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  1. Just downloaded the update, but I think the GARMIN-USB PROTOCOL would have been easier (more logical?) if found under the comm ports setting. Seems to work great! Thanks for the software!
  2. nhnative

    60c Accessories

    I am using the Garmin Dash Mount System for my 60c. I don't think you would be happy with the suction cup mount as the unit tends to 'bounce' around a bit. As far as your software issue goes, I believe that the official line from Garmin is that they would prefer that you use City Select, but the MetroGuide USA software works fine. I believe you have to upgrade to one of the more recent versions in order for the routing information to work though.
  3. nhnative

    60cs Display

    I don't think a photo of the display is going to help you at all. I own a 60c and I can only describe the display as stunning. Easily viewable even in lower light levels. However, I do use the backlight at a very low level in the car to help combat some of the glare. I don't find it any more difficult to see than my Garmin Legend and much easier to pick out details with the color display. I upgraded from the Legend and this unit blows it away!
  4. I'll add another vote for the 60c. I upgraded recently from the eTrex Legend and the 60c is a MUCH superior unit in a slightly bigger package. The screen is big enough to use in the car and the unit is small enough to use for caching!
  5. I received my 60c just a week or two after upgrading from a Legend. The 60c is a great device and the price wasn't bad either... $350 new! I couldn't see spending the extra cash for a compass and altimeter. I have a compass already and it works without batteries! I use the 60c for geocaching and for road navigation. I am still waiting for Garmin to ship the vehicle mount to me, but I am being patient, so far. So far I have used the 60c to find about 6 caches. Definitely nicer to use than the legend, plus you can use it to figure the route to the next one.
  6. Quick question: I have both MetroGuide USA and TOPO Maps installed on my 60c. Is there a way to get the data from both maps to display on the screen at the same time? Best I can do is one or the other. Shouldn't they compliment one an other?
  7. They have been pushing more beta's out lately, I wonder if they are using us as guinea pigs. I loaded the software without any problems and everything seems to work as advertised. Prior to this upgrade I was having an issue with my unit locking up every once in a while when calculating a route. Anyone else?
  8. As a matter of fact my 60c has done the same thing under similar circumstances. I just downloaded the new firmware, I'll let you know if this clears it up. I am using MAPSOURCE USA.... What are you using?
  9. I would think that it isn't very difficult to find a used GPS for around $70 or even less. Most of the original eTrex's (Yellow) sold quite reasonably. I am sure there are some bouncing around on eBay or even here in the Garage Sale area. Most often you will find people get involved with the less expensive units and then trade up a few years later. This is a very intelligent way to go about this. It allows you the opportunity to decide if this is something you will use and also which features are important to you. I started out with a Garmin eTrex Legend which I really enjoyed but found I wanted more out of a unit after a couple of years. Originally I paid $250 for the unit, but now they are selling retail for around $190 and you can find them for around $150 on the internet. I ended up purchasing additional items for the unit in an effort to make it useable for car navigation. Recently I upgraded to a Garmin GPSMAP 60c which has a larger screen, more memory, etc.
  10. I only have experience with Garmin's Topo Maps while using my eTrex Legend. They did add some nice detail, but slowed the Legend down too much. The contour lines were very useful as well for planning the route in. Is there a utility to pull screenshots from the 60c/cs?
  11. I started out with the Legend a couple of years ago. Used it mostly for geocachine and some road navigation. When I found the caches getting further away from my home I decided to upgrade to the 60c because of the autorouting, better screen, additional memory, etc. I NEVER had a problem with my Legend and the person that purchased it from me is going to be very happy with it. I never had serious issues locking on to satellites whether WAAS or not. I don't know anything about the other models you mentioned but I do know that each model will have their advantages. The Legends track record is pretty good in comparison with most units. No matter which unit you get there will be a learning curve in order to get the most out of it under the conditions that you use it.
  12. I just upgraded from the eTrex Legend to the 60c. The price I paid was about $358 with shipping and I consider it a steal. The unit is FAR superior to the Legend, the processor is faster you can find the specs at www.garmin.com. The screen is beautiful, fast and easy to read. The menu's are pretty good, with a little practice you would navigate without any problems, but there are now so many option that it boggles the imagination. While geocaching I always had trouble navigating to the correct location to start the hike. With the auto-routing this will be a snap! The reception so far seems at least as good as the Legend, probably better. I am not able to compare the two as I sold the Legend before the 60c arrived. It runs longer on 2 'AA' batteries than the Legend did also. So far it seems like the perfect GPS 'for me'.
  13. Got my 60c in the mail today! I upgraded from a Legend and find this model far superior. Hard to believe only a couple of years ago I paid over $250 for the Legend and I just got this outstanding unit for just $350! BTW, I don't know if this is the place for this or not, but I got it from JJI Eletronics, for only $7.50 worth of shipping they got it to me in just 3 days! Anyway, playing with the unit quite a bit and find this group very helpful even though I only have the 60c! The compass and the barometer didn't really seem worth the extra $$$, besides, you can get a compass for next to nothing. The screen is fantastic as well on this unit, I thought I would have a hard time seeing it in direct sunlight, but it still looks good! Sorry, just got it so I am rambling on! Read all of your questions and they helped quite a bit. The one thing that was a little odd was the way it handles geocaches. I thought they would be seperated somehow and you would bring up the screen when you found them. From the directions it looks as if you are shown the 'found' screen only after you get close enough to the cache. Is this correct?
  14. Thanks for the help. Does anyone have any experience with using MetroGuide USA 4.01 on thier 60c or cs?
  15. I saw all of the postings on the 60C and was hoping someone could clarify something for me. I have MetroGuide USA 4.01 and was wondering if the 60c would work with this software or not. I have seen conflicting reports on the internet concerning this.
  16. I have been asked several times via email what the 'asking' price is. I was hoping to rely on popular opinion, but people seem determined to hear me say the price. The Legend is still selling new for around $200 new. Used I would expect to pay half in good condition. I could throw in a set of rechargeable batteries as well. So I guess if I was being nailed down on price I would have to say... Legend ($100) Belt Case ($10) 12v Power Adapter ($15) MapSource USA ($50) As a package I would like to see not less than $150. The MAPSOURCE software is transferable to you without issue. There aren't any certificates or other licensing issues. The version number is 4.01, but you can upgrade it via online downloads to the current version. If you have any questions please feel free to email!
  17. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my original post. The unit will ship with a battery cover. The one that is currently on it is made for the vehicle mount from Garmin. If I can find the original cover I will ship that as well.
  18. I'm surprised that there haven't been any offers on this unit since everyone seems to be looking for a GPS! This would make a great Father's Day gift!
  19. I guess I am wondering what fair market value is. I was hoping to get around $200 for the entire lot, but I am not sure of its value. I guess the best I can say is make an offer and I will let you know.
  20. I have a 2 year old Garmin eTrex Legend that I would like to sell with its assorted accessories so that I can upgrade to a newer unit, everything is in working order. I have used the unit for Geocaching and vehicle navigation. Package Includes: Garmin eTrex Legend Garmin Neoprene Belt Case Garmin 12v Power Adapter Garmin PC Cable MapSource MetroGuide U.S.A.(v 4.01) Lanyard and Manuals Note: Unit will ship with battery cover for vehicle mount. I am keeping the mount for my next purchase. I will ship the original cover if I can find it! email: mrlajoie@comcast.net
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