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  1. Just thought I'd say the first Geocoin I adopted (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2585051), its cache seems to have been muggled it moved 1 cache , on the otherhand my second one has just been retrieved again so I hope it gets to me
  2. I'm thinking of getting a decal travel bug for my car, just wondering if the people out there who have one think it's worth it? Thanks!
  3. What's the cheapest coins you can get? I am wanting to start collecting but don't have a lot of money right now. Thanks
  4. Just wondering how do people find like 30+ caches is one night or day? The most I have been able to is 6, I always see logs say things like find number 17 of 35, which is like half of my total finds Thanks.
  5. Thanks mlrs1996!! I just accepted the adoption
  6. i hope Tennesse jed doesnt get upset with me and if so let me know and i will change it back but i was wanting to try something different. i have alot of coins im going to give out 20 now and 20-30 at a later date id like to try to give each person a coin they would like. so if you would tell me what state or country you live in (incase i have one from that area) or a couple of hobbies you have. i will see if i have anything per person that request a coin if you dont really care and just want a coin to travel let me know that. also im going to try to only give one coin per geocaching account and ask that if you have alot of coins please dont request one so the newer cachers have a chance. but if i dont give them out in a fast time frame then i will change it from there. Hi, not sure if I qualify, but here It goes anyway , I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I like anything about traveling, also planes and thing like that, in also love geocaching. But if I qualify I don't mind having a random coin Thanks, TrynaFindaCache
  7. I would like to adopt a second coin if possible? Thanks
  8. Mmmmmmm.... Might be problematic if they are two caches. Remember.......... 528' apart. EDIT: I suppose though, if you wanna call two containers as one cache. Yeh I mean 2 container side by side and class it as 1 cache
  9. Just another question, if I want to do a tb hotel and library thing in one cache could I put 2 big containers hidden together, 1 labelled TB HOTEL and the other LIBRARY?
  10. There was also an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent a while back.. I'm watching this episode right now, is it a real cache or made for the show?
  11. Nice cache, will hopefully set one up like this
  12. Thanks for the reply, I guess there is no harm in trying? And yeh I was thinking that about the TB
  13. Hey, I'm thinking of making a geocache with a 10-15 litre container and it will possibly be a TB Hotel, anyway, my mum reads alot of books, and sometimes they sit there not being used for years, if I was to put these in the geocache to trade or even take would many people do this? Would there be any problems doing this?, another idea is to make a TB that is attached to a small novel or book that has something to do with the area it originatednin or something, so people could read then move it on, would people do this swell? Thanks for any replies, just came into my mind this morning so thought I would ask the community
  14. thanks for the reply, i guess i will choose what i do when i have found a new spot lol.
  15. One of my caches (GC2KH9P) was near a rock wall and cachers have started ruining it while looking for the cache. I'm not sure whether I should Archive and set a new one up near by, or should I disable and change the location of the cache? Thanks.
  16. yeh, i thought that it would be 1 per person, seeing as you i think are the only one adopting out right now, and when i adopted mine i thought the point was to adopt it back out, not sure what i will do if it reaches me. thanks for the reply and thank for the coin TB37HQN
  17. are we allowed to get adopted 2 geocoins at once? also if mine gets to me do i just come on here and see who wants to adopt it?
  18. I first heard the name Geoaching in late november 2010, but didnt really take any interest, because i had no clue what it was. A couple of weeks later in december a friend of mine on facebook mentioned they wanted to go geocaching so i decided to look it up and the next day i started and have been hooked ever since
  19. mine is in the same cache as yours , wonder if they will travel together at all?
  20. My coin has just started already moved over 700km
  21. Just accepted the adoption request hope it can make it all the way to me! all 14.480KMs
  22. just wondering how does a mystery coin giver get the persons address without them knowing?
  23. also, if i place it i will not make it a prison, and if people do drop coins and they are in it for a while i will go and move them on, dont want the owners seeing no mileage on their trackables
  24. I'm wanting to make a TB Hotel, and i was wondering if there are places better than others? i was thinking of putting it near a main road on the outskirts of melbourne, Australia. is this to far from busy areas?
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