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  1. Hi there. I wanted to build this cryptex but those pipes are not available in this imperial measuring system (inches) in Europe. So I was searching for standard pipes with a metric measuring for us Germans (or Europeans). Here's what I found and it's the only sizes that fit into another nicely. It's 7.75cm in diameter (?), the length depends on the number of letters you're going to use. Hier also eine Möglichkeit ein Cryptex aus Rohren, die auch in Deutschland erhältlich sind, zu basteln. http://www.bilder-space.de/bilder/e5404b-1323186949.jpg Leider gibt es keine anderen Größen, die ineinander passen. Viel Spaß!
  2. Hi there. I was wondering what might be the cache with the most favorite points in the whole world. Right around my backyard is a cache called "Ring der Nibelungen" (GC1VZY8) that has 928 favorite points (as of September 1st 2011) and is therefor #1 in Germany. I think the owners of this cache absolutely deserve credit for this! On Latitude 47 the last cache of the week had 120 FPs and I kinda thought "That's all?" Don't get me wrong, 120 FPs is really great, I'd just be glad for these guys if they got some recognition by Groundspeak and maybe get a cache of the week, too sometime. And no, I am not affiliated with the owner in any way. I don't even know them, but their caches (Yes, there are more!) are so incredible... Well, I don't want to spoil anything... So, what's the cache with the most FPs in your country?
  3. There's c:geo opensource now and it works just fine. Has great new features by the way.
  4. I use c:geo and Locus Pro. I think they are a nice combo. Locus Pro is about 4,-€ but there's a free version, too.
  5. This is a Cache-Machine. It was built by some guys in Germany for a 60th-Birthday-Cache. The long tube is filled with 60 (!) small Cache-Containers (already including a log book), so that each finder can place another cache somewhere. 60 new caches to find. When you pull the lever on the left, a cache falls down in some sort of chamber in the lower part of the machine. When you push the lever in again, the new container falls out. Probably didn't exactly work the way I described it, but at least almost. I think this is a really great idea!
  6. Hi there. I'm about to build my first cartridge and I read that the pictures used should be 230 pixels wide. On my Smartphone (Motorola Defy) such small pictures look really awful. If I was to use pictures with a width of, say, 500 pixels, how would they be displayed on a Garmin device, for example? Would they be downsized by the player or will it be possible (on a Garmin, that is) to at least slide them around to see them whole? I really would like to have my pictures in a better quality, first of all because I'd like them to have Speech Bubbles (like in a Comic book). Would that be possible? Thanx in advance for your help. Edmondo Edit: Forget it. I was too fast for my own good. The Earwigo Tutorial answered my question. Sorry.
  7. Hi there. I'm also quite new to geocaching and want to start with some trackables soon. I'm about to hide my first cache and I thought of putting in something nice for the first finder. So I found this "First To Find" Geocoin and ordered it right away. Now I'm not so sure anymore about what to do with it. If I activate it, it's trackable. But... as a gift for the FTF-Guy who finds it, does it need to be trackable in the first place? Also the idea of a traveling FTF-Coin sounds kinda... strange. Any suggestions anyone? I know this might be a stupid question, but it got me really confused. Ed.
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