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  1. What were you doing when it froze? Not saying it is your fault or anything - I've experienced my share of grief from buggy Garmin products. Locking up seems kind of random. It 1st locked up on me when I plugged it into the car charger cable from shut down. It turned on and tried to load but froze on the "Garmin" screen. A guess, but I think the 295w sometimes gets confused when plugged into any cable(charger/USB) and doing other things. For me, it has lock up more when a cable is plugged in or sometime after unplugging. Locked up at the main menu when exiting out of the navigation menu and another time when exiting out of the web browser. Another time it locked up after initially powering it on at the "auto lock" screen. It hasn't locked up during the browser yet. Had some MAJOR slow downs and loading issues during a website that had a lot of large pictures but never fully froze.
  2. I'm new to this great site and recently bought a 295w. Seems like a decent device overall but I'm having problems also with frequent locking up. Mine came with the latest firmware pre-installed: Software version 7.46.0, GPS firmware version 230 I've had it for 3 days now and had to do about 5 battery pulls so far due to the locking/freezing. Very annoying and I'm thinking of returning it. Anyone know how soon Garmin will release an update?
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