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  1. I guess I wasn't clear in what I was looking for. When I open pocket queries on the tablet and I get the zip file I need a program that will convert so I can install the pocket queries on my Garmin GPSmap 60CSx.
  2. I have an Asus Transformer tablet and am looking for a file converter. I use GPSBabel on my mac but doesn't seem to work on tablet. Looking for alternative.
  3. I didn't take the time to read all of the comments on this topic but I can understand some of the frustrations with Garmin. I have a GPSmap 60CSx and a Nuvi 255W. Right after Christmas I purchased a lifetime update for the 255W and it does not have a new road that was built 2 years ago in the new mapping nor does it have a restaurant that was opened withing the last year in it's POI. I splurged last Thursday and bought a Motorola Droid with Google maps. It has already a had it's first update and Google includes those items that Garmin hasn't included and much more. I have always been a huge defender of Garmin but after seeing they are so slow in keeping up with the new maps I will probably not be so supportive of them in the future.
  4. This is now getting interesting!! I changed my e-mail at geocaching.com from my Charter account to a gmail account and everything was working fine. Yesterday evening and this morning GC e-mails are coming to the Charter account and not the gmail. HMMMM.
  5. I have been having trouble getting e-mails also. I finally switched to a gmail account and all is working fine.
  6. Update I got my new Panasonic card today (It had been on backorder for a week). I formated the card and everthing installed and works flawlessly. I realize now the SanDisk never did work right. Thanks, Jack
  7. I recently started having problems with BackupMan when trying to back up to the SanDisk 256 SD card on a Garmin iQue, I then down loaded the latest version of BackupMan and the same problem-error (0x2909). I then noticed that there was some quirks in the maps and some games aren't working right. I did a couple of soft resets, one hard reset still same problem. I then reformated the card and still got the error. I contacted gpscity about the card and there tech person said that the iQue has had a history of corrupting files and Garmin had come out with a new patch that was supposed to improve the problems related to SD cards. The new patch is -Release 2 Patch 1 which came out Dec. 5 (couldn't find on Garmins software update page). I downloaded the new version, reformated the card again and still the same error with BackupMan. I'm wondering if the card has been ruined or if I'm doing something wrong that keeps getting this error. Thanks, Jack
  8. I made reservations at the Econo Lodge. They have what they call the Mature Traveler Rate, sounds soooo much better than Senior Citizen Rate!! See ya all in Jan. Thanks gaviidae for the motel info.
  9. It appears that we will be able to make this our First Cache Machine!! We were both able to get Friday the 2nd of Jan. off from work, which we'll use as a travel day and do some caching also. The only problem will be the weather and pass closures. We'll be coming from Eastern Wash. and sometimes the passes get closed. We'll also need a Motel room for two nights, the 2nd. and 3rd. Any suggestions or recommendations (reasonable). Thanks travis for all the hard work you put into these events. Really looking forward to attending this.
  10. I'm sure this is an operator malfunction and not a Cachemate problem as I have not seen anyone else have this problem. We puchased Cachemate a few weeks ago for our iQue and it works perfectly. I then saw that version 3.0 had been released, I downloaded it and the exporting waypoints to the address book function disappeared (the small rectangle with MAP in it is gone). I then went back and re-installed Version 2.31 and the exporting to address book function returned and is working fine. Like I said earlier, I'm sure I did something wrong but haven't been able to figure out what. If anyone can tell me how to get the exporting function to work with Version 3.0, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks, Jack
  11. We voted for Jan. 3, but we could make it on most all other dates. We have been wanting to attend a Cache Machine but it has never worked out. We're really looking forward to going to the Olympia event(weather and roads permitting). Thanks Travis for all the hard work you put into these events.
  12. The Picnic was a great success because of a lot of hard work by George501949 and Madmax. There were some new faces that attended and that is great. It seems that the more we get involved in this sport the more fun we're having.
  13. I'm glad you are coming to Yakima, spend lots of money,our economy needs it. I use zip code 98908 for this area. In my opinion you must do Baby Talk, it is excellent! Another easy one that is right in town is Stumped. Also ACAggie is close to town and fairly easy. If you want a walk on our Greenway, do Riparian roam. If you want one a little farther out of town, do Tieton Nature Trail. There are several other good ones, but for a short stay these are probably the best. Good luck
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