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  1. I've missed geocaching, first started back in 2005, and really enjoyed it but life gets in the way....


    Anyway, good to be back, funny to see the same discussions, really cool to notice some of the same names from long ago and I'm excited to get back out there and DNF like a mofo :)

  2. I have the notification set up and used to get the emails of new caches. That stopped and a few weeks later I also stopped receiving notifications that my caches were found.


    I don't use yahoo for my email, I use hotmail and have never had this problem before. I guess I can livewithout email notification of new caches but I really want to get an email when one of my caches were found.


    Any help? I did search but it only turned up the threads saying to set up your notification settings or don't use yahoo.


    Thanks for your help.

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