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  1. I really shouldn't have said I hated Wally World lamp post micros!
  2. I found this shrine in a park in the middle of an afluent part of our city. Kind of neat/weird/creepy.
  3. posted here that was searched for many days by hundreds of cachers before it was finally found? It was a cache in a covered picnic pavillion. It was posted last summer. I took a few months off from geocaching but would like to get some info on that cache. Thanks for any help!
  4. Wait just a second......and let me preface this with the fact that I believe there are lots of things that aren't explainable in the world, ghosts, weird creatures, GW Bush. I've even had an experience with a ghost in the home in Nome, Alaska I stayed at for six months but: If you had seen a BIGFOOT at very close range, do you mean to tell me you'd just walk away and then continue caching? Sure, cachnig is cool and all that but you wouldn't have contacted anyone, called the news, anything?
  5. I'm in love. Wanna trade? Thanks for the kind words on our VW! I can't trade (my wife would injure me severely), too much blood, sweat, and tears put into this car. I didn't realize it was going to be our primary geocaching vehicle, because we didn't cache until recently. It fits well though. BTW, I see that you kayak. I have a Pungo that I just love! Scott Nice bug, what year is it ? Judging by the bumper, looks like a 70s model? I miss my old 70 camper, it was a month younger than me andcame complete with the original Westfalia tent that hooked onto the sliding door opening.
  6. As I said in the other thread, mileage is horrible and it's a pain to park, but it's all I have
  7. You could get grow a couple inches, spend millions on plastic surgery, and lose a couple pounds. Or, be glad you're not 4 ft. tall handsome as sin, and only weigh 64 lbs. You're a Hobbit!? COOL!
  8. Not 7 letters, but whatever... QUARTERFAST Cut me right in HALF...COOL..but it still wont fit on a plate Ummm, 1/2fast ?
  9. How about this rather bad photo of some altar or shrine in a park in the middle of my town? My apoligies for the bad quality of the picture.
  10. Ouch! Do what some of the pro's here do ---- Geomojo!
  11. On one long trail that connects two parks in Tallahassee, Fl, I have seen two snakes, nine deer, a racoon and three armadilloes. When Im walking the trail and see someone else and tell them to look for deer, they are amazed any are this close in town.
  12. Errrr, how about just sticking them on your site?
  13. Yup, plan on spending lots of weekends caching...then lots of weekday evenings caching....then lots of weekday lunch hours caching (And do weasel websites ever get updated?)
  14. Here is another. Uhhh, did anyone read his log and see this: '''While signing the cache log, we heard the distinct and recognizable crackle of .22 caliber, CB cap, rifle fire originating from a home about 200 yards away. We instinctively sought cover and prepared to return fire.''' Maybe I missed something but where do you live/ go geocaching that when you hear a shot, you instinctively prepare to return fire?
  15. I'd like to read that cache log. Link, please?
  16. Hey, I'm in Tallahassee now but lived in Valdosta for ten years...I cn imagine some neat places for some hides there. Best of luck finding a local geocacher to go hunt with!
  17. That is really cool and this is really a bump to the top
  18. There are a couple of threads about survival knowledge and caching. There aren't any caches within 100 miles from me that get you more than a mlie away from heavy civilization so I got to wondering what type of cches do you do on average? So, what distance are most of your caches? 1. Park and grab - 100 yards or less. 2. Nice walk - less than a half mile round trip. 3. Decent hike - less than mile round trip. 4. Big hike - less than three miles round trip. 5. Day Hike - less than eight miles round trip. 6. I envy and detest you all at once - more than eight miles round trip. Maybe list what you average and your biggest cache. On the average, I think I'm at level three but Saturday I hit three caches for a total of over sixmiles, so my highest is 5.
  19. Oh, whoops, so much for my internet detective skills Perhaps LE should be notified?
  20. I guess you log it so you can see it on your account? And after checking his logs, something is a little weird it seems, but the OP did some caches with the guy who is now acting weird, so my guess is we aren't getting the entire story.
  21. It's definitely changed my life. I now hike 10-12 miles a week, not counting what geocaching I do. If you had told me 6 months ago Id be walking 12 miles a week or more, Id have thought you were nuts. I am very happy I bought the GPSr and walked out the door that Saturday going after my first two geocaches (FTF on both!).
  22. My stepdaughter just started Girl Scouts and she was psyched, until she saw it was for 11 year olds...she's 10
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