they still have a free membership, guys. Groundspaek has to make money or it goes under. i support them.
  19. So the APE caches are all gone. I just hate to see the APE icon disappear. I hope that maybe someone gets to the movie makers and gets some new APE caches out there for the new Rise of the plabet of the Apes movie. Thoughts?
  20. I have a Garmin Etrex Legend and would like to know if it is possible to download the cache page info ( IE the description, hint and recent logs) onto this GPS device. Someone told me I can do it with a program called GSAK, but I have had no luck. Do I just need to buy a better/newer GPS or can I make it work with this one?
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