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  1. Update: I've had several questions regarding shipping. I had loads of problems publishing the coins on Ebay and no matter what I tried I could not fix the shipping options. The item will be shipped worldwide(not only the US), free of charge.
  2. As promised here is an update. The coins are listed on ebay: EBAY LINK (http://www.ebay.com/itm/221211151386?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649) Just a small rectification on the original post... It is number 8 that is on sale and not number 9. Good luck on the bidding and thanks for the support.
  3. It would be nice to have a full set of my own -- especially with matching numbers! My wife has claimed the set I have already collected. I hope you raise enough for the trip! I hope so too, it's for my nephew. He's is still at school and has been working real hard during the December holidays to save up some money for the event.
  4. Hi all, for those collectors(or other enthusiasts ) interested in obtaining a complete set of Delft Blue geocoins, a full set will be put up for sale within a week. I will post the date of the sale as soon as possible. The set comprises a full set of four authentic porcelain geocoins with Dutch Delft Blue artwork made in collaboration with Frans Ottink, a Dutch porcelain artist. Each coin is handmade and numbered. Each series was limited to a maximum of 125 coins. The coins are trackable with an own icon (artwork by "fox-and-the-hound"). The set on offer is a low numbered (#9) set comprising a windmolen, klomp, trapgevel and tulp. The low number coins were never put on sale. The coin set is not activated. As most of the coin collectors here know almost everything about these coins are different to usual coins, from the material it’s made of, the coin bags and even the activation cards are just a bit different. This set will be shipped therefore be with a small surprise. All proceeds of this sale will go towards funding a family member’s dream of attending the 2013 USA Open and ISKA World Karate Championships on 5 and 6 Julie 2013 in Orlando, Florida, USA.
  5. What is on the reverse of the 'Bedankt' version? The Tulp? Darn it! Another coin to add to my want list! A couple of "Bedankt" coins were made for each of the designs and were handed out to people involved in making the coins, bags and cards. A few also found there way to collectors. This has been a real nice project and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Till next time...
  6. I think it's the method in which they were shipped... economy or whatever it's called. My mailer had definitely taken a beating to get here. The coins were shipped with "priority" mail, which was the recommended method for all international mail. Next option was registered mail, but that was a rather expensive option. Seeing that coins still arrived on Tuesday, lets hold on for a couple more days. Hopefully we'll see some more happy dance posts...
  7. Well I know of at least one...: Hout skoen ("Hout skoen" is South African for "klomp" which is Dutch for "wooden shoe") I know another one ... Your Windmill Windmill Well imagine that, I forgot about my own coin... Strange thing is that I'm not getting GC notifications when my delft coin is moved...? Well, anyway, I'm glad to see that it's doin ok.
  8. Glad to see the coins are still arriving safely Thanks, glad you like it. Well I know of at least one...: Hout skoen ("Hout skoen" is South African for "klomp" which is Dutch for "wooden shoe")
  9. Hi there all, we are keeping an eye on this. From experience from the previous two sales we know that it can sometimes take fairly long for the packages to arrive in the states. Canada was also a problem. So far we've no lost a singe package(quickly looking around for some wood to knock on ) Please post if you receive your package, so other buyers know that packages are still arriving.
  10. First of all I would like to thank all the people bidding on the coins. It means a lot to me and will certainly help cover some costs. I´ve been getting questions about the ´bonus´... all I can say at the moment is that the answer is hidden in the item description... I'm really grateful for the generous bids on the coins! I'm not going to go into details of the friend in question as this is a private matter(details will be provided to the buyer on request). All I can say is that she is a wondeful person and will absolutely appreciate this donation. THANK YOU
  11. First of all I would like to thank all the people bidding on the coins. It means a lot to me and will certainly help cover some costs. I´ve been getting questions about the ´bonus´... all I can say at the moment is that the answer is hidden in the item description...
  12. Just about all of the coins were mailed on Tuesday. Another trip to the post office later today to send the last ten coins... First coins began arriving in The Netherlands...
