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  1. thanks Dick we are all new cachers, we found that micros are fun if the hide is unique im in no way saying we wont do them we just grow weary of all the local ones in our home town, we drove out to Bremerton last night to see what kinda of cahces we could find at night, i would still like to know what your favorite caches were so that my team and i i can share in the fun. that was the whole point in this thread after all. Quite frankly Donna your "water play" cache wooped my butt! good hide we DnF'd on that one but will be back btw the cords were VERY wonky they threw us all over the place! But we will be back non the less! and thanks for the hints on the Kitsap county challange, and the puzzle caches we usually just skip over most of that seeing as we do a ton at nite when we are all off work. thanks again guys i appreciate you taking time to give a new comer some helpful feed back! i hope to run into you guys soon!
  2. Hey guys, first things first I'm the Capt. of team GO GO SPEED CACHERS, and we are tiered of all the micros in Port Orchard (our home town)and we want to know what your top 10 favorite Caches are in the Kitsap County?
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