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  1. About wasps, there are powerful sprays you can buy. "instant knockdown" "shoots up to 22 feet" These are some phrases describing one of these I saw in an ad.
  2. The number of active caches reached 1,530,000!
  3. I'm running a few .30cal ammo cans through the wash right now as a basis for comparison. After that it's gonna be the Sadware. Who wants to do the Decon kits? not me! don't want to ruin the washer!
  4. Why do some people have sock puppets for hiding caches? Just wondering.
  5. Answer to Request 1: Yes, there are guildlines for placing caches. http://www.geocaching.com/about/hiding.aspx is a guide to hiding caches. Answer to request 2: It's usually considered bad form to ask for help on puzzle caches in the forum. Try asking the Cache Owner for a hint. Hope this helps, and welcome back to geocaching!
  6. There's also a bunch of old logging roads, and hunting areas(DNR land) near MOnroe, WA, map, that has a lot of caches.
  7. I'm no smartphone expert, and I'm just replying to this as it's slipping off the main page after being moved. But I think the main question is, is this a Droid? HTC also makes Windows phones, and Sprint has them both. Not that I could answer your question after you clarify. I don't know, but if this helps, its a HTC touch diamond.
  8. What's the official app? Where can I get it, does it require service?
  9. I just got a used Sprint HTC smartphone. It has/will have no service. I was wondering if there is a way to store cache info (descriptions, hints, etc.) in the phone offline, so I could go paperless while caching. Any comments or ideas? Thanks!
  10. I don't know. But I think that people that are new may or may not want to do a power trail. It more depends on the person themself.
  11. Enter the title of your idea in the type a idea box. Then click the button, "create a new idea" Then you can make a suggestion. What "type an idea" box? I don't see one. The only box I see is "Type a summary" which just filters the display of other folks topics. You need to sign in first. Yes, but you actually need to type something in the box first. Then the form will come out.
  12. I think that there are some bugs people like, but others no one likes, like ticks, and mosquitoes.
  13. Plain, no sugar, no filling. Can't abide all that sugar. Those and hot apple cider. Now we're talkin' Hot apple cider is good, but I don't like coffee.
  14. That a username and password is required to post. of course.
  15. Sorry, but I know someone who does how do you know?
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