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  1. NOT TRUE! You should check your facts before posting something... this is particularly important when it's life or death. In this case, it's kind of OK that you're wrong because someone believing this would still be OK because they would be farther wawy from the snake instead of closer. However, if you do a search on GOOGLE and type in (snake "striking distance"), you will come up with 80,700 pages of info in support of the 1/2 the body length fact. Also, a snake does NOT have to be coiled to strike. It can strike in any position... even if you're holding it by the tail. So, BE CAREFUL! That was what I was taught in scouting way back in the 70's. I did not think to check to see if my statement was true. I took it on faith that my scout master was correct. And having more time to think about it, I would likely pass on that "friendly nudge" I mentioned earlier as well.
  2. It looks real to me! If it is, its poisonous. A good way to tell (most of the time) is that the back of its head is wider than its neck. Snakes can also strike the entire lenth of thier bodies. That is to say that a five foot snake can strike a person who is five feet away. I would have gotten a looong stick and gave it a friendly nudge. Making mention in the log may save someone else from being bit in the middle of nowhere
  3. I have an Eagle explorer gps (now known as Lowrance). I purchaced it way back in '97 and have been very satisfied with it. Like mentioned, it has a larger screen than most and was easy for me to learn from the manual. It does not however have any type of road maps or other extras in todays gps's. Basically its put in the coords. and follow to the destination.
  4. "I like the competition of pre-finds but good competition requires a level playing field." How is the field not level? Do you not have the same access to the information as everyone else? If you dont know how to retrieve it, dosen't make someone who does a cheater. It makes you (like me) less computer savvy. I have'nt taken the initiative to learn more about the computer because I havent had a need. If you wish to grab FTF's, learn how to extract the info from your computer like the "cheaters" have done.
  5. Would the gravitational pull be constant on said wrench at sea level and at higher altitudes (say...hemalayas) where the air is thinner? If not, would the wrench's decent slow as the air got thicker the closer it reached sea level?
  6. I carry one every time I go into the woods. I have yet to use one to aid in finding a cache. I carry it to aid in finding my way back should I get turned around. Let me say from experience that when your lost in the woods, every pine tree looks the same.
  7. Point well taken. I guess thats the other side of that "coin" I hear so much about. tjg
  8. The first four words are "use your common sense". Pardon my spanish but most caches are filled with cheapo crapo and finding an unused ronson lighter would make my day. tjg
  9. Really? Then why does the local UPS always leave packages on my FRONT porch, in full view of the street? Sometimes multiple LARGE boxes.....I do have a side porch, that's enclosed, where they could leave the packages, out of sight, but they never walk the exta 20 steps........ Now FedEx, on the other hand, we had to fax them a form, that we signed, releasing them from liability, if they left a package, without us there to sign for it.......UPS never asked, they always just left stuff...... A side porch is perfect... Enclosed,sheltered, out of weather,unseen from street and where you should easily find it! Most drivers have over 150 delivery stops a day. If he waste 30 seconds on just 120 of those stops, there goes his lunch hour. that's why many drivers drop and go. Anything to save 8, 10, 12 seconds or in your case steps. Christmas season sees delivery stops rise to 250+. some start to fill out delivery notice BEFORE they even reach the door in anticipation you not being there. Still... thats not an excuse for poor service.
  10. Being employed by UPS, let me say that unless the package states on the label "signature required" then proper procedure is to driver release the package in an area not seen from the road but where the consignee will find it. If signature is required then an attempt is made, or a delivery notice is left which states approximate time another attempt will be made tomorrow. After three attempts the package is returned to shipper. If delivery is to an apartment, then an alternate delivery is attempted to a neighbor with a delivery notice stating as such, OR delivery is made to the office. Driver release is never to be made to an apt. or business. track the pkg and/or call the local ups and ASK TO SPEAK WITH THE CENTER MANAGER to see exactly where the problem is. I assure you, he will bend over backwards to find your package. The drivers are held accountable for everything and should remember the attempt (if it was recent). Squeeky wheel gets the grease.
  11. Hello everyone, I do not conceder myself to be a newbie nor am I a veteran. However, I do visit the forums frequently. I would like to add my two cents to this topic by saying that the user name "upinyachit" doesen't offend me personally, HOWEVER, others may take offence to it especially those with younger children. Kids aren't dummies and can figure out what the name is saying and the context it is used. As stated earlier, chit is a proper word when used in PROPER CONTEXT. In this case it is not. Communities across this nation set thier standard of living by what they determine to be offensive to them. What is lewd to some is not to others. The geocaching community needs to decide what best represents us as a whole. Take a poll to determine if user names as "upinyachit" and the like are in our best interest, and if so then the people have spoken. If the "nays" have it then either change or delete the account. Same goes for travel bugs pictured above. Without some set of standards, poeple tend to drop to the lowest common denominator. Personally I feel this sport is better than most out there. Name another that allows parent-child / husband-wife participants, able to spend Quality time together. There are no players spitting on coaches among us. Determine what is best for our sport and stick to it. The practice of self rule has worked in this country for over 225 years and it will also work for our sport as well. Thank You, tjg
  12. We get alot of that here.... Clue is: Look under palm frond. We do too ... ones like "a fallen tree points the way". Do you know how many fallen trees there are in the woods, all of which point TWO ways!
  13. I have been using a eagle explorer gps that I purchased in 1996 for many years. All the caches that I've found have been with the eagle. I've thought of buying a newer gps , but then thought if it's not broke...don't fix it. Your eagle will work just fine!
  14. I personally have not left or forgotten anything, but I have Found at various caches a pocket knife, a sweatshirt, and a walking stick. I was tempted to take the knife but I ended up leaving it.
  15. quote:Originally posted by mototodo:"I wish she'd stop moving around so much. My feet are going to slip off her shoulders." YOU are a comedic genius...my hats off! "Either get busy living, or get busy dying"-Tim Robbins, The Shawshank Redemption
  16. There is a cache called "lets do dallas" in Dallas n.c. that is also an altoids tin painted flat black, and stuck to the under carrage of a caboose. It is by far my toughest find yet! Blends perfectly into surroundings even in plain sight! quote:Originally posted by Night Stalker:I recently found a cache that was in the mini altoids tin. The tin had been painted flat black so it probably would not rust. It was hidden in the under carraige on a caboose. Very difficult find. Micro caches are products of warped minds. "Either get busy living, or get busy dying"-Tim Robbins, The Shawshank Redemption
  17. I recently went to the courthouse and obtained a property map of wooded land(130 acres) I expect to lease for the purpose of hunting. The map showes the basic shape of the property. No decription in the way of corners,degrees or distance from one corner to the next. No plat or deed info available. How can I find and walk the borders of the property short of hiring a surveyor to come out and find the boundries for me? "Either get busy living, or get busy dying"-Tim Robbins, The Shawshank Redemption
  18. Don't point at me buster or I'll give you a knuckle sandwich! "Either get busy living, or get busy dying"-Tim Robbins, The Shawshank Redemption
  19. 50/50 I started out searching for caches but a severe ankle injury deverted my attention to benchmarks. Its alot easier to find benchmarks in the city while on crutches than it is to hike through the woods on them. I've been back on my feet since mid December and have picked up the pace on caches again. tjg "Either get busy living, or get busy dying"-Tim Robbins, The Shawshank Redemption
  20. Having found only three benchmarks, all have been bench mark disc. can anyone download pics for: survey disc, azimuth mark disc, transverse station disc, horizontal control disc, and triangulation station disc. They may be easier to find if I know what I'm looking for.
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