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  1. Has anyone else noticed this? The cache icons displayed on the old Google Maps Geocaching maps move around each time you refresh. For example, one cache is displayed next to a road, then I move the map slightly, and the same cache is displayed on top of a building! This happens in Google Earth, I know, but I had not noticed this happening on the online Geocaching map.
  2. That may have been me specifically commenting on route PQs. When I tried it tonight, it worked. So either it was a temporary resource issue or something got fixed. I should have checked it myself... Sorry, and thanks for letting me know.
  3. Great, great, great updates. Best in years. I will add some notes to the list... 1) Will PMs be able to filter PQs based on favorites? Someone else also mentioned that when you click the link to preview caches from the PQ page, and then try to sort the page by favorites, there is an error. Being able to sort route PQs by favorites would be invaluable for long trips where I can only stop for maybe 10 caches. 2) Will more statistics be added (such as a states map showing where members have found caches and a FTF list)? 3) I second a previous poster who suggested that a favorites column be added to the following page: http://www.geocaching.com/my/owned.aspx. 4) Will number of favorites be integrated into GPX files? Thank you so much for the great improvements. Can't wait for the final version of the new maps page.
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