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  1. That was funny! Thanks, I needed that today. WyoBigFish
  2. I use GSAK and Cachemate on mine. Works pretty well. WyoBigfish
  3. I was thinking of doing the same thing. I thought it would be a way to get a nice signature item, at least until I figure out what I want for a signature item. []
  4. I have a couple of goals. One is to find a cache in all 50 states. The other is to find all of the SCUBA caches out there. So far I have 2 states, and 0 SCUBA. I guess I have a bit to go! WBF
  5. Hi all! I am just now getting caught up on this thread. Thanks Kimba for letting me know about it. I am here in Laramie and we are having a CITO Event in April (GC103FT). After I am fully caught up, I will be able comment better, but am all for helping however I can.
  6. Check out the Robo-Magellan stuff. http://www.robothon.org/robothon/robo-magellan.php I hadn't even thought of having it be an auto cache finder. Might make finding some of those tough ones a little easier.
  7. Shoot the hostage. I would probably catch one on the way home, but then go help.
  8. I got an eXplorist 210, a set of rechargeable AA's and charger. I likey lots!
  9. This is exactly what my son (now 6) and I do. He just recently got his own ID. He decided to only log the ones that he found with his new ID, so we are not going back and relogging the ones that he found under my account.
  10. Here you go, a photo of one in his native habitat:
  11. To get out more than twice. To hide my first few caches. (One is done, the other is waiting for paint. ) To help my son log a few caches on his own account.
  12. I know that I am a few months behind the curve, but I just had to find something out. What exactly were the inappropriate items that you removed? I am just confused, because all you mentioned was something about religion. Do you also remove crosses and Star's of David?
  13. Oh, I foresee a "Track in the box" type meltdown. Thank you! I was so hoping for a TITB reference in this thread! I was gonna have to do it myself if I got the end with out it. As for the original point, even my 5 year old son knows enough to not stand in the road, or grab a cactus. Of course, I still make him do the crawling under bushes.
  14. Since I am usually am out with my 5yo, we have them with us. Never have actually used them though. But it is definately nice to have in case we do get separated.
  15. Well, I am not sure about cemetaries in your part of the country, but most of them around here are either owned by the city, county, or state. We even have a federal cemetary not to far from the captiol. WyoBigFish
  16. I am usually going out with my 5 year old son. You would be amazed at the kind of trouble a kid can get into in as little as a half mile hike. So, I usually have rain gear, first aid, water, blanket, extra clothes, camera, maps and compass, writing stuff, etc. There have been a few times when we left the pack in the car and just carried the GPS and swag. But I usually only do that when the car will be in site the whole time.
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