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  1. If you want to do something more adventurous with the acorns, you can always make acorn flour, acorn coffee or even acorn pickle. Chopped and roasted they also work as a substitute for almonds. With the Sweet Chestnuts, I wholeheartedly recommend Maron Glace made with forqaged nuts!!!
  2. We started foraging before we started caching, but the 2 pursuits go perfectly together. New foraging spots have been discovered many a time while out looking for a cache. Elderberry vodka works. They make a lovely fruit leather, and if you want something completely different try making pontack sauce. Can also be chucked in crumbles (apple and elderberry is good)or used as a makeweight alongside blackerries in any dish if you only get a few. Also keep in mind the haws (proper name, honest) and the hips both make good fruit leathers and can flavour any spirit you want. If you're game all the berry type treats bunged into a jam together make an amazing hedgerow jelly. The fruit leathers are also great to take out caching, bonus! If you're interested in foraging a little while caching I highly recommend getting Food for Free by Richard Maybe. The collins gem version fits nicely n a pocket and opens up a whole new world while you're out and about. Mushrooms are a different ballgame, although some are simple enough to identify and are hard confused with anything else. There is NO mistaking a giant puffball and Pharisee s right, tastes beautiful. Not a touch on chanterelles though. Shaggy Inkcap and parasols are fairly easy to identify too.
  3. Getting back to the car and realising the log book is still in my pocket
  4. Being quiet new to caching I didn't know people would have issues with NM logs. Maybe it's different areas of the country, but down my way I received a thank you in the CO's maintanence log for mentioning it.
  5. Though this would be a good starting point for first post. We are 23 and 28, and we have so far done 5 caches with baby Isabelle who is 7 days old today. We figure that's gotta give her a good run at youngest geocacher (she started at 6 days old )
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