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  1. OK, I removed my cartridges from the .../Cartridges directory, started the GPS, started the player once I had a satellite lock, copied the cartridges back into the proper directory... and still I just get "GPS Device Detection in Progress..." forever. Anybody got the Wherigo player working on an M4 with Cachemate also installed? Really odd thing is the first time I tried to run this after installation my bluetooth radio turned on and it was apparently trying to find a bluetooth GPS receiver...instead of finding the iQue's built-in GPS.
  2. Had to reload MapSource after my Wherigo install. Got the maps working again but no matter how I start the unit up (GPS off or on) I also get stuck at the "GPS Device Detection in Progress..." screen with the hourglass.
  3. "Spotted" sounds OK to me too...unless someone starts taking that literally and (like a former NFL wide receiver named T.O.) whips out a Sharpie and starts addings "spots" to someone's precious geocoin (hopefully still encased in plastic). Maybe we borrow a term from our bird-watching brethren... <user name> observed <travel bug name> Say it with an uptown London accent (with optional nose in the air).
  4. Not sure what's on your list of Iowa caches (this thread is getting pretty thick!) but I recommend "Missouri Overlook" (GC593E) in Council Bluffs. It's a virtual but a great view and piece of history too. Hope to see you at the Kansas City event as I have to be there (traveling in from Iowa) for some meetings on the 21st. Have a great trip Saxman.
  5. I might be interested in the remote antenna and handlebar mount (maybe the auto mount too) in a package deal if you still have them.
  6. Not sure if this has ever been suggested or discussed so here goes... I'd like to suggest changing the existing difficulty/terrain rating system from a 1-5 scale (with half values) to a 0-9 (or 1-9) scale. How? Simply multipy existing ratings by 2 and subtract 1. Why? Well, for those of us who download cache data to Garmin units every character in the waypoint description is precious. The current scheme can demand up to 7 characters to represent the difficulty/terrain ratings (3-characters per rating plus a required seperator). A 0-9 or 1-9 scale with whole numbers only (NO HALVES) would only require 2 characters. The advantage is that on a 6-character GPS unit we could then represent the waypoint with a 4-character ID (drop the GC prefix) plus a 2-character rating (1-character per rating and no seperator required). Another option would be to convince some of the folks that author GPX readers and similar software to make this adjustment for us. I understand that any such change would require some getting used to...but geocachers are exceptional people, they catch on fast. Mark
  7. If you still have Topo USA 4.0 I might be interested. Can I still register the software in my name? PayPal would be no trouble at all. FYI... The going rate for a new package on eBay is between $55+shipping to $70 with priority mail shipping included. Please feel free to reply directly to me at ttcs@iowatelecom.net. Thanks. Mark
  8. I've read a number of the posts in this thread and have yet to see anyone mention MY reason for wanting to have optional parking coordinates in something like .loc form... Have you ever INCORRECTLY entered the parking coordinates that someone supplied in their description? I have, more than once. On at least one occasion it could have been a real disaster. It's downright dangerous to be focused on your GPS while driving and if you entered a coordinate wrong (and are therefore not where you should be) then you've really got potential for trouble. Getting lost in the field can be rather refreshing at times... but getting lost in traffic is not so much fun. Having the option to download these coordinates along with cache locations would be great...and in some instances safer too. Mark
  9. Hey Cache4Corn... I live in Toledo but work for a company based in Kansas City and have some geocaching friends there. I'll contact them to see if anybody is making a trip to Topeka and perhaps we can hook-up on a "load" of these. Send replies to my e-mail address if you're interested and I'll keep you posted. Mark
  10. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy Irish: I added another feature where you can search for caches that have been logged in the last 7 days. I can't give you parameters but this should be effective enough if you made it a weekly query. Thanks Jeremy...much appreciated and I'll try it out shortly. Also, I see that you now sort caches by distance from origin...yet another great feature. Mark
  11. Just created my first pocket query (no e-mail yet) and I REALLY like the concept here. Looking forward to that report. I have not seen this suggested here (and I don't think the system provides this option) so I thought I'd toss it into the mix... Consider adding a query by log element. That is, I'd like to see all the caches within certain criteria (type, location, etc.) that have been logged in the last X number of days. I like to read the logs almost as much as I like hunting caches...but I don't want to put lots of caches into my watch list. Seems like the additional query option would do the trick nicely. Personally, I'd like to see all the caches that I've already found which were logged in the last week...just to see what's new with each of them on a weekly basis. Just something to consider. Love the features. Keep up the good work. Mark
  12. Hey welch...I've hunted them all from Cedar Rapids to Ames/Des Moines. I have not read all the details on chain building but if you need someone to assist in this region just let me know. And one of these days I'm going to pay a visit to another few of your caches. Mark
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