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  1. We are visiting the in-laws in CT for this week. Now I don't want to go out caching the whole day, but when we go somewhere I'd like to do the caches on route. What caches in and around Cape Town (Durbanville) is not to be missed ? Appreciated. Jaco
  2. Looking out the window I recon you guys should bring your raincoats and umbrellas....
  3. Waar die event gehou word is daar 'n cache en tb hotel. Oorkant die pad van die event is 'n cache, om die hoek nog 3.... You get the drift In die areas rondom die event is die meeste Bloem caches, as jul die roetes daar rondom goed beplan sal jul die meerderheid baie vinnig daar kafdraf. Laat weet as jul 'n opinie wil he op die roete as dit beplan is mbt die logistieke hier. Geniet dit Jaco
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