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  1. Welcome to a lot of fun I'm new too, but my family went out Saturday and got six out of seven that we looked for and had a blast. Have fun!
  2. Works for cold temps, too. When I lived in Nome, -20 degrees felt like 40 degrees here in Florida. I liked calling home and saying, 'Yeah, I just got back in from riding the four wheeler all over Nome but I wanted to get out while it was only 20 below....' And welcome to the game, Tucson Bill, I'm a newbie at it, too but it is definitely fun!
  3. Astroturf.......that's not a bad idea....
  4. time, and she loved it. Well, the first one took us a while and I think she was starting to think this wasn't such a great idea (hot, stickers, hot, more stickers) but once we found it, her eyes lit up and she was hooked. We didn't find the next one but she found the third cache of the day and she is definitely hooked. When we got home, she ransacked her room looking for things to put in a cache. This morning, she asked if we were going geocaching when she got home from day camp. I guess we will be
  5. Not that I've done a lot of caches but it took me a few minutes to figure that out....then had to refigure it out the next day
  6. Well, my 18 month old is home sick today and I stayed home with him... and what are we doing? He is asking to see the 'baby' which is a screensaver of him and his sister at a local beach, and I am about to go find some more caches for after my wife gets home!
  7. Well, I can answer that as a newbie Geocacher (just did my first two today) I printed out the sheet to get to the general area, but also used the GPS, which is far less detailed than yours. When I got to within walking distance, I relied on the GPS. I could have used my very basic GPS without the printout, but since this was my first tiem, I wanted to at least get close
  8. After buying a GPS yesterday (Explorist 100, worked fine, got me right on the caches!) I found two brand new caches and after printing out the page, was on my way around noon today. The first one was on a paved bike path and since I read the encrypted message, I found it without too much of a problem. It was well hidden, though. The cool thing is, I was the first to find it! The next cache was on the other side of town but I made it there and started off on the trail. This one was a hike! But I did see a racoon on the way in and a family of armadillo on the way out, so it was awesome. I found the cache with a bit of work and was the first to find this one, as well! All in all, this is a much better way to spend a few hours of my weekend instead of watching tv. I can't wait til my nine year old stepdaughter goes out with me.
  9. Well, Target was out of GPS units, except for one that came with a VHS and it was out of my budget for now, so I went with the Magellan eXplorist 100. Been playing around with it (since before the drive home, actually) and have recorded my first cache waypoints. So, tomorrow morning, I'm heading off on my first geocache!
  10. I am interested into getting into geocaching as a way for my stepdaughter and me to get out and spend time together. However, I don't want to spend a lot of money on a GPS unit. I've tried looking on various sites to try to figure out which GPS would work best for me but there are millions of them! Basically, the cheaper the better for me, if the units will do what I need them to do for geocaching and trip logs for kayaking. There are a couple of units available at Target (where I have a gift card that I'll never use unless I use it for this) so my question is, are these ok for what I need? Are there needed features they don't have? Which unit is better and why? If anyone could post a few answers, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Here are the units: Garmin Gecko 101 iFinder GO 16mb Magellan Explorist 100
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