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    New? Garmin Handhelds

    So this is the link to the 66i, not available in the UK yet I am told it is exclusive to REI . in U.S. https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p/623975
  2. mikeD

    gpsmap 66s bugs?

    Yes I have. Results are variable. Sometimes good sometimes not The definition is not as good as Google earth on an iPhone. It also depends on the ground you are looking at. Open land will be better I guess. I doubt if the images will make much difference to the battery, I think it is having the backlight fired up is the killer. When I am out I hardly use the backlight. Keep it on 0% ( dab the power key, then + or - to vary the % if you haven't found that yet) I use talkytoaster here in Uk, good value maps)
  3. Herewith the link Looks like an interesting site http://www.tramsoft.ch/gps/garmin_etrex-legend-hcx-firmware-upgrades_en.html#V0320
  4. Interesting that this should pop up today yesterday I spent quite a long time attempting to update my son's etrex legend Hcx . That too has new software just posted - v 3.2 The GARMIN web updater crashed on first try, maybe because I didn't put batteries in. After that repeated error messages appeared which eventually said contact Garmin support Sent email with error log. Nothing heard so far His software was v 2.7. About 3 versions behind Tried various links from web and got it to v 3.1 Finally I found Tramsoft in Switzerland with a link to an exe file which did the job Will post link after this post goes up Now working ok on the new version
  5. mikeD

    gpsmap 66s bugs?

    Thoughts Is the unit software up to date? Out of the box the unit will unlikely have the latest. Go to Garmin Express Another thing to try is to ensure the backlight is at 0% and set backlight timeout to say 30 sec just in case you do use it In practice I rarely use the backlight. I have timed my AA Eneloops life at 14 hours or so. Just on and active I certainly get 8-9 hours plus if I am out and about and using all the pages, navigating etc I can also recommend a fast USB fed AA charger from Amazon "EBL" about GB£14.. Does 2 AA batts in 40 mins
  6. mikeD

