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  1. The register does nothing for pc owners that topo software that comes with the unit does not do. Its understandable if you own a mac. $10 for convenience? it's not worth it. I can transfer a PQ in 1 minute with topo. If it was $.99, ok. Groundspeak only charged $10 for the geocaching app for the iphone. I paid that because its a fully functioning cache tool and it works. I would be willing to bet that sales are not good. If Delorme wanted to see some sales, they should have added functionality in the register that isn't available to PC owners........ Example: Allow 2,000, 3,000, or 5,000 caches with the register. Or: Unlimited based on available memory. If it did that, i would probably buy it.
  2. Do they show up on the Nuvi 500 series zoomed out?
  3. ok, they show up if map detail is on 'most' but not until i'm zoomed in to 200 or 300' . I need them to show at about 1mile or so. Can it be changed?
  4. Is there a way that the caches will show up on the map without clicking 'map' in a cache description? without it, its hard to plan out a route of attack.
  5. BRAND NEW SEALED oem iPOD TOUCH. 8GB 2ND GEN MODEL. AS THIS IS OEM THERE IS NO PLASTIC BOX, HEADPHONES, OR CABLE. This is perfect as an upgrade to someone who already has an ipod and you want them to get the newest one, it's also great for paperless caching. Price $190 + shipping of your choice. Cash Pickup in Chicago area is ok with me. The only reason I'm selling is because I had to get a new phone right after I bought this and decided to get an IPhone. Paypal accepted.
  6. Up for sale is my Oregon 400T. 1 month old. Perfect condition. $400+fedex shipping(ground insured with tracking in the us($15)+paypal fees($10). Includes all original accessories. Or for $460 you get city navigator NT2009(microsd) & custom ram bracket. Shipping is free with this option. I'll cover the paypal fees with this option. PM/email/.msg here(escapethematrix@gmail.com) Prefer local pickup in Chicago area for cash to avoid paypal fees. Checks are ok also but you have to wait for it to clear before I ship. Monday orders also ok.
  7. Reply with pic's and some more details sent! Laptop is in excellent condition and has no cosmetic damage on the trulife screen or case.
  8. Dell E1505 15.4" Laptop for sale. Price is $300 firm. Running XP Media Center SP3. Excellent condition. Intel Duo T7200 2Ghz, 1gb ram. Has new 80gig HD(dell couldn't figure out how to remove vista so they sent me a new HD)& new a/c adapter. DVD+RW; Has bluetooth and wireless built-in. Comes with bluetooth remote. Has complete warranty coverage until 11/09. Email me for details. Comes with all kinds of original cd's & box materials that came with it. Selling only because I updated. Prefer to sell locally in the Chicago area but shipping is available. Pictures available..email me!
  9. I second gpsnow.com I have had very good luck with them. They have good customer service and always respond to emails.
  10. Amazon indicates 11/17 now.
  11. In case anyone is interested, j&r.com has it for $339 preorder with no tax(depending on where you live)/free ground shipping. I canceled my amazon.com pre-order and pulled the trigger.
  12. I agree with wombles, save $ and get the 300. I hardly use the topo and unless you think you'll use it, save the $.......better yet, find a used 300...some people don't like the brightness/display so a few used ones are popping up.
  13. Hundreds of finds with mine, works great, no issues.
  14. Direct link: http://www.fieldandstream.com/article/Gear...Gadgets-of-2008 Found the above link on blogs.garmin.com Congrats/Kudos to Garmin!! -etm
  15. My colorado worked fine after the first firmware update and the paperless caching feature was a major innovation. I recently upgraded to the Oregon and could not be happier with the touchscreen. I'm excited about the PN-40 by delorme so I may get one of those also unless Garmin follows suit with a sat map handheld. If y'all are so unhappy, return your units, go back to the 60csx, or switch brands. It's a good time to buy a 60csx as they have come down in price.......or you could go back to watching the ineptitude that is Obama. At least do this for those of us that love Garmin: stop your incessant whining in the forums.
  16. Clearly, the oregon WAS ready to be released. It is the best garmin unit I have used to date(400t). The Colorado did have issues that required firmware updates even to make it usable but the oregon has functioned perfectly for me since day one. I have found at least 100 caches with it and there is no drift and the paperless feature is a lifesaver. The touchscreen and menu design are a breeze to use/navigate. It is extremely easy to do everything with the unit. The screen is not an issue outdoors and you even have to turn down the backlight in the evening/night time. I have used it flawlessly for auto-routing in several cities in the US (using city nav nt 09) and never had any problems. I was eager to move on from the colorado since I always felt the colorado should have been touchscreen. I probably would have waited and got the 300 since I don't use topography very often but I'm very happy.
  17. Colorado is still available! There's no need to wait anymore, my other GPS is coming, I can ship it monday!
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