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  1. I think I have resolved the issue.

    In the deep depths of personal settings> Preferences...  there is a language choice!.  Difficult to find when all the headings are in Polish!

    The vexed question is" how did it changed in the first place?"


    ps Just received VP's post. Thanks , No I am not using the short name you quote

    All is OK now other than the 16 emails I got from HQ earlier which are all in Polish ( sent before my recent update)





  2. This may be a coincidence but I have had trouble connecting my Drivesmart 55 in the last days to Garmin express.  

    I needed to load new maps

    The 55 was in Mass storage mode and seen in Win10 explorer but it did  not connect to GE

    Switching pc and 55 off and on several times and changing USB ports eventually it got there

    This is all post a 55 software up date I think

    May be Garmin issue



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  3. My choice would be the 66

    I have both. 

    Having had every GPSMAP 6* Series since the start I got a 750T

    Fits your pocket better than the then 64 and had better screen definition

    The pain for me was the touch screen

    The device had a life of its own. It would go where it wanted whilst in your pocket. The number of times I had to reset it.....

    Even after selecting the low sensitivity mode it was not much better

    I did find a routine to use the User key to lock the screen at a touch but you had to remember!   

    As soon as the 66 came out I didn't hesitate

    Like having an old friend back

    (The 750T sits in a cupboard)

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    “Edit 1:

    mikeD - I just tried your suggestion to put the GC dashboard on the compass page. Doesn't that mean you end up with two compass dials on the same page?”


     Yes it does but it speeds up  access to the GC info. Btw I change my compass pointer ( menu>Heading set up>Small) to the. Thin pointer-  It makes for a better page view IMHO

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  5. I am sorry to read that GreyingJay doesn’t rate the 66s.

    I have had mine for two years having gone thru the 60,62,64 versions

     I would not go back

    Ok the FOUND Key has gone but if you set the Compass screen to have the geocaching dashboard then from an active cache. - Hitting Menu>  Geocache> enter takes me to the log screen. The 66 will generally remember your last page to page sequences

    Once you have done the sequence a few times......It takes me 1-2 seconds


     The other thing I have done is to remove many of the screens on the opening ribbon 

    I just have 4 .  Map (1st opening screen) , Compass with GC dashboard, Geocaching and Trip Computer. ( I have 10 fields set up)

     With this set up I can page quickly in a loop to anything I need for GCing very quickly , literally in seconds


    I generally find it quicker to load PQ via a Pc. None of the other  devices using “over the Air “downloads are very quick ( I have an Oregon 750 and that is the same)

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  6. I am second guessing what has happened because it is not precisely clear what has not happened in response to your actions


     my understanding of Garmin map down load is, if you downloaded a map to a device it is Not transportable to another device

     if you bought an sd card with the map that is transportable

     you cannot copy down loaded maps from a device to an SD card and then hope it will work elsewhere

     also if you have a Garmin map sd card , which is transportable, you cannot make a backup copy to another sd card. It won’t work


    i am not sure is this clarifies ( or confuses!)




    btw Try a subscription to Talkytoaster maps for Uk , based on OSM. Far better than Ord Surv maps ( disclaimer! No connection)


  7. I was involved with that old thread 2/3 years ago

    I made a “cassette” which worked fine from shrink tubing with a small pice of wood crafted to fit the arcs of the batteries and  create pressure on the switch

     it worked ok

     when i first had my 66 I had an issue with the battery charger internally not “ topping out”. It kept on charging. 

     the 66 got changed  

     since then for 18 months i just use Eneloops loose. No cassette


     the internal charger takes 6/8 Hours  So slow!!

     With a modern NiMh charger it will do them in an hour Or so

     I also have a USB charger which does them in 40 mins. They get hot  though But work OK

     so with 4 batteries , 2 on 2 off , I am always ok

    this is a link to the Latest version of the charger



    there is another version slightly cheaper perhaps not as fast  which would be OK


    both by EBL

  8. I have just got a Garmin Drive smart 55

    Brilliant piece of kit 

    It replaces the Nuvi I think 

    Real time traffic via yr smartphone etc 

    It has an SD card slot for extra storage. I put 3rd party maps  and way points on it 

    Won't do any more than the Nuvi but that is ok to get you to places.  Used the nuvi for such in the past


  9. the maps were one osm and the other built in Garmin topo

    it just got the two mixed up pick one and it showed the other


     since this started this morning i have been retesting 

    taking on on HHL’s comment on the extra dot / period in the file name i have redone the PQ.  No extra dot

    i saw comment that the spot light wouldnt interfere with indexing unless there was something wrong ( according to ios). Perhaps the xtra dot threw it

    i transferred raw gpx files again and it seems to work without crashing

     you have to be careful that the file is not transferred as a folder with the gpx imbedded in it. 
    This happened a couple of times

    all good so far

    I transferred 5 gpx files  but when i checked on the pc there were 10 files

    screen shot attached
    each file has extra characters and and underscore ahead of the file name

    is this another issue with mac/ios gile management?

    it works ok though

    screenshot 2019-10-11 17.29.48.png

  10. Thanks for your comments And I have been researching via an IOS FORUM as well


    Yes the spotlight folder added by ios is not a virus and I think my eyes went another part  of the web page which referred to the  Spotlight v100.exe virus which I think is real 


    In this case the new folder does appear to  interfere with the indexing by the gpsr..

