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  1. I have tried a couple of ways to keep a trackable going. I've put it in a plastic baggie with a laminated card explaining the whole travel bug thing. I've put a hole right the thru the middle of something ugly attached to the trackable. Seems to be no rhyme or reason to why some keep going and others are missing. I did have one that was "missing" for almost two years and then showed up! Cool surprise that was. The lastest trick was to attach a metal tag that I etched "Travel Bug" on one side and "Do Not Keep" on the other. Haven't launched that one yet so we'll have to see how that goes. I will never send a geocoin out - it would go missing in a heartbeat. My best trackable traveled over 14000 miles in three years before it went missing. I My worst one traveled 0 miles and went missing from the cache it was launched in. I keep sending them out (not very expensive ones tho) because you never know and it's fun to watch the ones that do travel.
  2. Scavenger hunt seems to work pretty well without having to go into a long explanation of what is geocaching. We were out in the woods and some guy asked us if we morel hunting. I thought that would be pretty good until someone asked which ones were poisonous GeoHubby (said politely) "Sir, Maam, we're investigating a crime scene. Have you noticed any suspicous activity in the area lately" Just what you'd expect from a former LEO (which he is)
  3. I'm a newbie cacher but I thought you couldn't use geocaching for any commercial purpose. Aren't these travel bugs just marketing to drum up business - in this case more ticket sales for David Garrett? Like the other poster said I would sure hate to see advertisements in caches!
  4. Total geocaching newbie here - only one cache found so far but loved the experience. Just a comment on the whole logging issue - as a newbie, I have tried to read a lot about geo-caching and have checked out everything on the geocaching.com site. I have not seen anything that gives pointers/guidelines for log writing. I had no idea what I should be writing. I could only go by the logs that were written on the caches I was looking into. From that, I actually thought that shorter was better. After reading this forum, I can see the hider's point of view that more information is preferable. I will keep this in mind for my future find logs. Anyway, just a thought from a newbie to go easy - it's a learning process for all. Thanks Lynn
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