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  1. Wadcutter is absolutely correct. Now, MomToo!, if you think that it is "illegal" to place a cache under a bridge per GC.com's "Cache Listing Guidelines" ["Caches near or under public structures deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, elementary and secondary schools, and airports."], then you're wrong again. I personally found and logged this cache, and it is under a Residential STREET bridge and not a HIGHWAY bridge. Plus the reviewer didn't have a problem approving this cache, and it was even outlined in the cache title (Trouble at a Bridge Over Water #6). The cache title addresses the "Bridge" issue, and "Trouble" addresses the difficulty. Not to mention the D/T rating on the cache page. MomToo!, if you don't like a particular cache, DON'T DO IT! But don't wreck it for those that want to play the game. D/T ratings are 3, when it requires a combination of climbing, scaling and crawling together with slippery terrain and possible jail time, the "3" is NOT an appropriate rating!! Your comments are just rediculous, John Denver tribute cache wasn't near anything remotely connected to John Denver, and yet it was named John Denver????? There are caches on school property (at least 3 schools I know of in the adjacent town right now), but just because they are there does not mean they don't violate the law!! Why would anyone assume because the name had "bridge" in it that the issue of legal or not legally placed on a bridge had been addressed, because obviously it had not? I dont care how many caches you have gone to under bridges, if you aint got permission from the governing body they are illegal and against geocaching rules, oh and lets not forget.......this WAS PROVEN to be an ILLEGAL cache which also violated geocaching rules!
  2. Gee, your vehicle looks oddly simular to Pablo Mac's The cache did NOT spell out the specific risks to this particular cache, the owner refused to admit the cache was 1) dangerous, the terrain rating did not fit the cache and the owner refused to adjust the rating 2) a. illegally placed within 25 feet of a federally protected water treatment facility and water spillway b. required either Illegally trespassing on federal and city properties and could be reached only by boat or by illegally scaling a bridge, either way you could not reach the cache without breaking the law and the cache owner REPEATEDLY lied about this fact on the cache logs. The City enlisted the aid of "Environmental Services staff" whom followed their own GPS, located the cache and removed it BECAUSE IT WAS ILLEGAL and they specificlly stated in their letter to me that it was also DANGEROUS and that the owner of the cache had been very "apologetic" (to them) about having broken the law and placed others in harms way and risk of arrest. I did report the DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL cache to geocaching June 2005, but nothing came of it, not until the City of Albany went after the cache and contacted the website and cache owner themselves. People with children went after this cache not knowing the circumstances and others reported serious injury attempting this cache, while still others posted logs stating they would not violate the law to find the cache. Hey, my conscience is clear and I feel absolutely justified in my actions and reporting it here. If the owner will blatenly LIE when confronted with the truth and continue to subject others to illegal activities and dangerous locations then I have no problem outing him. ALL the man had to do was ADMIT he was lying and warn people that it could be dangerous and illegal, so they did not enter blindly into the search, but he REFUSED to tell the truth and even went so far as to make up LIES about where the cache was and was not located. I have the backing of the City of Albany and Environmental Services staff, THEY thought it was DANGEROUS and Illegal enough to REMOVE IT and take action against the owner.....
  3. I had a very public arguement a few months back with "Pablo Mac" who swore that his cache Trouble at a Bridge Over Water #6 by Pablo Mac (GCNHX1) was NOT illegally placed and he even went so far as to post photos claiming where the cache was and was not located.... well I contacted the federally protected water facility where the cache was ILLEGALLY hidden within 25 feet and they removed the cache and e-mailed to thank me and tell me it was not only placed on protected city property but that it was also in an extremely dangerous location. The cache owner archived the cache the same day it was pulled, claiming it was "time to move on" but this guy is a infamous around here, well known for his illegal and dangerous caches and he has several in this same series of caches, all dangerous and illegally placed? I dont know for sure but after 9/11 I can garantee you most of the bridge caches are illegal. It bothers me that he purposefully violates the law and geocaching guidelines but it bothers me even more that he LIED about it, better to say yes, its dangerous and may be illegally placed then to LIE and send people, families, kids out to risk injury and arrest.
  4. I purchased 4 TB's for myself and 2 other family members and fellow cachers several months ago. None of us have released our personal TB's yet, we all want to create just the right one!!!! Very exciting. ...But my son and I took the 4th TB, creatd and released "Free Share Bear TB" on June 8th....We put him in an easy local (and active) cache and eagerly awaited its first log.....and we wait.....and wait....It appears a "newbie" (ThePaigeClan) noted in the cache that they had taken Free Share Bear the very day we released him but they have yet to officially log him and did not respond to my e-mail asking about the TB....... Kinda sucks, we bought these TB's so we could watch them travel, see who they meet and where they go and the first one we release gets picked up and vanishes. OK OK I know some people hold onto TB's to take to caching events for trading and such or they know they are going on a trip which will get the TB closer to their goal and I suppose a certain amount of that is all in fun but I think it is very inconsiderate of people to do so without communicating to the TB's owner the intention when they are not releasing them to another cache within a few days or a week. If you can't or won't be caching for a while, then leave the TB for the next active cacher. Frankly, it discusts me to hear those cachers that are bragging about having 10, 100, 250 travel bugs/ Jeeps etc. in their possession (most of them not logged and have basicly been "stolen" from the owner) and I think anyone who feels the same should express it and boycott the offenders caches, (maybe even go so far as deleting their finds from your own caches).......And why not, if they aren't going to play "nice" why should we play with them at all?..... No, I don't think I am taking it too seriously, I have never heard of a cacher who spends money on TB dog tags, takes the time to design the TB, registers it and posts its photo and then releases it and asks that the finder NOT to log them.... "hey, just hold onto this TB for your personal collection" or says "please just do with this TB as you like, as long as I never see or hear from it again".........but I could be wrong!
