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  1. no. but I also now have a second nickel version! Let's put them up on the eplace and see whose sells for more! I found another collector who was willing to trade! I don't know what is happening at the Swag place?!
  2. After discovering that there are two different Union Jack Coins, I proceeded to order what I thought was the black nickel version that is posted on the Swag place. However, when I opened the package today, I was sent another nickel version coin. Instead of contacting the Swag place and trying to have it corrected, I decided to try my luck here first. If there is anyone who has an extra black nickel version that would be willing to trade for the nickel Union Jack, please contact me. I would rather trade with a fellow collector.
  3. When the Union Jacks first came out on the Swag place, I purchased one. The recent posts have made me go back and question what I actually own. The one that was shipped to me was the nickel version or the second coin pictured. It looks like the swag place has sold two different versions of the Union Jack coin.
  4. I just got back to this forum after taking a break from Geocaching because of the weather being so hot and new job opportunities that have had both of us flying in different directions. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and purchased the three new mask coins this week! Then, when I came on here, I was even more excited to learn there is a new Ronaldo version. Is there anyone out there that has an extra they would be willing to sell?!?!? Thank you!
  5. I am always interested in more Mardi Gras mask coins, regardless of color, version, etc.!
  6. Completed a big one today...took the whole day!
  7. We're going to have to drop out too, as we are not sure where we will be when it finally gets to us. #4 Plumbrokeacres #5 TeamEccs21 #6 keewee #7 Toojin #8 LadyBee4T #9 Fianccetto #10 Sivota #11 mamoreb #12 The Fossillady #13 lularib #14 Funkmaster-T #15 fuzziebear3 #16 Family of Goats #17 KBfamily #18 LewisClan77 #19 sheltiedogshowlover #20 enola05 #21 MooseJawSpruce #22 the4dirtydogs #23 yanagi #24 kini_ont #25 usyoopers #26 Maine Family #27 Ashallond #28 southern_angel #29 RhinoInAToga #30 ALAUNOS #31 WRITE SHOP ROBERT #32 Team kizb #33 jpbarr #34 CCWashburn #35 sdkonkle #36 Guwapo #37 greenstone carver
  8. I ordered mine! Please make more!! I love this collection.
  9. Entered. Thank you for the cointest. I have not had the opportunity to add a compass rose to my collection yet, so I am really crossing my fingers on this one! Plus, it would make a great early birthday present!
  10. ALL BLACK - in celebration of the All Blacks winning the Webb Ellis Cup? (Rubgy World Cup) You mean from 1987? There are two other versions slated and that's it for a while: Halloween Christmas Will these be offered through Geoswag?
  11. RAOK done for today. Thanks for this cointest!
  12. Thanks for the picture! I can't wait for a box to make it my direction!
  13. This looks like it will be my last post for this cointest. Good luck to everyone who entered!
  14. With the heat and humidity of Florida summers, we are looking forward to another summer month ending this week. Only 2-3 months more to go until we can go out and enjoy geocaching again! We love to find regular size caches because there are always interesting things inside. Plus, I can drop trackables! Unfortunately, people love to place micros in the woods here (that's a whole different story!).
  15. With the start of a new semester teaching and doing research, I have had very little time to access the forums and join in. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a new cointest when taking a break from working today! Thank you for your generosity, and I think the coin is beautiful. I would love to add it to my collection!
  16. Very thoughtful and creative! Awesome!
  17. Very cool mission! I think it's great that you through the party and had a wonderful day with your kids as a result of this mission!
  18. Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for the fun cointest!
  19. I am copying the list from the previous post. I hope I don't start a problem. I am so excited, number 29 is now mine! 1) lifechooser 2) 3) TeamEccs21 4) sheltiedogshowlover 5) 6) MoonCat & KDT 7) GeoBlank 8) 9) yanagi 10) Fianccetto 11) Kameharem 12) FluteFace 13) plumbrokeacres 14) Team moxiepup 15) sweetlife 16) XeenaWP 17) AlliedOZ 18) 19) Green Mountain Booty 20) 21) AngelsKissGTA 22) usyoopers 23) Where’sMyMarbles 24) HoosierGal 25) Smort78 26) Moozer 27) JackHoe 28) CW88 29) Fstop64 30) Crowesfeat30 31) Mekle 32) 33) Taysmom0307 34) 35) 36) jpbarr 37) SaschaSeeks 38) 39) 40) 41) seekerfamily 42) Sioneva 43) 44) mpilchfamily 45) NepoKama 46) 47) Pup Patrol 48) FunkMaster-T 49) Monaghanman 50) goosefraba 1 51) Team kizb 52) CachingCats 53) Tennessee Jed 54) SmallsKC
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