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  1. I was just woundering why some cachers don't seem to read the pages for travel bugs. To see what their mission is befor they take it to far. This has happened twice with one of my geocoins
  2. This is Scouter John I introduced my Venturer Company here in Calgaryto geocaching shortly after I started geocaching myself
  3. I was looking at the log books and they did not show who took the bugs.
  4. Scouter John


    It would be best to look for this one in the light. It look like it is hidden very "soldly" but it only look that way and I found it slightly west of the cords.
  5. Hoo Doo Hide-a-Way GCJMKR Trev & Shelly's Banff Cache GCJ9QV Borderline (SBTB)GCGQAT These caches in the Banff area have all had TB recently placed in them and are gone. What happend? Fellow cachers please log them if you take a travel bug from a cache. The bug onwers might get concerened as to where their bugs are.
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    That's because we are too busy Geocaching
  7. Hay I started this post. I did not say anyone had an agenda I was just quoting the web site as a reminder to every one this is to be fun so maybe we should all stop slagging each other in the forms. Note to Renegade Knight: Which is more fun geocaching or sex?
  8. Just looking over the post on the forms I have noticed the problems that people have getting caches approved. I have had problems getting caches approved, and haved tried my best to understand the guidelinse set out by the web site. But it is very hard sometimes to get caches approved when you have followed the guidelines and the approver is not very clear as to the problem or what could be done to make it more acceptable. Don't get me wrong on this I value the work the Approvers do for "NO PAY" but as a cacher I always check out my areas even before placing a cache to decide on what would be the best type of cache to place at that location. So I feel that having been to the location personaly I would have the best judgement as to what type of cache would work and not some one who is reading the caches on the site. I know that some of my caches have encouraged cachers to stop at areas that they wouldn't normaly. Caches have also gotten me to stop in areas I wouldn't have stoped at. That's what its all about right? Another random thought. If the guidelines are not very flexable they should be called rules. "Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity, not a platform for an agenda. " Time to get off my soap box by for now
  9. Thinking about it as this is your honeymoon this one should be a must do. GCJQ9C Love is a Many Splendored Spring
  10. N 51° 25.249 W 116° 25.550 here is a good start It's one of mine I hid in Yoho National Park then look at near by caches. When looking for caches along a route I use a map and look for near by caches in the direction of my planned route. Enjoy your trip
  11. Glad to hear your comming out west. Not only are there lot's of great caches in Banff there are lots just off the highway from Calgary to Banff GC7C56 and GCJQ9C are two of my favorates the first one is in Banff the other is in a provincial park on the way to Banff
  12. Hay Larry I 've see your finds on local caches you will know your compleatly hooked when you are willing to get sooked trying to find a cache. (Go find "Sound of Music" to see what I meen) Hay C-A Calgary is not any where near as flat as TO we got lots of hills you should have been looking west and south west at the rest of the city.
  13. There are several in the Drumheller area here is the name of one that makes for a challenging hike The Forest in the Badlands (GCG8HT) by 169 Venturers and Scouts You can then search for nearby caches, and don't forget to use the cord's of your home as a good start point for your search. Most important is to have fun.