  5. I agree a picture would be great...I released my first and only travel bug (Free Share Bear TB) a little over 2 weeks ago, the person logged in the cache that they took the TB but they have not yet logged the tb itself...I dropped them a note a couple days ago, just to let them know I knew they had it and thank them for taking him on his first journey but still not a word ...I am just hoping he is on a long journey and will have many pics and information to share once someone finally signs his log book!! What do others do when their bug stops making progress and they know where it is?
  6. Taking a travel bug or 2 or 10 from any cache and placing it in any other cache (your own or someone elses, very active or only slightly active, easy or hard to find cache) is OK. It is totally ethical, legal and all part of the fun of the game. Taking travel bugs and holding onto them for more then a few days or a week is just NOT OK. I do not understand how any of you can justify taking someone elses property (a TB they released into the world) and keeping it, indefinately? Travel bugs by their very nature are meant to TRAVEL, many of them have DESTINATIONS....if they are sitting in your drawer, box, floor of your car or where ever, they are not traveling or fulfilling their OWNERS wishes for them. You may not care about your travel bugs traveling but other owners do care and you should respect that, log your find, move the travel bug quickly and send them on thier way, you can still win your little game of finding the most TB's without stealing from others, cause basicly if your keeping them, without owner permission, you are a thief. So I am guessing the guy that has the box of white jeeps didn't log them as being in his possession just took them, or in other words stole them? Could that be the dozens of "unknown" locations for so many of the white jeeps? Is that how the other horders are doing it too, just STEALING travelbugs, wonder if any of those owners would be upset to know you stole their bugs? I swear, I may never be anywhere near where any of these theives caches are but I can garantee you if I am I will not support them by frequenting any of their caches, unless it is for the soul purpose of removing a Tb someone has been ignorant enough to leave behind for you to steal.
  7. Is that something like what happened to the one TB "Heart Of Loves " that you logged as having found 6/19/05 and the same day logged it into a cache that hasn't even been approved yet?
  8. I am confused.... Twofreds is the one who complained that a local found his cache and took the travelbugs, placing them in their own cache and yet globecachers is the one sending the person a message and threatening to turn them into the admin? globecachers profile shows they have only been a member for about 10 days and are caching in California thus far? and TwoFreds is in Oregon and a member for only 35 days and neither of their recorded caches seem to contradict those dates. I am courious 1) what exactly did globecachers say to this person, since it is not against the rules to take travel bugs and put them in your own cache, the persons cache is legally placed and by Twofreds own admission the cache is also active (though not apparently as active as some think it should be)? ***According to the log books on TwoFreds, he too has been "looting" or collecting travel bugs and dropping them into his own cache , so I am not sure why he is so upset when he is doing the same thing and the bugs are traveling? 2) Why is globecachers writing this person anyway, let alone threatening to turn them into the admins, it was TwoFreds complaint and his cache. (which by the way still has one of his hawaii TB"s "Amik" in it according to the log)? Would it make a difference if they named their cache a Travel Bug "Hotel" or "Inn", would you still be (in my opinion wrongly) trying to make them out a bad guy for hordeing tb's??? I am going to guess that this is a common case of new cachers getting sentamental about their caches/TB's and finds and taking things a little too personally. Maybe Twofreds is feeling competative because he and the person in question are both placing caches in Newport Oregon? *** I am wondering how Globecachers placed the ONLY TB (Heart Of Loves) they have ever found (according to todays profile record) into a cache (Nealy's Corners) which has not yet been approved by the geocaching Admin, is Globecachers "padding" a friends cache himself? ***Whats that saying "he without sin cast the first stone"? Geocaching is suppose to be FUN, there are a lot of families caching together, examples to be upheld, I don't think it is nessessary or appropriate to start naming calling Shop99er or turning people in to the admin Globecachers....... Take a deep breath and let it go people..... PS. if anyone catches site of "Free Share Bear Travel Bug", could ya tell him to write home? I haven't heard a word from him since I released him 6/8/05 and he was picked up the same day (before I could even log the drop) by a cacher I won't name......2 weeks and counting......kids, they just don't think about how we "parents" worry about them when they are out in the world alone...... LOL www.FreeShare.SaveThisPlanet.com
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