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  1. That Podcacher coin is gonna be tough to find a trade for. Can't imagine there are much more than a dozen out in circulation at this time. If Sonny & Sandy from Podcacher aren't willing to trade, I'd suggest listening to the Podcacher podcast and try winning one in one of there contests.
  2. Too bad these were sold out at GW5 by 8:30AM. Seems someone could have made a ton more cash.
  3. I will be looking for you at GW5. Love your work. I get so many comments from people about your other tokens I have.
  4. Even during a late winter snow storm, the US Postal Service came through for me today. Recieved packages from Want2bemore and Queens Borrowers. Thanks for the trades! BomberJohn
  5. Got wooden nickels from SeabeckTribe and Kin9sPank! Thanks again for the trades. BomberJohn
  6. On the subject of deadbeat traders, can't say I've much of a problem there. Maybe 1 time. As for the closeup photo, must digital cameras have a macro mode. If you have a mode selector, look for a single flower icon. Otherwise, take a picture from as close as you can with the most zoom you can. BomberJohn
  7. Only one nickel in the mail today. Got one from tsunrisebey. Wow. Very nice nickel. Thanks Tsun.
  8. I got a Cow (Moozer) today too! Also received one from SirGerald yesterday. Thanks to all.
  9. bump!!! Any new wooden nickels/tokens/poker chips out there for trade? E-mail me.
  10. Always looking for wooden nickel trades.....
  11. Just got home from a two and a half week business trip. Thanks to Team GCHound, *TnT*, Mncanoeist, and Vegas Gamblers for the trades. All received in good shape. Keep on tradin'!
  12. Email bounced back and PM didn't work. Recieved your email to me.
  13. Ryder3 & Better Half You've got email.
  14. Found mine in a cache a couple months back. Inquired to Team Fisur and got strange " We don't discuss CoinFusion" reply. So, I emailed Moun10bike. He explained it was a joint project by the original geocoin creators to put out a coin. Simple enough I guess.
  15. Bump - Any new wooden nickels out there for trade??? E-mail me.
  16. I suggest, "Let them go and watch". My first coin out just got placed after 7 months in the hands of a cacher. A long story that I don't want to be scolded for. Some players just don't feel they need to place them in a reasonable amount of time. I won't be letting anymore out for a long time, if ever again. So, set them free. If they come back.... lol
  17. Very impressive design. Love it. Too bad I don't collect geocoins. LOL
  18. Here's the biggest TB I've seen around here. Pay Phone TB
  19. Congrats Team Jsam. Sounds like a great idea.
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