     I tried for instance to select a downloaded UK map and it gave a downloaded French one. But I said it was the UK one

    Thus therefore in the short term this new facility does not sadly work for me 


    Perhaps others may wish to try 


    Back to using File browser and Ravpower Filehub







     This morning firing up my 66ST it reset it self

     it went back to initial settings.  Maps  would not load. 
    i called to one map snd got a different one!!
    started to reset and went back to basics

    i keep maps, gpx on an SD card 

    so at home I checked the sd card on a pc and there was a hidden file Folder


    spotlight v100 folder


    this is a virus




    i deleted it and reloaded via iphone it was there again

    btw the down load folder from ios will unzip files


     i then used old method to load gpx file and that was ok


     going to call Apple now!!

  12. Prompted into action by this post I think I have successfully transferred a PQ to an SD card using the apple sd card attachment


    i downloaded the zip to my iPhone 8 IOS13

     the file goes into a new “ Download” folder

    From there transfer To

     Izip Pro. -My unzip app

    I unzipped the files

    selected the  gpx file and hit share


    from there I opened the “USB” folder went down and found the GPX folder and transferred the file

    job done


    Things learnt

     when I started the SD card was blank

    I could use the access route from Izip pro into the card to create Folders and sub folders. ie Garmin>GPX

    There is an icon of a folder eith a plus sign

    the option to create folders does not seem to exist using iOS Files app

    (I also have an app Filebrowser, this allowed me to create folders as well but 

     if you have a properly set up SD card this is not a problem








  13. Just adding to and expanding Atlas Cached's point...

    Using tips from this and other forums.,

    I NEVER NEVER load caches or  third party maps on to the device, always onto an SD card 


    Inter alia it gives you another avenue to recovery if the device fails?

    It has always worked for me and the  66 runs well ( as did my previous 6x series units)

  14. I would be calling Garmin customer support direct. Talk through the problem with them.  

    I had a problem after  6-8 weeks and the unit was replaced. That was 9 months ago 

    Since then all OK 

    I guess you have a12 month warranty anyway 


  15. To be specific in reply to queries I have had a 66st for 9 months now 

    Very pleased with it 

    Getting 8-10 hours with AA Panasonic pro Eneloop batteries which  I can recharge in 40 mins via USB

    The screen has much greater sharpness  and is  daylight readable.  I don't have the backlight on at all.  Screen timeout only kicks in if you use the backlight. You won't need it 

    Mirad  of other improvements 

    The one to have 

  16. Been there, done that...got them both 

    Historically moved up through....60/62/64 then got an Oregon 750T

    Screen def  better than the 64 plus it had more features Inc OTA updates and connectivity. 

    It works well ( still have it) but I struggled with the screen.

    It is so sensitive than it does its own thing unless you are very careful.

    Put it in your pocket and it could do anything, change profiles, reset who knows.

    I did do a "user button" shortcut to lock the screen which was better but you had to remember...


    Bought 66ST and I was back to the series I know and love

    It is slightly longer than the oregan but sits in my pocket easily

    I have not had the problems others have had and now with latest firmware  updates it works fine

    Can download " lists" OTA although it takes a time 

    I use third party maps as well as the Garmin ones. (Talky toaster). They all work fine 

    For me my 110% recommendation is the 66


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  17. FWIW  the Blob on the cover is soft.   Gave it a tweak with my finger nail and it is white underneath. It is a bit like the 62/64 key pads but much softer

    It does not touch the cell and seems to fit right in the corner of the main unit by the end of the terminal when closed . there is room for it

    I doesn't affect the battery in the lid, see pic attached showing where the cell fits


    I have made my own Cassettes in the past using eneloop pro, shrink wrap and a piece of triangular wood to press the " charge " button.  Even With the added thickness they still fitted

     ( now I just use bare cells and a 40 min usb fed charger,,  Better than leaving it 8hrs + to charge 


    G1318573346_gps66blobjpg.thumb.jpg.5634512e3505a0597787e9eab669b9cf.jpgood tip on the Cell cover seam though






  18. I have now measured my Eneloop pro AA batteries 

    Max size is 14.3mm x 50.1mm

    I have included a label from a label maker machine which I have on each cell 


    I also sized 

    GP ULTRA from Amazon

    13.9 x 50

    Duracell plus

    14 x 50.2


    Looking at wiki there seems to be a size range for AA with

    MAX RANGE 50.5 X  14.5


    I attach a photo of the inside of the back.

    It seems that there is no ridge upon which the cell sits.  Robert's  suggestion would need excavating the whole length of the back panel which would be IMHO difficult.


    I also fwiw measured the depth of the cavity from the sealing lip/top of the seal groove and get 12.3 and 2.3mm giving 14.5mm

    It seems  that the seal needs to be to the top of the seal groove to get a proper seal 





  19. Thanks Kunarion

    I will try re attaching 


    For the record yes it is connected via BT and it gives the % loaded

    It is not simple to get it to show the  %, I have tell it to sync the PQ, it says...being downloaded...

    To get the percentage I have to quit /back then choose  lists and enter and it generally shows the %


    It is annoying to get to 99% loaded then it fails!


    Will post me thread of it persists




    Just loaded  firmware  3.1. Over the air. That went ok

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