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  1. It has NMEA in/out. link: http://garmin.blogs.com/softwareupdates/2009/06/index.html
  2. Has anyone here messed with this? I have a Oregon 300 and wanted to play around with it.
  3. I agree, stay with the $300 and use the extra $ to buy accessories.
  4. for sale, my wife's 8gb ipod touch, latest generation, great for use for paperless caching or with new geocaching ap. No scratches on the screen, rear case has lots of light scratches as they all would after a few months of use. Includes ipod & cable only. it will be shipped in a pink silicone case for protection only(the case is ripped). She has an iphone now, that's the only reason why we're selling. Price: $150 + $5 shipping/insured.
  5. Yep, mine arrived today. YAY!
  6. too late, my oregon shipped......the biggest concern with the Dakota is the lower screen resolution and smaller screen....they would have to have significantly improved he display for me to consider it.
  7. Interesting.....i'm wondering if I should cancel my dell order of a Oregon 300 and wait to see what the online price of the dakota 20 will be offering screen-wise.
  8. Don't sell it, dell.com has em for $249
  9. They did extend it, i ordered one but its out of stock. My order page is telling me 7/10/09 as delivery date. That gives me time to cancel in case the dakota details are announced and I decide to get that one instead.
  10. The problem with these watches is the size, they are huge. The features are awesome but they are just too darn big for my arms/wrist.
  11. That's a good point. I'm surprised about the name also since the other units were named after 1 state and this one is named 'dakota'. I wonder if that means anything?
  12. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3155/364768..._20f9c755b6.jpg
  13. Price lowered to $200+$5 shipping but now does not including SD card and ram mount, ram bracket for pn-40 is still included but i'm keeping the mount.
  14. I have a immaculate used one for sale in the forsale forum if you want one with all the goodies.
  15. The Oregon has a superior display and interface. I primarily bought the PN40 for the high rez maps but I have those on my iphone now.
  16. email me: gadgetmonstergar at gmail dot com to work out trades/sale.
  17. For sale: Immaculate condition PN40 with Topo8, all original accessories, ram mount and 16gb sd card with high res maps loaded for most of the chicago area. $225 includes shipping in the US. Also interested in a trade for an immaculate condition garmin oregon 200(with microsd maps a plus) or 300.
  18. Yeah, i saw that page, i was hoping for updates.
  19. Bump! Anyone heard anything?
  20. I went from the Oregon to the PN-40 but the pn40 has not been the most user friendly so I am very glad to see Garmin working on something else, I just hope the rumors are true that it is a new outdoor hiking unit, and not a biking unit.
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