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  1. Wow, that would have to be an almost complete waste of time, to find the cache on this site, download coordinates, drive to the cache, walk/hike to the cache and then find it and take it to ebay it? Then again, stranger things have happeend
  2. Hey that works...but it's weird. Thanks!
  3. Help you? What in the world for? Just kidding, thanks a lot for your help, please don't laugh at my HTML ignorance, ok? This is what I have in my signature area on my profile: <a href="http://www.tallahasseekayakgeocaching.blogspot.com/">My Geocaching and Kayaking Site</a>
  4. Sure, I put the link with the html code in my profile, it shows the text that should show but doesn't actually link to my site
  5. I've seen it done, I followed the directions, but it isn't working. I read page one of the 112 page testying thread but where is the 'discuss geocaching' button? My guess is that that is old info and there isn't one or am I completely missing it? Thanks for any and all help!
  6. Still, this is not a test. Remain seated.
  7. This is really not a test.
  8. Oh! Not only will this cache have a nice view, there is also a wing shop with beer 20 yards across the lot
  9. Yup, you're hooked What's funny (or sad, depending on whether you're a cacher, I guess) is I want to start walking in the morning after I drop the kids off at school and before I go to work. I decided to go to the second cache I found, since it was a good walk and I knew it was an easy walk. When I got to where the cache was, I went and refound it and was still happy about finding it again
  10. Thanks for the replies, I think I will place it this weekend! And sadly, the view is not even close to those already posted here, but it is still nice.
  11. Let me explain a bit There is a road in Tallahassee, Fl that as you top the small hill, offers a great view of the State Capitol and the few other buildings that are higher than three storys. There is a shopping center at the top of the hill and I want to show the view. So, a cache in the parking lot would work very well. There are not a lot of scenic views in this part of Florida, too far to the beach, flat ground, etc etc. So, although I'm adding to the 'micro in a parking lot' number, do you think this is enough of a reason for a park and grab type of cache? This is my third hide and the other two I have hidden have been very well received...if you guys remember my last post about hiding a cache.
  12. Wow, I didn't know that. Now to go amaze/bore the 9 year old and wife.
  13. Hmmm, you can leave silver in any of my caches or in the near area, just be sure to email me as soon as you do, ok? I personally wouldn't hide a 'cache' near a cache nor do I trhink most cache owners would want a 'cache' near their cache
  14. Well, sure, but it worked My post was more to the guy posting after him to lighten up a tiny bit, someone posting a pointless reply (much like this one and yours, also) is really not a big problem. But to stay on topic, so noone will yell at me, where do you get/ what is that foam stuff?
  15. Well, I used it to find a spot that needed a new cache
  16. Should we alert LE? That is a strange email but I wouldn't get all worked up over it, either.
  17. Errr, calm down, Beavis. Maybe he was just bumping the thread?
  18. I also own an exoplorist 100 and it works fine for finding caches. I was also not sure I wanted to invest that much for this new hobby so I went with the 100. Entering waypoints isn't such a big deal, just make sure you type them in correctly. I'm sure once I upgrade, I'll love the maps and downloading coordinates but that is not necessary to geocache. The only thing I want to add is that most of the geocaches in my area aren't several mile hikes over mountains and through rivers, so a map here isn't a needed item. Some locations, though, it seems as if a lot of geocaches are very long hikes, where having a mapping feature might be needed.
  19. I'd be happy to find a DVD movie in a cache. That's a sure upgrade over much of the stuff you find in caches.
  20. 30. Does everyone else put a quarter in the coffee fund jar in the office break room, but you TAKE a quarter, leave a Travel Bug, and cover the jar with pine straw? That is hilarious!
  21. The sarcastic side of me read your reply But I think I have read the forums enough and found a fairly decent mix of caches to place a decent one. I wanted to place a somewhat tame one before placing any of the crazy ones I have thought of to see how it worked and to make sure I could get it all right.
  22. Well, my first hide was approved. It's just a nice walk in a park and is hidden near a really interesting tree. I have come up with even more devious ideas, though, just not sure if they would work
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