  13. I'm looking for someone in Cape Town area willing to pick up a coin in Paarl and place it in a cache? The coin in question is a Delft Blue "trapgevel"(link) coin. Any takers?
  14. Coin update: We are working hard to sort out the shipping details and will be updating often. Please bear with us. On a personal note: Up for sale on eBay, all three Delft Blue coins. All proceeds to go towards paying some medical bills of a friend with cancer. This auction is for three coins: - one "windmolen" - one "klomp" - and one "trapgevel" These coins are from my own personal collection. Winning bidder may contact me for an additional bonus.
  15. Well, actually I would still like to send a coin there. Are you in Equador?
  16. I have had look at your order and it was sent on the 19th of January and from what I can remember from the first series 'windmolen' sale in January 2007 some orders to the US/Canada took up to four weeks ! Now, I certainly hope that you don't have to wait that long but please bear with us for another week.
  17. As mentioned in the previous post the last coins were sent on Friday. Most of the European packages have arrived and I am curious as to whether any coins have arrived on the other side of the Atlantic yet?
  18. Quick update: The first coins were shipped on Saturday and the rest will follow during the week. We expect the last orders to be sent by Friday. Happy caching, ZAteam and Landcruiser Team
  19. First of all I would like to wish all a Happy New Year. Just an update on the status. We are back in action after the seasonal festivities and are processing the orders. As mentioned before, all the coins were made before the sale and are just about ready to be shipped. We expect to start sending coins within next week. We will be posting here as we ship. Happy caching, ZAteam and Landcruiser Team
  20. Here are the international shipping costs in euros: 1 coin : weight 35 --> 1.78 2 coins: weight 57 --> 2.67 3 coins: weight 79 --> 2.67 4 coins: weight 101 --> 5.34 Weight is including packaging. Registered shipping is a flat rate of 7.40 We've decided to remove the processing and handling fee to lighten the blow for the US cachers. It's not much but every bit helps.
  21. Oops, forgot to add price and date. That will be Friday 21 December, 06:00 AM NY time
  22. This is the second in series of four authentic porcelain geocoins with Dutch Delft Blue artwork. This second series features a traditional pare of wooden shoes and the text "klomp". Each coin is handmade and is numbered. Each series is limited to a maximum of 125 coins. When we started thinking about making a coin, we both wanted a typical Dutch coin that was truly different from the many geocoins available now. This resulted in the idea of making a handmade porcelain coin finished in the 'Delft Blue' style. Because both of us have two left hands(and square eyes), we approached Frans Ottink, an acquainted professional porcelain artist. Thanks to Frans the second series has become a piece of art as well. Being a handmade coin produced in limited quantities unfortunately means that this is not the cheapest coin out there. We want to emphasise that we have done everything possible to keep the cost down and that the coin is not sold with the intention to make any personal profit. Any possible profits that might result from the sale of the coins will be donated to a good cause. [EDIT: The coins are priced at Euro 12.90 which is the same price as the first 'windmill' series, but unfortunately the exchange rate leaves the US buyers at a disadvantage] Sales will start on Friday 21 December at 12:00 Amsterdam time, (GMT +1 hours) which I think translates to 06:00 New York time (GMT -5 hours) Coins are sold through K2Coins
  23. Fantastic coins again. Could you confirm that you got my order. I completed the contact form on your website as it was a special request but I never received a confirmation or payment request.
  24. Fair advice but keep in mind that you'll be standing in line with loads of people all eager to do the 'latest and greatest' out there. Hmm, I'm not sure I can agree on this one... I operated (and still do) in the so-called 'dead' zone for many years and I can assure you that cobol skills can still land you a pretty good job and in some cases cobol is even more sought after than the more current skills. The thing is that the young IT professional of today doesn't want anything to do with dusty cobol and the likes but there are still many huge systems out there using cobol. Certainly here in europe there is a shortage of old dusty skills, so if you're considering international employment, don't chuck your collectors item cobol manual yet
  25. Received from the man himself this past week. Met up with the legend during his tour of Europe and went caching in Amsterdam
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