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  1. I just noticed that Geoswag has some more of their version on sale under the Presales page, if anyone is interested.
  2. I am going to request this post be closed down since the winner has been contacted and everyone has had time to see the results. Thank you again to everyone that participated!
  3. This completes our missions. Sara Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/2011 Package sent: 7/11/2011 Package received: 7/31/2011 Bernard Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/2011 Package sent: 7/6/2011 Package received: 7/23/2011 Thank you sheltiedogshowlover for putting this mission together. We have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the mission and seeing everyone's missions. We look forward to participating in one again soon!
  4. We arrived home from a wonderful vacation in Tennessee/Northern Georgia yesterday to find Sara's mission from sheltiedogshowlover waiting for her! The contents were bountiful: - Growing stingray - Dolphin Car Freshener (going in my car as soon as I clean it out) - Handmade box with the Spotlight Coin inside (Reek Check Geocoin) - Waterproof Flashlight (added to my geocaching bag!) - Glass turtle (I love sea turtles and have had the luxury of being able to snorkel and SCUBA dive with them. This will have a special place in my office!) - 2 waterproof bug bracelets (these are essential for geocaching in FL right now!) - A couple snorkeling on the front of a notepad - Stuffed manatee (another favorite of mine and have had the luxury to swim/dive with) - Starfish key chain with other creatures hanging off (very pretty) - 3 sand dollars - 4 squishy fish - Bahamas key chain - Saltwater taffy (very yummy) - Sponge Bob Square pants Washcloth and mini mug (Bernard claimed these!) - Postcard There was also a very lovely scuba diving charm that I will add to my charm bracelet. The generosity of coins was a wonderful surprise! The coins included: - Reef Check (Spotlight Coin, which we did as one of our missions. I was very excited to receive this coin as it was difficult to let it go the first time I held it!) - Sand Dollar - Oyster & Pearl - Dolphin Tag (Activated) - Nontrackable Geowoodstock Dove 2011 (SDSL & D00101010) Thank you very much for the creativity, generosity, and thoughtfulness you put into this mission. I loved it!
  5. Captain Bernard received his treasure yesterday. We are heading out to plunder some caches with a family member that is visiting. We hope to post some pictures later this evening. Thank you MoonCat and KDT! As promised and very delayed (sorry), here are pictures of Captain Bernard's mission: The theme was pirates! This mission was very creatively wrapped in pirate handkerchiefs. There was a handmade message that looked like it would be a message in a bottle! It contained a bounty of treasures, including gold coins, chocolate gold coins, skull necklaces, diamond rings (fake), and jewels. All the essential pirate gear was included as well, blow up sword, eye patch, hook, bandana, and telescope. The coins included: - Pirate Doubloon-Piece of Eight Geocoin Gold - Piece of Eight Geocoin - Pirate Doubloon-Piece of Eight Geocoin Silver - Activated Thank you very much MoonCat & KDT!!
  6. 14 month old grand daughter visited, picked up each yellow duck, and put them in her bag to take home! Aww, we are so glad you liked your mission and had as much fun opening it as we did putting it together. MoonCat & KDT, we haven't forgotten to upload pictures of your awesome mission for Bernard. We are traveling right now and hope to have some up soon! We are so sorry for the delay.
  7. Captain Bernard received his treasure yesterday. We are heading out to plunder some caches with a family member that is visiting. We hope to post some pictures later this evening. Thank you MoonCat and KDT!
  8. We're glad you are enjoying your mission and it arrived safely!
  9. And the winner is in...picked on creativity and the story of geocaching the photograph alone told...Yanagi! Congratulations! We did not read the stories that accompanied the photographs prior to judging. This was done intentionally as to not bias the photograph itself, since this cointest was to be based on a photograph that captured a story of geocaching. This was a hard decision, and we felt that a others were worthy of honorable mention: CW88 mamoreb t4e Thank you to everyone that participated for sharing your photographs and stories. We did enjoy reading about everyone's adventures and dedication to find the caches!
  10. Here we go, pictures of the SCUBA themed mission from fstop64! [...] Nice pictures! We are so glad you enjoyed your mission!
  11. Our last mission has officially been sent! This one is going to take a little while to get to the recipient. Once it does arrive, read the card first, so you will know how to proceed in opening the mission! Sara Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/2011 Package sent: 7/11/2011 Package received: Bernard Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/2011 Package sent: 7/6/2011 Package received: Now we sit back and wait with our toes tingling!
