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  1. bababooyah, The app is called "Geocaching for webOS" but with the site update on the 4th there was alot of issues logging on. You can try it now but I think the app in the palm catalog is broken still. but try it first.... then go to this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=273577&st=0&p=4710207&fromsearch=1entry4710207 and then you can upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart like the rest of us (you'll see what I mean shortly) and get into the beta release that works better than the original. And it's being developped even more.
  2. I got an email from georgo giving me the history of this app. Very informative. I'll post it at the bottom. Since this is an open source app there have been a few people to take up the project and have identified the problem and fixed it. It does require a pc to phone cable tho. You have to Get the app install tool here(this will walk you thru it) Get the most recent drivers installed on your computer (done by tool automatically) Get your Palm Pre into Developer Mode (also in the guide above) Download the app to your computer Install app with the tool Most of it is pretty straight forward and the tool automates alot of it. I would check out Jeremy's site where Georgo posted the december update and will, most likely post an update but dlf2001 linked this and it works great Here is the email I got from Georgo10 --- Tomas, Thanks for the great app for the Palm pre. I look forward to seeing where you go with it and I'll definatly be a tester if you need another one.
  3. Woot it worked... OT how much do you know about the Installer?? Having trouble working it as advertized...
  4. That would actually stink... the Secret Service would have to find, check then secure the perimiter before the first girls could hunt... bummer
  5. I've done that but nothing seems to show up on the pre... I am currently going thru the precentral forums but nothing yet. Can someon3e direct me to where i can find s0mething more?
  6. Not sure how I got here but i found a developers thread for "Precaching" a hyphenation of the app i think http://forums.precentral.net/homebrew-apps/217632-precaching-35.html Looking to figure out how to get the beta's that they talk about on my phone... still learning hehe GL
  7. Well, trying to cache on the run so I launch Geocaching for the webOS, and it tells me bqad username or password. I have tried everything I can think of to fix it. Reloading the app, checking for updates for phone and app, even others having the same issue. Nothing yet, So here I am looking for info... Anyone got some??? Thanks
  8. Well first off... Wow! looks like you combined the blueprints of a puzzlebox, cryptex, and the cryptkeepers house and mixed it all up, coming up with an awesome idea. Sorry to hear about the Saw... Dem tings are really dangerous. I have one too. Mine has only gotten the back wall so far. Anyway, I'd love to see some more detail in the building if you have a way to supply it. Is the top three layered? Have you thought to make the top cypher release the lock hasps without having to undo the locks? Not sure if that would be doable tho. great work!!
  9. Hi Grangers, Great story and gratz on the huge life changing find!!! My story is a little different but there are simularities. I found geocaching when I came back to CA to take care of my mom just over two years ago. I found a few caches and went to an event but working on remodelling a home for her got in the way quickly and the trouble of manual input on a Mag 300 was the final straw. It was something that my son and I liked and while waiting for him to get off public tansit a few months ago I found the phone app on my new smart phone. Testing the accuracy of the app was the infection point and I am happy to say I am totally addicted as is my son. The gifts that this hobby has given me are still suprising. I am finding things about my community that are facinating. I didn't know that the Centennial light was turned off for mumble mumble minutes (no spoilers ) to move it to it's current location. I'm getting fit and controlling my diabetes better than I have in 15 years. My son and I can set aside our anger (he's 20) and enjoy the geocaching experience when life's stress gets to be too much. And the caching challenges we have found are great stimuli to keep going. Even the 11pm "dash for a Cache" for the one a day challenge has been fun. #1 son here (the 20 year old) (1 more year and I can stop counting!!!!) I'm a total nature freak and living in the suburbs has been hard and aggrevating, but geocaching has shown me these wonderfull green hills around Livermore and the Tri-Valley. The Black Diamond Mines and Bushy Peak(I think) are absolutly beautiful. The land around molly's mico is amazing. Geeze, I can go on forever . I've done a few urban cahes and I can say Im not a ninja, steath should not be in my vocabulary. I love geocahing and I thank you all for all the great hides! This is #1Son, sighing off
  10. I'm still a noob (check the tagline) by my own definitions, but doesn't this kind of event bolster a competitive spirit to a game/hobby that has been trying to be as inclusive as possible? I take away from the guidelines and these forums that we are trying to open this up to as many people as possible, not become a sport to crow about "I'm better cuz..." I already see a slippery slope forming with the milestones and the accolades given to those who have done them. Please don't get me wrong. I believe these achievements are great but not against anyone else, just yourself. "I hiked out to {insert title here}, a 5/5, and found it!!" or "I completed a Fizzymagic Challenge or even a 100/100"... The list is huge. I guess to boil this post down to it's barest form would be this question... Who are you to compete against? Yourself? I'm in and all for it! But, if someone is to get gold cuz they found one more a little faster than 2nd place... BOO HISS NO NO NO!!!!
  11. I did my first NA log the other day. A good place for a cache and all but the cache and the CO has been off site for almost 6 months and a list a mile long of NM or DNF. I finally did the NA on it. So I hope things work out.
