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  1. Just give the user the possibility to choose the color scheme / the theme in his settings. Other websites have this feature since 20 years... Thats the problem with Groundspeak's changes in general - no choice.
  2. +1 for optional plain text emails For me, its not the html per se, but that the formatting wastes screen size on my mobile phone. Additionally, I would prefer shorter email subject lines, again because of the screen size on a mobile phone. new: Watchlist Notification: Hillschleife (GC1ZYT7) has a new Found it log from daluw old: [LOG] Watchlist: daluw found Hillschleife (Traditional Cache) The important information (bold) came much earlier in the subject line
  3. Yes. I know. My whole post was about its bad design Not showing the current state of an on off switch (is / is not my favourite) and hiding it instead behind "some clicking here and there" is just really bad user interface design.
  4. At the moment, only the absolute number of favourites is visible in a caches listing page. All other informations/options need a click on the "favourite" page element. I propose to - Make directly visible if I have already given this cache a favourite point. I often wonder directly after logging a cache wether putting it on the favorites list worked. The same question arises when browsing to an older "found" cache. This feedback inside the cache listing could be done textually, with an extra icon, an modification the exiting blue icon, and/or with a different color... - Make the possible user action "add to favourites" respective "remove from..." directly clickable without needing a click on the favourite page element first. - Additionaly, I thinks the favourites ratio should be directly visible (personally, if find this is much more interesting than the absolute number), but I guess this is has be requested before. One possible GUI change to incorporate all those proposals would be an little extension downwards of the existing "favourite" page element (e.g. increase it to 150% of the current height). In this extra space just the icons of the hidden options could be displayed (e.g. the add or remove icon, the pie chart, the "who favourited..." icon, and my main request the "I have/have not favourited" icon). The full options with descriptions could still be opened by clicking on the downward triangle or the upper part of the element.
  5. The idea is: even if locking can not be 100% effective, it will still keep most cachers from entering the area. It sends a much stronger message than just a "disable". By the way: if a well-known cache has some serious problems, reviewers often do not only "disable" a cache it but "lock" it as well. This happens with the same idea in mind: to prevent a rush of cachers which have it on their "to-do list". Additionally, a cache which is locked against "Found" logs would protect the owner from trouble which can occur if his cache gets logged in a period with access restrictions.
  6. Implementation: - new logtype for owners: 'Lock cache against "Found it" logs"', respective 'Unlock...' - applicable to disabled caches - optionally, allow owners to automatically disable&lock a caches for a specified period of time each year Rationale: Sometimes, an owner disables a cache temporarily to protect its location. For instance, because local nature protection laws might forbid access to the area during a specified time period each year. Or because the owner got notified that some animals might be disturbed, e.g. birds breeding near the cache container. Etc. With the current implementation, geocachers which search for a disabled cache can still log this as "Found" and therefore have no incentive to stay away from the cache location. Removing the cache temporarily is not allways an option, because the owner might not be able to remove the cache in time respective without causing a disturbance himself. Even if the cache container has been removed, some geocachers might bring their own cache container/logbook to claim a "found". Or cachers might try to log a "Found" with just a photo. All of this has happened to "disabled" caches. But with a cache listing clearly visisble locked against "Found" logs, there would be an big incentive not to search such a cache, and instead to wait for the cache to be enabled again. Optionally, it would be helpful for owners to be able specify a period of the year in which a cache should be disabled/locked automatically. Therefore, it could be ensured that this happens duly each year.
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