  14. Sometimes looking for information in high trafic areas is better then looking for "tupperware" that has gone missing. As well the person who wants to place a Virtual in an area should have looked at the area carefully in order to decide what type of cache to place at a location. I would say yes it should be alowed even though I have never been there myself "I don't want to satirize him I want to Vaporize Him" Tom Lehrer
  15. I personally really enjoy finding virtual caches "I don't want to satirize him I want to Vaporize Him" Tom Lehrer
  16. Try what I did to get a cache approved, post the discription of the cache here and ask for others to give their thoughts. Then ask the approver to look at the post if you get enough support. I feel that there is an approver out there who dose not like virtual caches. If it is who I think it is, how can they approve caches when it appears that they have never hidden or found a cache them-selves? would be interested to know who it was please e-mail me and let me know who it is. I had to fight to get mine approved as well one got approved and I gave up on the other as I found a traditional cache near-by wilkinsj@ucalgary.ca "I don't want to satirize him I want to Vaporize Him" Tom Lehrer
  17. I had to fight to get one of my vituals approved. Who ever approves the caches should know that we who place the caches have a good idea of what type of cache would work. My second one is still up in the air right now. I have a feeling that there is an admin out there who dose not like vitual caches. I think that in high traffic areas it is more fun to know that when you get to the location that you will find some interesting information rather then have the tupperware go missing. I had sited some other virtual caches in the area that where placed in high traffic areas. I was told there is know pressident for what will pass as a vitual cache My two vitual caches met all the guidelines and I still have to fight I though this was to be a fun activity. If we could spend less time fighting to get our caches approved we could spend that time geocaching. Which is what all of us are here to do. We all are different and the caches should reflect that? The following comes from the site. Virtual Cache Posting Guidelines: (Should add to this at the whim of the approver) A virtual cache must be of a physical object that can be referenced through latitude and longitude coordinates. That object should be semi-permanent to permanent. Objects in motion (such as people, vehicles) do not count as a virtual cache, unless that item can be adequately tracked and updated on the web site (For example, a link to a tracker for a vehicle would be ok). If I post the cache today, someone else should be able to find it tomorrow and the next day. A trail is a trail, a beach is a beach, a view is a view; but a trail/beach/view is NOT a virtual cache. A cache has to be a specific distinct GPS target - not something large like a mountain top or a park, however special those locations are. A virtual cache must be novel, of interest to other players, and have a special historic, community or geocaching quality that sets it apart from everyday subjects. Items that would be in a coffee table book are good examples. A flagpole, manhole cover, tree, etc., are poor examples (with a possible exception: A flagpole at a memorial or a particularly novel flagpole would be ok, or an especially unique tree would count). Conversely, a scavenger hunt posted as a virtual cache would not be ok. If you don't know what is appropriate, post a question to the forums first. Virtual caches are not commercial. For example (but not exclusive), a coffee house, pizza parlor, ice cream shop are not acceptable. Virtual caches should be geographically dispersed. New postings which are within 0.1 mile of an existing cache will generally not be approved, unless the poster provides a compelling rationale. Posting a virtual cache at every animal cage in a zoo is an example of something that will not be approved. There should be one or more questions about an item at a location, something seen at that location, etc., that only the visitor to that physical location will be able to answer. The questions should be difficult enough that it cannot be answered through library or web research. The use of a "certificate of achievement" or similar item is not a substitute for the find verification requirement. An original photo can be an acceptable way to verify a find, or an email to the owner with valid answers for the question or questions. In NO cases should answers be posted in the logs, even if encrypted. Understand that although the virtual cache is not something you physically maintain, you must maintain your virtual cache's web page and respond to inquiries. You should also return to the web site at least once a month to show you are still active. Virtual caches posted and "abandoned" will be archived by the site. Virtual caches - A cache is actually an existing landmark, such as a tombstone or statue. You have to answer a question from the landmark and let the "cache" owner know as proof that you were there. (Added 5/28/02) Please do not place caches on archaeological or historical sites. In most cases these areas are highly sensitive to the extra traffic that would be caused by vehicles and humans. If you find a cache in one of these areas please remove it and replace it a safe enough distance from the site to ensure that the site will not be impacted by people searching for the cache and unknowingly traveling over or through a site. Paint pots Back to caching Scouter John [This message was edited by Scouter John on July 01, 2003 at 09:03 AM.]
  18. My understanding having talked to some people at Parks Canada the caches must not harm the enviroment or wildlife (no food of any kind) so if it is not in a sensitive enviroment a real cache is posible I have 2 in a national park one real and one virtual
  19. Thanks for forwarding this to the forum because we don't have access. I had to laugh about the dinner and movies. Cynthia has been getting a lot from the Aussie men and enjoying it!Thanks again, Scouter John's Better Half(Andrea) quote:Originally posted by Team Piggy:You may be better placing this over on the Australian forums. http://www.geocaching.com.au You will pick up a keen geocacher to take your Wife's daughter out caching or to dinner, or the movies or... Hee hee.. I have forwarded your message over there for you. Cheers.
  20. Hi I am looking for some geocachers to take my wife's daughter out geocaching in the Brisbane Area. She is in Brisbane on a one year work visa. She dose not own a GPS her self, she also has a travel bug of mine I would liked placed in a cache to tour Australia for me. Thanks feel free to e-mail me john.wilkinson@ucalgary.ca
  21. Real caches are aloud in Canadian National Parks So long as they do not impact the enviorment So that's why I set a virtual cache, as well there is no place that a micro could be well hidden so non-geocachers would not find it. Thanks For the Input
  22. I have changed one question after some input and sugestions as to what can bee found on-line here is the revised question Site #2 H 51 10.223' W 116 09.498' Based on the information on the sign what is the symbol on the bottom of the sign?
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