  12. To clarify that point... Reviewers aren't and I don't think they should be called on to be the cache police. They make sure the guidelines are met by the information you give them on the cache page then publish it or ask you for additional information. To ask more of them then that would require more time than should be asked on a volunteer basis IMHO. Then you get into the "sticky wicket" of a paid police force again...
  13. IMO Sol seaker has hit it right on the head. Some quantifiable proof is needed other than an "I agree" yada yada check box that a CO knows the guidelines well enough to not ENDANGER the entire community of geocaching with their cache placement. Our reviewers are volunteers, and to ask them to be the cache police is both unfair to them and truly impossible. They can speak for themselves, but if I envision myself in their position I would be scared to open my email for the amount of work that would entail. As a community, it is our responsibility to police ourselves! If that entails a quiz (my personal preference), waiting period or even a certain found count, we have to remember what it's there to prevent. When a bad cache placement gets press, or even "official" notice, it's one step closer to having outside agencies step in with restictions and regulations. I don't think I have to state the obvious, but for clarity, that has never worked smoothly and can easily lead to restrictions if not out right bans on caching. Another aspect of that same issue is the enjoyment of finding those "bad" caches. Wet logs from non-watertight containers to muggle heavy GZs and all the in-between issues, detract from the game for, I dare say, a majority of the folks here. Even power cachers, who enjoy the numbers side of the game, are not going to enjoy risking their safety to pull over to the side of a busy road to "dash and cache" while endangering the rest of the motorists driving by. Or the park by the school cache that the seeker is going after only to be questioned by police because a soccer mom didn't know what the seeker was up to and called in suspicious activity. There are tales of woe thruout this forum of different scenarios we find ourselves in everytime we are out caching. In short, do we, each of us, step up and enforce a set of guidelines that helps Geocaching thrive and allow us continued enjoyment? Or do we sit back on our lorals and let yet another hobby, game, or sport (you choose for yourself) be restricted or banned because of innapropiate behavior and/or bad hides? Thanks for reading Dad of TeamDadcubed
  14. I don't know but "California Style" should be a cache with your wine and cheese. Just tell the chauffeur, "Can you get me to that 5/5 over there? I need it to finish my Fizzy!"
  15. Quick update Just recieved a note from the chief of Police for Livermore! The info I was able to provide was appreciated: That was alot easier than I was anticipating. I was practicing a presentation with the help of Groundspeaks PP presentation and everything... I'l thinking I'll keep working on polishing that in case I need it in the future!
  16. Quick update Just recieved a note from the chief of Police for Livermore! The info I was able to provide was appreciated: That was alot easier than I was anticipating. I was practicing a presentation with the help of Groundspeaks PP presentation and everything... I'l thinking I'll keep working on polishing that in case I need it in the future!
  17. PQ page should show you a box in the center of the page that says "Find Caches Along a Route" if not try logging out and back in since you stated that you have recently upgraded.... Sometimes the site needs a little nudge to remind it that you have changed your status, name, and the like.... Markwell.com (I think that's the url) has a good walkthru for PQs and an extra note... run your pq for yesterday today and tomorrow to test that it's giving you what you want.... note 2: if you are in a cache dense area you might want to decrease the radius from route or you will reach the 500 limit before you get to your destination. GL and I hope that help
  18. I see... maybe I'll limit my list to the continental US for now since I don't see myself liquid enough in the next few years to jet set cache hunt. But who knows... can someone lend me a dollar for a lotto ticket j/k
  19. T4e, Looks like someone has been working on that particular bookmark list... good on them tho. I'm going to try to build a list myself of those poor lonely caches and maybe someday I can work on it too.
  20. I was trying different PQ options and happened on Isaiah 40:8 GC1Y1Y2 and noticed it has never been logged, since it was published. Are there many of these out there? Or, maybe a better question are they even there???
  21. I agree. It looks just too mugglable (is that a word?). Knowing me, I would find it, sign the log and go to replace it... get distracted by "Oooooh dad, look at....." and pocket it by mistake. Then realize it when I got home or pulled phone out for the next cache, hopefully not too far away. AND YES I would immediatly take it back! I'm just saying, not my favorite container... A for effort and originality, b- or C for working concept IMHO
  22. How about acrylic? Same toughness without the shatter hazard? No idea myself is why I ask. Also, a note on the PB jars. Nice size and all if they get clean enough, but with some dark tape (camo duck tape!!!)I have noticed that they want to warp. The two I found so far have both done it to the point of compromising a water tight seal. My area does get pretty hot in the late summer and I suspect some direct light to be the ultimate culprit but it's something to keep in mind. My second cache I built out of a dark plastic pill bottle using hot glue to add "natural" camo. It'll be a real treat to find when I get it placed. I got a very small amount of warpage from the thickest glue spots, but other than that it's been in direct sun for a week now and is showing no problems. I think I'll try the freeze thing just to test it. Anyway, I hope this doesn't get locked but if it does I'll try to start a new topic. Thanks, Dad of TeamDadcubed
  23. Newby here but doesn't the Fizzy challenge (it does in california) require your 81 slot caches to be published before the challenge cache's publication date?
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