    GPSMAP64 Help

    FWIW I would also recommend having a micro SD CARD inserted in the unit , 4-8gb is usually ok Setup the card with same folders as main device eg GARMIN/Gpx. Etc In mass storage mode the card will appear as a separate folder I always put my Pq and third party OSM maps on the card Why? Having gone through device versions 60-66 there are odd occasions when one adds a corrupt file , say a PQ, And the whole device freezes and / or bricks I have found that if this happens, card removal then reboot without generally fixes the problem. The bad file can easily be removed. Then return SD card as before If the bad file is on the main unit you can be stuck Call it an insurance policy/action
  7. Since the 2.5 update I have had to re-register the device with GS. Did an OTA update yesterday . All ok Until I wanted to update a PQ/list I refreshed today The list didn't show up (Had already downloaded it to Cachly ok) Did a Birdseye download ok then tried a live download from a point on the map Message said device not registered ( or words to the effect...) Unit says it was. Deregistered and reregistered again All lists show up This Post just for info Bizarre
  8. I checked internal charging and was ok. However as said have been using the external fast charger for the AA's since
  9. I did this update recently and it went ok to the device. The memory usage after the update was about the same. My device is 3 weeks old. I haven't put much data on it and from ' my memory' the total usage was under 8gb Not sure if your firmware is the latest, see below for mine. (V2.3) All the updates were via garExp Call Garmin support if it still doesn't update
  10. I think it is 2.3. Although it also says GPS Software 2.5 Take your pick Garmin express says 2.3 See attached
  11. Update on my " endless charging" issue Garmin sent me a brand new unit. Only had the old one active for 5 days It seems to work ok now However I have moved on on the battery front I got new Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2450 mAh. To replace existing ones I also got an EBL fast charger http://www.eblmall.com/product/ebl-40min-iquick-smart-usb-individual-rechargeable-battery-charger-for-aa-aaa-ni-mh-batteries/ This combination is IMHO is Excellent. The batteries are charged in 40 mins which is much better than 6 + hrs on the internal charger It also is fed by a USB. ( Less wires and power sources!) I was using the same batteries previously and the " meter" on the unit dropped a "bar" after 90 mins or so of use Not so now. 2/3 hours before it moves. Back in the charger batteries topped up again in 25 mins I tried leaving the unit outside to see how long it lasts. 18 hrs. Good signal and screen off 15 hrs with the screen on 0%. ( Turning off the screen doesn't seem to make that much difference) On Robt. L's recommendation I have bought also a usb ammeter. It says how much has gone on into the batteries. One reading for 2 bats was 2400mAh. It seems to be the same whether one batt or two. Haven't used meter that much to be sure. (Not as knowledgeable on these issues as others in this forum). Anyway The external fast charger is doing it for me Small, light and very portable Is the internal charger to the 66 putting enough charge in. ? I wonder
  12. Thanks for your suggestion. I will be on to them first thing tomorrow. Will let you know what happens Why the 66? Well, friends call me 'gadget man' but seriously.. I have a map 60,62 ( given to friend) and a 64s as well as the 750t The latter was my first with a touch screen. Mmm!?! I like the size and the features but the way it goes off and does its own thing if you don't lock the screen every time you put it in your pocket, drives me to distraction. I have reset/reorganised it so many times Btw I picked up a handy tip to lock screen on the 750 by programming the user key from this forum or the old Garmin one. BUT you have to remember each time Even 5 days in with the 66 it was like having an old friend back. All the features of the 750 and a few more It has a very fast log on as well I can move around the menus just as quick as a touch screen It is the same size as the 6* series, so bigger in your pocket than the Oregon but you can't have everything. Will keep you posted Mike
  13. This quote has me confused. I thought ENELOOP batteries are NiMH. Should not the battery type in SETUP>system> Battery ,, be set to this or Pre-charged if using a pre-charged cassette.? I have had issues with the Batt meters on other " 6* " series in the past . Never been really accurate and regularly under state charge level quite quickly.. Garmin have never sorted this. Or Is the tweak " Use Alkaline " when using any NiMh .. The Answer?
  14. Update on Basic issue Monday Spoke to Garmin UK helpdesk.- Time spent explaining issue to agent who referred to his tech experts "Sounds like a software issue!" Agreed constant charging was not right . Told that the unit does stop charging when full and will not overcharge. Checked battery setting without battery cassette. [ out of the box the unit is set to NiMh, ] Changed setting to " pre-charged " Agreed to give that a Go see if that sorted things Tried different already charged cassettes, still the same result Wednesday Different agent, agreed issue was not right. Unit being replaced
  15. Thanks The short cut I have kicks in after one press of the user key. { like you hitting the screen on/off on your power key] what it does is lock the screen, I can still see the active screen but it is locked Coupling the setting for the screen cut out [off after 15/30 secs etc , not the right term ?] and the display disappears Press The on/off " power " button and it lights up but the screen is still locked On locking the unit the " X " icon [ back ] on the bottom left of the screen changes to a " padlock "
  16. Moun10Bike Thanks for yours post I have used USB charging using Garmins own cassette and bigger capacity Eneloop AA batteries on both the 64s and the 750 T with no problems till now Are you using one of the dedicated Cycle units? or one of the GPSmap 6* series? Did you raise the issues with Garmin or do you just live with it? Mike
  17. Thanks Mineral 2. I will be on to them tomorrow ,first thing as to your off topic question. Friends call me " gadget man" ! but seriously I have a GPS 60, 62 -now with a friend, a 64S and latterly the 750T I was drawn to the features of the 750T and have enjoyed its features over and above the 64S. However it is the first touch screen I have had and the fact that it seems to go off and do its own thing when you put it in your pocket drives me to distraction. It reorganises itself, dives off down various menus etc etc. I picked up a shortcut, to program the user key to lock the screen. This was posted on this forum or the old Garmin one That works well but you have to remember to hit the user key.. I don't always I have reset/reorganised it so many times Even 5 days in with the 66 it is like having an old friend back. It has all the features of the 750 and a few more . It does not do its own thing and I can zip though the menus as quick as the 750 Early days with the unit and but for this charging issue I am pleased with it Will keep you posted Thanks Mike
  18. Any ideas please? Had unit for 5 days and am using Garmin's AA cassette. (Not supplied with unit) Cassette comes from my 750T Having charged the latter and 64S before that via USB the charge usually completes after about 6 hours Only once has the 66 stopped when full, first time of using . Since then it does not shut off. After 12-15 hours it is still going This is not right. You cannot tell if charge is complete I charged the two cells of cassette separately out of the unit so I know it was full. Reinserted cassette, tried again and still hours and hours later, it is still going Have done this 3/4 times now I have done a master reset, same Result. Not seen this problem pop up in forums before Any suggestions please ahead of me calling Garmin tomorrow Thanks Mike
  19. Fwiw I have suffered the " brick " problem and recall that after speaking to a Garmin tech. I was advised, after connecting a power source, to keep pressing the power button for up to a minute. Sometimes it can take that long to work.
  20. The "66" screen spec seems to be the same as the Oregon 7** series but non touch. Size is the same as well
  21. When ever I get a PQ I unzip it in Windows. I nearly always get 2 files One is the GC's and the other is waypoints . Inc in the latter file name is " WPT" This is car parking location etc I never load this. Maybe check you have loaded the correct file, usually the bigger GPX. If you can see the car parking waypoints at a distance you should be able see the GC's. You could try deleting the gpx file from 64S. Restarting then shut down and again reload gpx. When you start gpsr again it should have reindexed the files In the past I have "lost" records so they don't show although the PQ gpx file is in memory. The above procedure usually gets things back
  22. Don't think so I generated a small pq yesterday The zip file contained two gpz files, one was "... Wpt.." I later did a live download to my 750 and just the pure GC Data was loaded. To be honest IMHO I would not wish the Wpt files added to the 750. The screen would become incredibly crowded not to say confusing. If one uses the GC profile in the 750,. Then looking at the " nearest cache" listing would be a night mare. Is it a cache or a car park place. You could I suppose add both Gpx files via USB and see what happens, and whether it suits your preference
  23. Seeing this topic and not being Mac savvy, I cannot help but go off at a slight tangent and toss in the suggestion of storing PQ's on your 64s on a micro SD card if you haven't done so already. I have a 64s and a 750T and keep PQ and third party OSM maps thereon. GC's sometime disappear although the GPX file is still seen on the device. The removable card allows one to re-index GC's if they disappear as has happened to me several times. [ take out SD card , reboot, reinsert card reboot and they are restored}
  24. mikeD

    Oregon 750t arrows

    Meant to say HHL' s advice! Still trying with image!
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