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  1. I am very surprised at the attitudes and replys that have been posted on this thread and others, don't forget folks this IS a HOBBY, and different people have different interests.

    I thought I was going by the guidelines, read the first paragraph, first sentance


    "These are listing guidelines only"


    "In order to ensure a prompt response when responding to an archival note please click on the Approver’s profile from the cache page and e-mail the approver through Geocaching.com."

    I have e-mailed the approver, to appeal, but am STILL waiting a reply.



    "Virtual Cache Maintenance Guidelines


    Although the virtual cache is not something you physically maintain, you must maintain your virtual cache's web page and respond to inquiries and periodically check the location. You should also return to the Geocaching.com web site at least once a month to show you are still active"

    This is no problem as I intend to visit the location at least twice a year to see what

    more historic items they have discovered.


    2. A virtual cache must be novel, of interest to other players, and have a special historic, community or geocaching quality that sets it apart from everyday subjects. Since the reward for a virtual cache is the location, the location should “WOW” the prospective finder.


    I think the RENAGADE KNIGHT had it right in another thread,

    Part of geocaching is about getting out and seeing what there is to see. Virtuals fit that.


    Part of geoaching is about how to respond to not being able to find a box (because the NPS banned them). Virtuals fit that.


    Part of geoaching is about fun. Virtuals fit that as much as a lame urban micro does.


    Part of geoaching is using your GPS. Virtuals fit that.


    Part of geocaching ls the "Log" and telling your adventure. Virtuals fit that.


    Part of geoaching is about the numbers, yours, others, your next find, etc. Virtuals fit that.


    Part of geoaching is about finding something hidden, or at least not so obviouse. Virtuals do fit that even if what you seek isn't a box.


    Virtuals are accepted as caches, just as are webcams, multi caches and the like. That acceptace is all they need. Waypoint.org isn't virtual caching. Geocaching.com is. You tell me what the difference is and then you have answered your own question.


    Sorry if I've stamped on peoples toes and rattled a few cages, but please don't forget it is ONLY a hobby, and what some folks think are next best thing to sliced bread, others are not at all interested in.

  2. After going on holiday to Corfu from the UK, (only 2 sites on the island), we planned to activate a VIRTUAL site at a place of historic interest, I won't put the date, but it's more than 500 years B.C. This location is in a very picturesque area, which is visited by many visitors to the island, the area is an abandoned village

    which as the locals left the houses were just abandonded, they left their furnature and houshold objects in place.

    What more do you need? There are 2 Tavernas open in the village for local Greek food and hospitality, the homes are open to look into and see how folks lived for the past 2000 years, there are 2 Churches that are used on Festival Days, in another Church you can still see the wall paintings that must be 2000 years old at least.

    This Virt. Cache was put foward and was NOT approved as "it did not come up to the standards for a Virtual Cache" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the heck is needed to get cachers into another country and see local history?

    Are cache sites that are of historic interest not required any more, there are cachers out there who ARE intersted in historis sites.

    The point I am trying to make is; how can someone the other side of the world say that a site is not up to standard, when he has not visited the site or checked into it's history ????????????????

    Can anyone shed some light on this?


    GW1VRW. Colin King. S.Wales UK

  3. Greetings Kayak, Just a note to let you know what happens when a Bug Hotel, (Cardiff Wales Airport Bug Hotel), placed 1 mile away from an International Airport gets moved by some person unknown. The cache box was removed from the site and placed alonside a security fence, the security gaurds found it and informed the Police. After phone calls and e-mails to the States by the Police I recieved an e-mail for me to contact the Police, this I done, after a long chat with them they told me that the box had been destroyed, it got very close to a full security allert. What would that have done to Geocaching???????? OK have Bug Hotels and cache sites near to airports, but please make sure that thay are safe from the light fingered folks, ( I was going to say worse), where they can be moved.

    I hope you have luck.

    GW1VRW (Colin King) S. Wales U.K.

  4. Hi Slytherin,

    I wish I knew, the location that it was first located was well away from the airport boundry, someone (kind person) had removed it from the original site and placed it along side a fence that was very close to the main terminal building.

    Having been in the forces, and had worked at the airport I knew all about the security problems that could have arisen. This is why I picked the site away from the airport, if anyone wanted to find it they would HAVE to go out of their way to look for it.

    If you look at the log for the cache, quite a few cachers found it and used it to place Bug helping them on their trips.

    Hope this has eased the confusion.



    Colin (GW1VRW)

  5. :blink: I am sorry to say that Cardiff Wales Airport Bug Hotel has been removed from it's original location and was placed near an approach road to the airport. It was found by the airport security and then reported to the Police stationed at the airport. The cache box was retrieved by the Police and after a period of time was destroyed. :D

    With todays terriorist problems, there may be a call to pull any sites near to high security areas like airports.

    Sorry to anyone planning to use the Bug Hotel, I will get another site up and running in the near future, but not near the airport.

    Regards to all.

    Safe Geocacheing


    Colin King. (GW1VRW)

  6. Hi folks, name here is Colin, callsign as you can see is GW1VRW. can't say that I log in here very often, but am active in the S. Wales area.

    Have two caches set, one is a "Bug Hotel", Cardiff Wales Airport Bug Hotel, and the other is "Leach Castle". Hope to put a few "Micro Caches" out in the near future.

    All the very best.


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