  12. And it did arrive on Friday! Let me just say right now that it was a great mission, I loved the theme and was trying to guess the coin based on the theme I was encountering! I took pictures, but haven't had a chance to post them yet ... I will try to do that soon. In the meantime Thanks for the great mission and the personal thought that you put into it! We are glad you liked your mission! We had fun completing this, as we are divers too.
  13. I had the same concerns as you, so the first two coins that I sent out were micros. They are still moving along. In fact, I have one in Belgium right now (I'm in the U.S.). However, after releasing them I found another cacher's virtual coin. I contacted the individual, and they were very helpful in providing me with information on how to create my own. Now, not everyone in the geocaching community agrees with this practice, but I have had a nice response from the cachers that have found mine. This is the only way I release my coins into the wild. What I do is photograph the front and backs of the coin, print them, and laminate them. When I activate the coin, I upload pictures of the coin but make sure the tracking code is blacked out. This prevents people from discovering the coins while sitting behind their computer, going through the gallery. However, the laminated coin has the code on it, just like the coin would. Then I attach a coin buddy (can be found on www.geoswag.com) to the laminated coin and release it into a cache! This way I get to see my coin travel, but I don't take the chance of having it stolen either. I explain this in my coin descriptions and ask other geocachers who don't agree with this practice to leave my coin for someone else to find. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. I would be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you have. I was very glad I had started doing this when I went to a local event and heard from another geocacher that there was an individual in our area that had a geocaching account simply to pull up caches with coins in them. This individual would then go out to the caches and steal the coins. This may be rare in the community, but it does happen. I would really think about how much you really like the coin and how important it is to you. I would not let it go if you are not willing to loose it! On a side note, I do activate all of my geocoins for security reasons. That way if one is ever stolen from me in anyway, it will be able to be tracked back to me if someone goes online to activate it or check the status.
  14. shouldn't each account submit 2 photos only, or i read it wrong? Yes, you are correct!
  15. We went to send our packages today and ran into a problem with the customs form. We will work out the issue and have the second package out within the next couple of days. We worked on both of our missions together, so there is not one from Bernard and one from Sara. They are both a group effort! We hope our recipients enjoy! Now for some suspense...the one that was mailed today is estimated to receive their package on Friday of this week! Sara Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/2011 Package sent: Package received: Bernard Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/2011 Package sent: 7/6/2011 Package received:
  16. There have been a lot of great entries so far. This is going to be though! Keep them coming!
  17. Keewee is this effecting my otter? Please email me with updates.
  18. We just posted our Cointest! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=277202 Have fun! We look forward to the creativity!
  19. This cointest is the result of us winning the "What would you do?" Cointest, where we won one of EyeD10T's Home is Where the Cache Is, Series 2 geocoins with the following submission: "With one of us being a professional photographer and the other being the unofficial assistant, our lives and hobbies (geocaching, SCUBA diving, etc.) are engrossed in photography. We realize that not everyone is a professional photographer or has formal training, but we always encourage people to pick up a camera and tell their story! Our idea for a cointest would be a picture cointest with the objective being to tell your story of geocaching in one photograph. Your creativity is your boundary with this. We encourage thoughtfulness, and we aren't looking for certain parameters. We leave it open, so you have the ability to express yourself." One of the terms for us winning the cointest, is that we would actually run our cointest idea. So, here it is! The cointest will run from July 1, 2011 to July 18, 2011 at midnight EST. The winner of the cointest will receive the second Home is Where the Cache Is goecoin, in black nickel, that EyeD10T sent us to run the cointest. There is a limit of two submissions per account, so make sure you are posting your two best photos! Please post your submission in the forum. The photos will be judged by the fstop64 team. We encourage creativity and please do not feel like you have to be a professional photographer to participate. We will notify the winner as soon as possible after the 18th. This is our first time running the cointest, so we're sure there is information we have left out. Please do not hesitate to ask for further clarification or any questions you may have!
  20. We are loving the creativity this mission has allowed. We are waiting on coins to arrive, and then we hope to have our missions out next week!
  21. I agree with the above replies. I think it would be fantastic to receive sig items & would be more than happy to wait knowing the effort that is going into them. +1 I once received some beautiful signature items in a mission. I now drop them off in special caches, or add them to missions. It was a very thoughtful and appreciated gift, which unfortunately I have only a few left. I agree with everyone else, very thoughtful! I think it would be worth waiting for!
  22. now two...which is odd because they said out of stock when I posted last time.... hmmm...interesting!
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